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There may come a time where you need to fly on an airplane with your cat. Over the years it has gotten much easier to travel with pets, but both you and your cat will be more comfortable if your cat is allowed to travel in-cabin with you. Before you book your trip, do your research to evaluate which airlines allow you to travel with your cat under the seat.

The following airlines allow cats in cabin:

  1.   Alaska Air
  2.   Air Canada
  3.   American Airlines
  4.   Delta
  5.   JetBlue
  6.   Southwest
  7. United Airlines
  8. Air France
  9.   Air Europa       
  10. Vueling
  11. Aegean Airlines
  12. Lufthansa
  13. TUI
  14. Hawaiin Airlines
  15. Spirit Airlines
  16. Breeze Airways
  17. Norweigan Airlines

If you find yourself in a position where you need to travel with your cat, make sure to compare prices and figure out which airline makes the most sense for your travel needs. You will want to do your homework to figure out what paperwork or shots your cat needs before flying to ensure your travel day goes as smoothly as possible.

All of the airlines’ requirements are a little different, so you will want to make sure you double-check all of the details before booking a ticket.

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Alaska Air

Alaska Air  
Maximum weight 20 lbs including carrier
Cost 43 x 28 x 24 cm for a soft carrier, 42 x 28 x 19 cm for a hard container
Carrier size It costs $100 to fly with a cat in-cabin for each leg of the journey.
International Yes cats are allowed on international flights
Other Details You can travel with two cats in the same carrier as long as they are both comfortable and not in distress.

Alaska Air is a great airline if you are flying in the Northwest region. Passengers must be at least 18 years old to travel with a cat in the cabin on Alaska Air. You are not allowed to sit in the emergency exit row with your cat, and their cat carrier counts towards the carry-on bag limit. Your cat carrier must be in good condition with not rips or tears in order to board the airplane.

Air Canada

Air Canada  
Maximum weight 20 lbs including carrier
Cost 27 x 40 x 55 cm for a soft crate or 23 x 40 x 55 for a hard sided crate
Carrier size It costs $50 per flight within Canada and the United States or $100 for international flights
International Yes cats are allowed on international flights
Other Details You can only have one cat on Air Canada, and your cat must stay under the seat at all times. You cannot travel with a cat if you have a Premium Economy ticket

Air Canada offers one of the most affordable prices for traveling with your cat in the cabin, especially if you flying domestically. The size dimensions of the pet carrier allowed may vary depending on the size of the plane you are flying on, so it is a good idea to call the Air Canada help line before showing up to the airport the day of your flight. Cats must be 12 weeks old and fully weaned in order to board an Air Canada flight.

American Airlines

American Airlines  
Maximum cat weight  allowed on-board 20 lbs including carrier
Cost $125 for each leg of the flight
Carrier size Depends on the flight, but you are only allowed to travel with the pet carrier and one personal item. The carrier replaces one of your two carry-on bags.
International You can fly internationally with your cat, but cats are not welcome in the cabin if the flight is over 12 hours long.
Other Details: Depending on the size of the plane, there may not be room under the seat in First class or Business class to fly with a cat. Call American Airlines to confirm before you travel.

American Airlines is always a good option for flying within the United States because they are one of the major airline carriers with flights in 48 of the contiguous United States, and they allow cats on board. They also allow you to travel internationally with a cat to destinations like Alaska, Central America, Mexico, Puerto Rico, St. Croix, and St. Thomas.

Delta Airlines

Delta Airlines  
Maximum weight 20 pound maximum including the cat carrier
Cost $125 to fly within North America and $200 for international flights.
Carrier size The size maximum is specific to the type of plane you are on.
International Yes cats are allowed to fly internationally on Delta.
Other Details Delta requires the cat carrier to have ventilation on two sides.

Delta has the lowest age restriction if you are trying to fly with a young kitten. They allow you to fly with a cat that is 10 weeks or older, while most of the other airlines require the cat to be 12 weeks of age. They also allow you to travel with a female cat and her unweaned litter if the kittens are between 10 weeks and six months old.

