6 Simple Steps To Selecting The Perfect Cat‐Friendly Vacation Spot!

6 Simple Steps To Selecting The Perfect Cat‐Friendly Vacation Spot!

Cat owners love to travel—and why shouldn’t they? But finding a pet‐friendly place to stay can be a challenge. We asked some of our favorite pet‐friendly travel experts for their recommendations on where to go on vacation with your cat in tow.

When it comes to finding the perfect vacation spot, we all have our own preferences and criteria when choosing where to go on vacation.

If you’re thinking about taking your pet(s) on vacation, you’re probably wondering where you should go. Well, we’ve got you covered! We’ll show you how to select a cat-friendly vacation spot that’s right for you, your pets, and your budget.

With over 1,000 species of cat, it can be difficult to choose a vacation spot where Fido will be welcome. However, with a few simple tips, you can ensure that your cat will enjoy his vacation too.

6 Simple Steps To Selecting The Perfect Cat‐Friendly Vacation Spot!

Determine What Type Of Vacationer You Are

Do you prefer a quiet, restful vacation where you can enjoy nature at its finest? Or, would you rather hit the beach, go shopping, and/or party every night? If you are a “quiet, restful” type of traveler, you might consider booking a stay at one of these hotels, which have been awarded the coveted Cat-Friendly Certification.

A lot of people love to travel. They want to see the sites and go where the action is. Others, however, like a more peaceful and less hectic vacation. If that is the case for you, you should check out the list of the Cat-Friendly Hotels in the guidebook mentioned earlier in this letter. These hotels have been inspected and given the seal of approval by the Cat-Friendly Hotel Certification Program. You should seriously consider staying at one of these hotels if you are on a peace-loving vacation.

There are many reasons for doing this: First of all, most of these hotels have been designed with the cat in mind. All of the rooms have been designed so that the cats can roam around safely without getting lost or having to jump up on people’s beds to be found. Secondly, most of these hotels allow you to keep your cat with you at no extra charge. Thirdly, these hotels will find a good home for any stray or abandoned cats that happen to wander into their property.

And lastly, these hotels pay a yearly fee to be part of the Cat-Friendly Hotel Certification Program. This fee supports homeless shelters and rescue organizations that help abandoned, stray and injured cats. In fact, the hotels part of this program spends about $1,000 per month.

Find A List Of Pet‐Friendly Hotels And Resorts In Your Area

A great idea for cat-friendly travel is finding a hotel that allows cats to stay with you! This can be accomplished through an online search for pet-friendly hotels or by asking your travel agent. A good resource to look into is the American Hotel & Lodging Association (ahla.com). The organization provides information on accommodations that are pet-friendly, as well as services such as pet-sitting.

Check Each Hotel’s Policies On Pets And Travelers With Special Needs

Certain hotels cater specifically to people who bring their pets or travel with special needs. For example, the Four Points chain allows small dogs and cats and many travelers with mobility issues. These accommodations usually have obvious policies describing what you can and cannot do with your pet while staying there. You should always check the hotel’s policy before booking your reservation, so you know what to expect when you arrive. Also, be sure to ask the front desk about any additional policies they may have that are not mentioned in the printed materials.

Book The Hotel That Best Suits Your Needs And Budget

Do your research and book the hotel that will give you the most for your money. Many hotels are now putting “feline‐friendly” features in their rooms and on their property to attract more pet markets. Look for pet amenities like special dishes, bowls, scratching posts, etc. You might also want to ask the front desk about any special deals they have for cat owners.

Relax And Enjoy Yourself!

Here’s a curious fact: If you visit Key West, Florida, the perfect place for a “cat‐friendly vacation” (according to the website), you will find nearly 100% of the people you meet are friendly and accommodating to your feline friends. That’s because Key Westers are very much aware of the importance of treating animals with respect. It’s not a matter of “if” but rather “when” an animal in your care will turn on you. And so, they’re ready with a polite yet firm “no” whenever you try to engage them in a conversation.


In conclusion, the first thing you want to do is eliminate all places that are not pet-friendly. Next, eliminate those that have too many restrictions. Ask questions like: Do they require you to clean the place before you stay? Do they charge extra for pets? Are they a members-only club? These may not seem like big deals but, over time, they can add up to a major frustration for you and your cat. Also, don’t forget to check out the local laws. Some states actually have laws that specifically prohibit people from bringing their pets to certain beaches or parks. Find out the details before you go, and you’ll avoid a lot of hassles.

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