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How to Bond With Your Siamese CatSiamese cats are certainly some of the most exciting pets you can have in the cat family. They have a unique look to them, are known as some of the smartest, and demanding breeds, and has been around for quite some time. However, they can be challenging to make a bond with.

How do you bond with your Siamese cat? One of the best tips that can be provided is to be playful with the cat. Siamese cats are full of energy and love to be played with, at any time of the day. Provide affection to them as well, whether it comes in the form of petting, cuddling, or what have you. Here are some of the best ways you can bond with your Siamese cat:

  • Cuddling
  • Playing
  • Loving
  • Sleeping in same room/bed
  • Giving treats periodically

Today, we’ll be taking a look at how you can bond with your Siamese cat, by each step. We’ll also be taking a look at some interesting facts regarding the breed, as well as some history of the joyful cats as well.

How to Bond

Bonding with any new pet is tough, especially when it comes to cats. Unlike dogs, cats are more independent and aren’t necessarily going after attention as much as a dog would. Sure, you’ll share sweet times with your new cat, but it is undoubtedly much more difficult to develop a real bond with them than some other pets out there.

That isn’t to say that the task is impossible, however. There are plenty of methods and tactics you can implement to develop the relationship between you and your new kitty further.

We’ll be breaking down various methods and steps and give you the best approach to them as well.

Initial Contact

We’ve all been there. That awkward moment when you’ve brought home a new pet for the first time and neither you or the pet know precisely what to do. What is excellent about cats; however, as I mentioned earlier, is that they are entirely independent creatures.

This means that you can drop them in a house, and they will get right to exploring their new environment without hesitation. You cannot rush them becoming comfortable in their new home, so I would not try and rush things at the start.

Cats do not have a trait within their genetics to feel the need to form relationships. In other words, most cats will not become close to their owners without feeling some reward or benefit from it. It seems harsh at first, but that isn’t to say that cats cannot develop an actual bond with their owner, it is just more of a lengthy process.

The best first step is to provide them with something. I recommend food and water at the start, so trust can start to form, which we’ll be getting into next.

Developing Trust

Before a bond can be formed, you’ll need to make sure that you and your Siamese cat have developed confidence. Of course, this is much more about the kitty getting to trust you than vice versa, but it certainly needs to be a mutual feeling.

Some of the best ways to form a bond with a Siamese cat is to provide it three things:

Covering a cat’s needs is crucial to getting the animal to trust you. If it sees and feels that you are providing for it, that starts to develop the beneficial relationship between you two.

Of course, there are other things that you can provide for it besides just those three things, such as giving it treats and pampering the kitty, but we’ll be covering all of that in just a bit.

Showing Affection

Once you have developed trust between you and your Siamese kitty, you can move on to starting to be affectionate towards it. Of course, you’ll want to show the cat love from the moment you meet them, but as I mentioned earlier, it is good to give them space as they adapt to their new environment.

Affection can come in many ways, such as:

  • Petting
  • Cuddling
  • Playing
  • Kisses
  • Being in the same room

There are more ways to express love, but those are certainly some of the most often used and most effective methods. I’d say from the list, the three most important is petting, playing, and being near the cat.

We’ll be getting into playing soon, but petting is huge. It provides them comfort and happiness, which always gives the owner a mutual feeling as well. Also, just being in the same area or room as the cat also provides it comfort, as it gives it a sense that you are there for them if need be.

Playing With Your Siamese Cat

Playing with a Siamese is perhaps one of the best methods to build a bond. They are a particularly playful breed, so at any time you can spend time with them and play, I’d recommend it.

There is a countless way you can play with a Siamese cat. Pet stores and other various places offer a large selection of kitty toys, but as you’ll see, or may already know, cats tend to play with just about anything and everything.

If you aren’t sure where to start, here are some toys/objects I’d recommend trying out with your new kitty:

  • Laser pointer
  • Flashlight
  • Box
  • Plush toys

There are quite a bit more options out there, and you may find that your Siamese cat is naturally drawn to play with various objects around your house. After all, they are some of the most curious pets in the world. To help you make a decision, I’ve written a complete guide on toys for Siamese cats. You can read that guide here.

Giving Your Siamese Cat Rewards

This may not work with every Siamese cat, but speaking from experience, a type of reward also helps strengthen a bond between you and your kitty as well.

This can come from them not tearing down your house, showing affection to you, being joyful, or just because. There is no real rhyme or reason behind rewarding cats, but it certainly will feel that way in their mind.

The top two rewards I’d recommend giving them are:

Trust me when I say that your cat will love these two things, but it is essential to distribute them periodically, so they don’t become dependent on it, and so it is a pleasant surprise to them when they do receive it, whatever the reason may be.

Sleeping Arrangements

When you are ready, and it may happen within the first couple of nights depending on how comfortable your Siamese cat has become with both you and its new environment, I’d recommend having the kitty sleep in your bed with you.

Just as it does with any animal, sleeping with your new pet will develop a strong relationship between you two. During this time, you can also pet them and cuddle with them, as it will only make the experience that much stronger.