Delta is also the most generous airline because they do not limit the number of cats in the litter you can travel with. When you call to secure your reservation with your cat, make sure you know the dimensions of your cat carrier, as they will ask for this information on the phone.

Jet Blue Airlines

Jet Blue Airlines  
Maximum weight 20 pound maximum including the cat carrier
Cost $125 for each leg of the flight
Carrier size 43 x 31 x 21 cm
International Yes cats are allowed to fly internationally on JetBlue
Other Details Only one cat is allowed per customer on JetBlue flights

JetBlue Airlines allows six cats on each of their flights, so you must call ahead when booking to see if the flight you want to travel on has available for you and your cat in the cabin. If you are a member of the JetBlue rewards program, you can earn 300 extra points each time you travel with your cat.

In order to get on the flight, your cat must have an ID tag and a pet license. Depending on your destination, it is always wise to have our cat’s vaccination record on hand, especially when traveling internationally with your cat.

Southwest Airlines

Southwest Airlines  
Maximum weight No weight limit in place for cats traveling in the cabin.
Cost $95 for each leg of the flight
Carrier size 43 x 34 x 21 cm
International Cats are not allowed on international flights aside from emotional support animals or trained assistance animals.
Other Details You can have two animals in one cat carrier on Southwest Airlines.

On the day you are traveling on Southwest Airlines, you must go to the ticket counter and pay the pet fee before going through airport security. If you are traveling with a trained service animal, that will not count towards your overall pet total for the flight.

You are allowed to travel with one pet carrier, and up to two animals of the same species in the carrier that fits underneath your seat. Southwest is known for their open seating policy, which you may not like if you are traveling with a cat, as you don’t know which seat you will have in advance.

United Airlines

United Airlines  
Maximum weight No weight limit, cat just needs to be able to fit comfortably in their carrier under the seat
Cost $125 for each leg of the flight and $125 service charge for layovers longer than 4 hours. If traveling internationally, it costs an extra $125 if you are out of the US for more than 24 hour layovers.
Carrier size Different dimensions for soft or hard carriers Soft carriers: 36 x 28 x 28 cm Hard carriers: 44 x 30 x 19 cm
International Contact United for specific details related to your flight and the international destination
Other Details Cats are not allowed on flights to Australia or Hawaii.

On United Airlines, your cat must be at least two months old to travel domestically, and at least four months old to go on international flights. If you have more than one cat traveling with you, then you will need to purchase an extra ticket and pay another $125 pet fee in order to place your second cat under the other seat. When you get to the airport on the day of your trip, you will receive a yellow travel slip from a United Airlines rep that attaches to your cat’s carrier.

Air France

Air France  
Maximum weight 17 pounds or 8 kg including the cat carrier
Cost 40 EUR for domestic travel. The price ranges for international flights, usually between 30-125 EUR.
Carrier size 46 x 28 x 24 cm
International Yes, but cats are not welcome in business class for international flights.
Other Details AirFrance only allows one cat in-cabin per passenger

Air France sells cat carriers on their website that are the correct dimensions to travel with your cat in the cabin. They will even deliver the carriers to most countries in Europe. You can also purchase a cat carrier with frequent flyer miles from Air France. All cats traveling in the European Union by plan must have a microchip and a European passport to travel.

Air Europa

Air Europa  
Maximum weight 17.6 pounds or 8 kg including the cat carrier
Cost $55 per flight within Europe or $165 if is a longer flight
Carrier size 55 x 35 x 25 cm for the carrier
International Yes
Other Details Plan to arrive at the airport several hours in advance to fill out paperwork for your cat to travel on the plane with you.

If you are traveling with more than five animals on Air Europa, you will need to contact the airline directly to arrange things with their cargo department. Air Europa also specifically states that a cat’s carrier must have proper ventilation in order to fly.


Maximum weight 17.6 pounds or 8 kg including the cat carrier
Cost $40 for domestic flights and $50 for international travel
Carrier size 45 x 39 x 21 cm and they only allow soft sided cases
International Yes
Other Details Only 3 pets are allowed on each flight, so book your ticket in advance to ensure your cat gets a spot on the flight.

