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Choosing the right name for your Siamese cat can be difficult. You want a name that embodies their playful nature and playful disposition, but also one that’s easy for them to remember. A cat’s name lasts a lifetime, so it’s important to spend time choosing a name that you truly love.

Whether you like to base your Siamese cat names on a theme or choose something unique each time, here is a list of some Siamese cat name suggestions to help you start your naming process.


  • Albus- A great name for a male Siamese cat if you love Harry Potter and want to thank the legendary Albus Dumbledore.
  • Alfie- It is a sweet name for a Siamese cat that is very friendly, as Alfie has name origins that mean friendly and hospitable.
  • Alice- Alice is a thoughtful name for a Siamese cat if you love Alice in Wonderland.
  • Amanda- It’s a cute name for a sweet Siamese cat if you’re looking for a three-syllable name.
  • Angus- A great British-inspired name for a cat. It would also be a great name for a cat that really loves meat!
  • RAM- Aries is a strong name for those who love zodiac signs, especially for a cat born in March.
  • Ash- A cute name that is a nod to your Siamese cat’s coloring, as Siamese cats typically have ash-colored spots on their bodies.


  • Batman- If your Siamese cat reminds you of this mysterious superhero, this is the perfect name for him!
  • Binx- Another great Halloween name that’s a nod to the cat from the movie Hocus Pocus.
  • Boo- A cute cat name for a cat with a Halloween birthday or a Siamese cat who likes to jump out of places and scare you.
  • Bootsy- A quirky name for a Siamese cat that has dark colored feet that look like boots.
  • Brutus- Consider this name for your Siamese if you like names of Greek origin and you have a cat that is a strong fighter.
  • Insects- Such a fun name for a Siamese cat who likes to catch bugs.


  • Calvin- A name of Latin origin meaning “bald”.
  • Cheeto- Name your Siamese cat after your favorite guilty pleasure snack!
  • Chewy- You can’t go wrong with this whimsical name for a Siamese cat that likes to chew on things around your house.
  • Cleopatra- What a beautiful name for a female Siamese cat that reminds you of the fearless Egyptian queen Cleopatra.
  • Clyde- If you have two Siamese cats, name the cat boy Clyde and the cat girl Bonnie!
  • Locust- Another great name for a cat that likes to meow a lot and chirps like a cricket.
  • Crookshanks- A great neutral name for your cat inspired by the cat from Harry Potter.


  • Dante- A strong and powerful name for a majestic Siamese cat that means eternal.
  • Dallas- Great name choice for Dallas locals or Dallas Cowboy fans.
  • Dakota- A cute three-syllable name for a boy or girl Siamese cat.
  • Dexter- Dexter is a masculine given name of Latin origin which means “right-handed”.
  • Excavator- An iconic name for a cat that likes to use its paws to dig.
  • Dimple- Does your Siamese cat always seem to smile at you? Name them Dimple!
  • Dobby- Another sweet Harry Potter themed name for everyone’s favorite house elf.
  • Diesel- A powerful name for a male cat that never seems to run out of energy like a diesel engine.


  • Eamon- This name means gentle protector in Irish, which is exactly what your Siamese cat is for you!
  • Efron- Name your male Siamese cat after your favorite movie star, Zac Efron.
  • Egbert- This is an old German name meaning “bright edge”.
  • Emir- A name that means prince or ruler, perfect for a cat who is the king of your heart.
  • Ezio- This unique male name has Latin and Roman origins.


  • Fabio- Is your male cat a ladies’ man? Fabio is a perfect name!
  • Frederic- Frederick is a masculine given name of German origin which means “peaceful ruler”.
  • Flavio- A spicy name for a cat that keeps you guessing.


  • Gatsby- For literature lovers, name your cat after the famous Jay Gatsby.
  • Phantom- Ghost is a fantastic name for a cat that always seems to disappear.
  • GOOSE- A great name for a Siamese cat who is a silly goose!
  • gummy- A name inspired by Cats the Broadway musical.


  • hair ball- If you want a fun cat-themed name for your Siamese cat, name it Hairball.
  • Homer- Name your cat after the famous Greek author!
  • Houdini- If your cat is always messing around, this is the best name for him.
  • Pontoon- Great name for a big Siamese cat that is very strong!
  • Huntress- A strong name for a cat that likes to hunt.


  • Ike- It’s Hebrew for “laugh”, perfect for a cat that makes you laugh!


  • Jeanne- This name is a beautiful traditional female cat name.
  • Juliet- If you have a male and female Siamese cat, name them Romeo and Juliet!


  • Claus- Was your Siamese cat born around Christmas? Name them Klaus!
  • Cooky- A great name for silly kitty.


  • Lincoln- Are you a history buff? Name your cat Lincoln!
  • Linus- cute cartoon inspired name Peanuts.
  • Luna- A beautiful female cat name meaning “moon”.


  • Midnight- A lovely neutral cat name for a cat with darker fur.
  • Mittens- An amazing name for a black-legged Siamese cat.
  • Mochi- An adorable Japanese-inspired cat name.


  • Nemo- Name your cat the beloved fish of The world of Nemo.
  • Nugget- A sweet name for a small cat.


  • Olaf- Name your cat after the adorable Disney movie character Frozen.
  • Olivier- Another great cat movie inspired name that is perfect for a boy cat.
  • Oreo- Siamese cats are mostly black and white like an Oreo!


  • Panda- This is a thoughtful name choice for a Siamese cat that is predominantly black and white.
  • Pearl- Your Siamese cat is precious like a pearl.
  • Pumpkin– If your cat was born in October, this is the name for it!


  • Quincy- A great neutral cat name.


  • Rambo- A tough name for a tough cat.
  • Rocket- An adorable name for a Siamese cat boy who loves to jump and take off like a rocket.
  • Roo- A cute nickname for Kangaroo if your cat likes to jump around.


  • Sabrina- A nice name S for a cat.
  • Salem- Name your kitten for the house of witchcraft in America.
  • Scooter- An appropriate name for a cat that always wanders around the house.
  • Insolent- Siamese cats have big personalities, and this is a big name to honor that.


  • Tango- Perfect for a cat that loves to dance and prance around your home.
  • Ted- Do you like Ted Lasso? Name your cat after the main character!
  • Thunder- Thunder is a perfect cool name for a muscular male cat.
  • Worry- Does your Siamese cat constantly do stupid things? That’s their name!
  • Turbo- What a fun name for a larger siamese cat that runs at turbo speed!


  • Uno- If your Siamese cat is one of a kind, name it Uno!
  • Bailiff- Name your cat for your favorite musical artist.


  • Van Gogh- Name your cat after one of the most famous painters of all time.
  • Velvety- The perfect name for a cat whose fur looks like velvet.
  • Wine- Do you like wine? Name your cat for your favorite drink.


  • Whiskers- Name your cat after one of its cutest body parts.
  • Winston- A good traditional name option for a male cat.
  • White- This makes so much sense for a cat that has predominantly white body coloration.


  • Xanto- It means golden in Italian and is the perfect name for a one-of-a-kind cat.


  • Yolo- You only live once, so why not name your cat Yolo?
  • Hooray- Such a cheerful name for a cat that is always happy.
  • Yo-yo- An appropriate name for a cat that keeps running around your house.


  • Zander- A fun shortened version of the classic name Alexander.
  • Zeke- A great one-syllable name option for a male cat.
  • Zeus- Zeus is the king of the Greek Olympians and is a sophisticated male cat name.
  • Ziggy- The name is quirky and fun, perfect for an active Siamese cat.

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