Finding Sweet Spots

Throughout the time spent with your kitty, you’ll find certain areas your new pet prefers to be petted over than others. This is important because making sure that you are petting your cat in the spots it prefers over others will help in the process of bonding with the animal.

It also can go in the opposite direction as well, with your pet may be not liking to be touched in certain areas, whether it be due to past abuse or what have you.

Optimal Age To Bond With A Siamese Cat

There has been quite a bit of study done on cats and how their feelings operate precisely. As I mentioned earlier, it is well known that cats do not have an instinct to form and build relationships that do not benefit them in some way, shape, or form.

However, there is a specific period in a cat’s life that is the best for being able to form a bond, and this number applies to Siamese cats as well. The optimal time is during two-eight weeks old.

Mostly, your best chances of building the best bond possible between you and your cat are during this period. However, it should be kept in mind that if you do indeed get your cat after this period, don’t sweat it.

It is still certainly possible to form a bond after this time, and I can verify from personal experience. However, during the 8th week of a cat’s life, their fear reaction starts to creep in, making them much more hesitant than once before.

Are Siamese Cats a Good Breed For Bonds?

Another critical factor that comes into play when it comes to the level of difficulty for bonding is the breed of the cat itself.

For a Siamese cat specifically, they are more demanding than anything. When they want something, they aren’t shy about letting you know. The Siamese cat is known much more for its looks rather than a different personality than most cats, but certain aspects are amplified, such as:

  • Curiosity
  • Smarts
  • Needs for attention

I’d consider these the more amplified aspects of the Siamese cat that make it stand apart from other brands. However, in terms of the challenge for getting them to bond with you, it isn’t much harder, if any, then any different cat breed.

However, if I did have to say one aspect that may be challenging would be the demanding aspects of these cats. With this, you may find it more challenging than another breed, so it should be something that you are prepared for.

Bonding With a Family

If you plan on bringing a Siamese cat into your family and are concerned with how well it will bond with multiple people, don’t worry too much. Indeed, there will be a favorite amongst the bunch, but again, this relates to their drives towards relationships only being with ones that will benefit them.

With that said, most likely the person who takes care of the kitty the most and provides it food and water will be the one that the cat will favor out of the group. Of course, cats will be fond of anyone willing to play or pet them, so developing a relationship with multiple people isn’t a rare occurrence.

However, what you will notice is if the family is in the room, the person who the cat is closet with is who it will likely stay closest towards, but not always.

How to Tell if You Are Bonding

Telling if you two are bonding can be tricky. A few months can go by, and you still may not be sure if you and your kitty have bonded more than you have from the first day. There are some great signs that you can visibly see, feel, and hear what will be a good sign that the process is going well. These signs are:

  • Purring
  • Stuttering-meows
  • Coming to you first
  • Rubbing your leg/face
  • Putting its head down against you
  • Being closer to you
  • They blink slowly
  • Nose is wet
  • Sleeps near you

If your Siamese kitty is even doing just a few of these signs, I’d say things are headed in the right way certainly to bond with them.

How Often Should You Play With Siamese Cats?

Although there is no optimal time that should be spent playing with your kitty, you should at least take two separate times out of your day to play with your cat. The more you play with them, the better chances you have at increasing the bond between you two.

This is a better situation, especially if you have children, as they’ll be more prone to playing with them much more often, only helping the new cat become comfortable and happy.

However, if it just you and kitty at home, then I’d make sure that you are taking periodic times throughout the day to give your new pet attention, especially if you want to make a strong bond with it.

Can Siamese Cats Go Outdoors?

If you are planning to let your cat go outside as well, then that is fine, but it may have a severe impact on building a bond with the kitty. There are plenty of owners who have outdoor cats, but if you are looking to establish a strong relationship between you and them, then I’d advise against it.

The reason is that once cats get the feeling out being outdoors again, they are more prone to resorting back to their natural instincts. This would have a severe strain on trying to establish a bond with your new pet, as it would be going back and forth in terms of being domestic and outdoors.

This guide explains the pros and cons of letting your Siamese cat go outdoors.

Understanding its Roots

If you have just gotten a new-born kitten, then this won’t apply too much to you. However, if you have gotten a few weeks, months, or evens year old cat, then understanding its background is essential.

For one, age is crucial as it will determine factors such as playtime and how much attention they will need. Where the cat came from is quite important as well. I have seen several cats who have been through trauma, whether it was physical abuse from a previous owner, getting attacked by another animal, or what have you.

Also, you’ll want to make sure that you understand from the first day if it will be an indoor or outdoor cat. Also, it is crucial to understand what the cat was before you, as if it was outdoor, it may be more difficult to transfer them into the indoor lifestyle.

You will also have to take into consideration if you have other animals as well because it could be bad news if the other pets do not mix well with your other pet.

How Good Are Siamese Cats With Other Pets?

Cats, in general, can be a bit hard to adapt to other pets, and Siamese cats are no different. However, I will say it depends all on the personality of the cat whether or not they will be comfortable with other pets or not.