This is by far one of the most cost-efficient airlines to travel with your pet, so it is a good option if you are traveling on a budget. Vueling requests that you book a basic fare ticket and then add a special condition into your booking that you have a cat traveling along with you. While going through security, your cat will either need to pass through the medical detector in your arms or on a leash.

Aegean Airlines

Aegean Airlines  
Maximum weight 17.6 pounds or 8 kg including the cat carrier
Cost 20 to 30 EUR for domestic flights or 50-60 EUR for international flights. Prices fluctuate seasonally, may be higher during peak travel times of year.
Carrier size 55 x 40 x 23 cm
International Yes
Other Details You are not allowed to travel with both an infant and a cat in the cabin. They also have a rule that each passenger is only allowed to travel with one pet at a time.

It is crucial to reserve your spot for your cat in advance and you must call the Aegean Airline call center number when you are traveling with a cat to get your cat on the reservation. The airline limits how many cats are allowed on each flight, so they will confirm the availability for your cat when you call or recommend a different flight time that is available. In order to travel, the cat must be at least twelve weeks old and fully up to date on all of its rabies shots. Pregnant animals are also not allowed on board Aegean Airlines flights.


Maximum weight 17 lbs including the carrier
Cost 100 EUR
Carrier size 22″x16″x9″
International No
Other Details Restrictions on snub-nosed pets
Advanced registration required

If you’re looking for a reputable airline for international travel, then look no further than Lufthansa. Their pet policy is one of the best out there, especially if you have a small cat. Cats are allowed in the cabin as well as transport via cargo.

Like most airlines, however, snub-nosed varieties are not allowed.

As far as your cat goes, don’t try to bring anything large such as a Maine Coon. Sadly, larger cats won’t make the weight limits which in this case is 8kg.

To get your pet ready, you’ll need to sign some documentation first of course. Lufthansa needs two copies to verify your pet’s records, their size, and more; just like any other passenger on the flight. These documents can be presented to the counter at check-in.


Maximum weight 13lbs
Cost 40 – 47.60 EUR
Carrier size  21″x16″x8″
International Yes
Other Details Different fees for international vs domestic routes

As long as your cat weighs less than 6kg or less (13 lbs), they can safely fly cabin on TUI Airlines. Cats however cannot just roam the plane loosely. Like most airlines, they must be secured in a crate or pet safe carrying bag. A notable policy is that the pets head is not allowed to protrude their enclosure at all.

Your cat would have to be fully inside to be considered in compliance with their rules. Carries also can’t be put directly on the seat. Depending on the type of flight (domestic or segmented international routes) the costs will vary by around 7 euros. Currently, the pricing is 40 EUR or 47.60 EUR.

Registration procedures must be made in advance for the airline to accommodate your cat in the cabin. Pet’s can be easily registered at the same time as booking your own ticket which helps cut down on splitting up the process. It’s a seamless process we really like about TUI.

Hawaiin Airlines

Hawaiin Airlines  
Maximum weight 25 lbs including the carrier
Cost $125 domestic
$35 within the state of Hawaii
Carrier size 16″x10″x9.5″
International No
Other Details 48-hour advance notice encouraged

Who doesn’t want to take a fun trip to Hawaii? IF that sounds like you, then you’ll surely be happy to discover that they allow the most popular pets; including cats!

Things to keep in mind

  • Cats can only fly on inter-island flights
  • The carrier must fit under the seats

You can book your pet’s reservation at the same time as yours which saves time and hassle. Although most cats are not considered emotional support or service animals, that allowance was discontinued in January 2021.

While in flight, your cat will need to remain on the floor at all times. The carrier can’t block walking paths and it’s important that they don’t encroach on your guest’s personal space either. They can also fly on your lap if they are smaller than a child.

If space becomes an issue, you may be reseated so do keep this in mind when deciding on the dimensions of the carrier you choose to bring along.

Guests will need to be escorted to their Animal Quarantine facility upon landing. Failure to do so can result in fines.