The younger you introduce other pets around your kitty, the better chances you’ll have at having them blend with other pets.

Perks of Your Siamese Cat

Chances are you are quite aware already of just how unusual your new pet is, but just in case you aren’t, let’s discuss some of the benefits that are offered with these fantastic pets.


One of the best things about them is just how loving these animals can be. Whether you are laying down, sitting, or even walking around, they’ll love to rub you and be around you as well.

If you’re ever down or anything, Siamese cats are perfect to have around, as they love to show affection towards others.


Besides their great personalities, Siamese cats are just a marvel to look at. Hands down, they are some of the most beautiful cats you can find to have as a pet. They have many great features that will undoubtedly turn heads.

They come in many variations, such as chocolate and seal, and feature sparkling blue-eyes.

Great With Kids

Another great thing about having a Siamese cat is that they are great with kids as well. Having any pet that is good with kids is great, and cats aren’t always associated with that trait.

However, that isn’t the case with Siamese cats as I mentioned and having them be good with kids is a massive benefit if you are bringing the new pet into a family.

Energy Levels

The Siamese cat also has excellent energy levels as well, making them so much fun to interact and play with. If you are a person who enjoys playing with cats, then this is the perfect match for you, considering just how much fun they are to play with and enjoy being around.

Also, you’ll want to make sure you are taking a reasonable amount of time out of your day to play with them, considering how much energy they have, they’ll be up through the night quite a bit if you don’t.

Minimal Grooming

Another great benefit of having a Siamese cat is that they require little to no grooming. The hair on them is quite short, and although they do shed from time to time, it isn’t much. Also, because of the smaller size of the hair, it does not show up near as bad either.

However, when you do have to take time to groom your kitty, you can make great use of this time to bond with them as well. Making sure to pet them throughout the process and make sure they are calm, as some cats tend to freak out when they are being groomed.

Making sure they enjoy the process is essential, and if it is something that scares them, it could damage the bond experience.

How Do They Differ From Other Breeds?

To make sure that you are having the best bond possible with your Siamese cat, it is vital to understand the differences between them and other breeds of cats.

One of the most significant differences in the fact that unlike most cats who sleep quite a bit and are usually calm, a Siamese cat is quite the opposite. As I’ve said previously, these cats love to play and be active. In many ways, I’d compare owning a Siamese cat similar to having a dog more than having a cat.

They are also very determined animals as well. If they feel the need to do something and/or want to do it, they’ll follow through. They are quite a hard animal to stop from doing certain things, so managing a Siamese cat is much more difficult as opposed to other breeds.

With that in mind, you should make sure that you are prepared for more time to focus on training, considering just how difficult Siamese cats can be during exercise. Patience will be necessary during this time, as you won’t want to jeopardize anything to hurt the bond you are trying to build in your new pet.


Also, you should expect a loud cat, because these cats are always noisy. Unlike other cats who will meow from time to time, Siamese cats often speak and even howl as well. This is something to certainly take into consideration, because it may throughout the night.

If you aren’t bothered by the sounds during the night, then you’ll be just fine with these cats. Try and do your best to make sure they fit your schedule, as if you mold them into your life, the easier it will be to cooperate with your new pet.

Constant attention

As I’ve mentioned above, Siamese cats are always craving attention. These cats will need to be loved and continuously petting throughout the day. Also, this is another excellent reason to make sure they will fit your schedule as well, as they are certainly more demanding than other breeds.

Also, as I said previously, this would make a tremendous family cat, as they’ll tend to be more playful and crave attention, unlike most other cats that you’ll see.


Last but not least, these animals are incredibly smart. This is also another factor as to why they can be tough to train at times. However, due to their intelligence, it certainly helps the bonding element that much more.

Their increased intelligence is undoubtedly noticeable from other breeds, making them one of the unique cats in the world.

Should You Have More Than One?

I always say, no matter the pet, two is still better than one. It is no different when it is applied to Siamese cats. Having more than one will help it develop better social skills, as well as help with keeping it busy if you have a tight schedule.

Although, it will mean double the workload, which if you can’t seem to do, then I’d advise against it. Also, this means you’ll have to work harder to develop the bonds as well, so it is something that you should plan out before you decide to get two right from the start.

However, I wouldn’t recommend getting them at different points in time, as it is much better to get both at the same time. This way, the cats can have a stronger bond together, as they’ll be much more comfortable with each other if they are put into a new environment together as opposed to having them come in at different times, as it could be threatening to the other cat at that point.

Final Thoughts On Bonding With Siamese Cats

Now that you have the full guide to bonding with your Siamese cat, you should be well on your way to having a new best friend at home. Also, if you haven’t yet decided if a Siamese cat is perfect for you, we’ve had that covered as well.

Overall, if you’re looking for a smart, loveable, friendly, and playful cat, this is the perfect breed. As you’ve read, countless benefits come with owning one and are certainly my recommended number one breed for any cat lover.

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