Spirit Airlines

Spirit Airlines  
Maximum weight 40 lbs including the carrier
Cost $110 per pet container
Carrier size 18″x14″x9″ (45.72cm x 35.56 cm x 22.86cm))
International No
Other Details Pets must not have a distinct odor or be physically disruptive

Spirit airlines is a great budget airline when you need to get to any destination. In addition to that, they are pretty welcoming when it comes to traveling with pets; especially cats.

A few things to know about the airline:

  • They don’t require health certificates for your cat
  • If traveling to Puerto Rico, they do require a rabies vaccination certificate
  • Your pet needs to have enough room to walk comfortably in the carrier
  • Pets must be at least 8 weeks of age and weaned
  • Cats cannot carry any strong odor, must be clean, and not be disruptive

Although advance notice of your pet traveling with you is encouraged, it is not a requirement for this airline. Still, it’s always a good idea to let any airline know your cat is traveling with you so that you can get a proper seat and not have any issues with the dimensions of your carrier. It’s also a great opportunity to get questions answered before flying out.

Spirit also currently allows some of the highest weight when it comes to the pet. Combined with the carrier, you cannot exceed 40 lbs.

Keep in mind that Spirit does not currently transport pets in cargo, so if there’s an issue boarding them in-cabin, you’ll have to figure out another solution. They also don’t fly cats internationally. All pets need to go through the standard security screening, so if you have a nervous pet make sure they are calm before going through this process.

Pet’s also count towards your security luggage.

Breeze Airways

Breeze Airways  
Maximum weight 25 lbs including the carrier
Cost $75 one way
Carrier size 18″x13″x9″
International N/A
Other Details Maximum 5 pets per flight

As long as your cat and carrier don’t exceed 25lbs, you can confidently travel with them on Breeze Airways. There’s also a bit of an incentive to travel with your pet in the cabin as they can earn 4% towards Breeze Points if you’re a frequent traveler.

As most airlines require, your cat cannot be overly disruptive, loud, or a howler at any point. If this doesn’t sound like your cat, then I can assure you there will be problems trying to fly them on any airline; not just this one.

Pets also need to be old enough, so no infants. 8 weeks of age is the standard.

Another thing to keep in mind is the cabin only allows around 5 pets per flight. The odds of that many people taking pets on the same flight is low, but that makes calling ahead an important task to handle first.

Norweigan Airlines

Norweigan Airlines  
Maximum weight 8kg
Cost 47 – 64 GBP online
55 – 77 GBP at the airport
Carrier size 43 x 31 x 20 cm
International Yes
Other Details You are able to fly up to 3 small kittens all in the same crate

Lastly, we have Norweigan Airlines. And yes, you can certainly fly your cat with them safely to your destination. Unique to them is that you can actually fly up to two cats in the same crate if you’d prefer. If the cats you have are very small kittens, they’ll even let you fly up to three all in the same crate, and count it as one pet. Not only does this save you on costs, but it allows your pets to fly with a companion.

The pricing structure depends on where you make your reservation.

For example, if you book online you can expect to pay between 47 – 64 GBP. Booking at the airport itself will run you slightly higher at 55 – 77 GBP. So in this case, it makes sense to get the registration handled ahead of time.

A few more points that you may want to consider before flying your cat with this airline:

  • Bags and containers must be designed specifically for air travel
  • Containers must be leakproof
  • Paperwork must be complete prior to international travel
  • Cabin travel is only allowed within Schengen and/or EU 

Things To Consider

Traveling with a cat certainly adds an additional layer of stress to airline travel. It is very helpful to make sure you have all of the details sorted out before the day you plan on traveling to ensure everything goes according to plan. Be prepared to have to take your cat out of the carrying case when you pass through TSA security and know where the pet relief areas are located in the airports you are traveling through.

If you are very worried about your cat getting sick or being incredibly anxious during the flight, talk to your vet about the situation beforehand. They might be able to recommend you give your cat a specific dose of medication to sedate them during the journey.

This will ensure your cat is relaxed and more mellow throughout the process, and should not have any lasting side effects for your animal. Once you travel with your cat a few times, you should get the hang of the process and your cat may not need medicine on the plane anymore.

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