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There are so many phrases that refer to the relationship between cats and dogs. There is the phrase “it is raining like cat and dog” or “they are fighting like cat and dog”. The underlying plot of cartoons and movies for eons is that cats and dogs don’t get along. That’s not the truth at all. So, are Balinese cats good with dogs?

Balinese cats get along well with dogs. They are known to be friendly with friends, family, and other household pets. Cats and dogs may initially see each other as prey. However, most dogs and canines can co-exist in the same household with the proper settings in place.

Although Balinese cats are known to be extremely friendly with dogs, introducing them properly is key to making this relationship work well. In this article, we’ll discuss the personality of a Balinese cat and the ways you can help introduce your dog or other pets to it successfully. We’ll also talk about some other cat breeds that do an even better job than the Balinese at building relationships with dogs!

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Balinese Cat Personality

The Balinese is known as a friendly cat. Some cat lovers even like to call them the class clown of cats. Cat lovers think it’s a great choice for families with children. He is active and incredibly talkative.

Since small children can be the same way, this cat can be a great choice. He can be annoyed and a bit biting and irritating on occasion, but that’s true of any troubled cat. Just teach young children to notice body language and other signals that the cat needs alone time.

These cats are known as affectionate, quite social and highly intelligent animals. They love to climb and can be found on the highest perches in your home. Since they are so social, they don’t like to be alone. They must have a friend or owner who hasn’t been away for long periods of time. They become destructive when alone or bored.

What Cats Do Well With Dogs

While Balinese cats have the perfect personality to mate well and form friendships with dogs, they are not necessarily the best cat for it.

As mentioned earlier, contrary to popular opinion, cats and dogs can co-exist very well when they don’t treat each other like prey. When animals are introduced appropriately, they can have lasting relationships. Cats and dogs are no different. Not all dogs will get along with other dogs; cats are the same way. Sometimes the energy level of animals is a more significant indicator of their ability to get along than their species.

Some breeds of cats are better equipped than others to take care of dogs. Usually, cats that are very intelligent and like to play a lot are ideal partners with dogs. While Balinese are part of this group, many other cats are known to enjoy canine companionship.

  • American Shorthairs – This is one of the most popular breeds in the United States. They are also very social, so they will appreciate having another pet around. They are also confident and have no problem setting necessary boundaries with their housemates.
  • Japanese Bobtail – these cats are very playful and love to play in water, which makes them a good companion for a dog.
  • Turkish Angora – these cats are fun-loving pranksters and love to prank canine housemates.
  • Siberians-these cats are large in size, so they can cling to a dog of any size. They also love water so they can play with their water-loving canine housemates.
  • Like the Maine Coon the Siberian, they are also large in size and water loving. They are optimistic, so they can naturally bond with a dog.
  • Birman-these cats have a taste for play and may even enjoy being chased by a dog on occasion.
  • Norwegian Forest Cat-these cats resemble Siberians and Maine Coons. These common qualities allow them to appreciate the company of a dog.
  • Tonkinese-these cats are very sociable and need a companion. An equally social dog is an excellent choice.
  • Ragdoll – This breed is known to be gentle and easy-going, making them ideal with an unruly dog. They have the patience to deal with their antics.
  • Turkish Van-This breed is another energetic and water-loving breed. They also have the confidence to let the dog know they are running the house.

Which Dogs Are Not Good With Cats

If you are considering getting a Balinese cat, you can rest quite comfortably knowing that they will have a great relationship with your dog. However, the same cannot be said for all cat breeds. In fact, some breeds of cats are remarkably fierce not only with dogs, but also with other cats in the house.

An animal’s personality is always more important than putting a pet into a breed-specific stereotype. But there really are dogs that are less likely to bond with or agree with a cat. Part of this will depend on the characteristics of the breed. It is difficult to overcome nature and what a dog was bred to do.

The dogs that seem to do the least well with cats are breeds that excel at hunting. It’s in their nature to go after anything small, and it goes fast. Cats fall into this category. Dogs like Schipperkes, Australian Cattle Dogs, and Whippets like to hunt and don’t do well with cats. Several types of dogs and terriers are also not suitable for cats. It’s not that they don’t like cats; they just want to hunt them, round them up or drive them away. Cats don’t like to be the object of these activities!

Can cats like dogs

Yes, cats can love dogs, especially if it’s a Balinese cat. Cats and dogs have always been portrayed as mortal enemies for some reason. But they can get along wonderfully in a household and develop quite a bond. They can bond as closely to each other as some dogs bond to other dogs or cats to other cats. It can happen with Balinese cats and a resident dog.

Animal-loving website The Dodo captured this link and featured it several times on its social media. here is an example of the many related cats and dogs they have shown.

Tips to help cats get along with dogs

Cats and dogs can live together in harmony. If you’re considering getting a Balinese cat, you’ll want to implement the following tips to help them coexist well from the start:

  • Dogs are excited and love chasing their feline friends. Until the dog has learned not to provide your cat with a safe place to hide.
  • Use baby gates to allow both pets to get used to each other’s scents. Doors are also a great way to keep space separate for the two.
  • Use a leash or other restraint system to keep the dog calm and away from the cat while getting to know each other.
  • Protect their assets from the other party. Don’t let the dog eat the cat’s food and vice versa. Apply this to their toys as well. You don’t want any territory issues to arise. If you’re not protecting anything else, make sure the dog can’t get into the cat litter box!
  • Don’t force the two on top of each other and into each other’s physical space. This can cause one of the animals to attack the other. And it will leave a permanent mark on their relationship.

How long does it take for a cat to get used to a dog

The time it takes for any cat, Balinese included, to adjust to the addition of a canine family member varies. How the introduction is handled will determine the success of the relationship. Some animals will tame very quickly. Others take a long time to accept another pet into the home.

The norm is about two to three weeks. But this is only an average. If your pets take longer, that’s fine. I’m not familiar with dog and cat introductions, but I know that when introducing new cats to each other, there is no set time limit. I wanted to be together the second the new cat was in the house.

I had others who still deeply hated themselves after six months. It is our job to present our pets properly. However, they will make the decisions when they decide to be friends.

Keep an eye on your newly introduced canines and felines. Sometimes it can be difficult to tell the difference between playfulness and aggression. Also, as the two get to know each other, they may not always know they upset their friend, and there could be retaliation. A watchful eye is needed at all times with our animals, especially when they are just getting to know each other.


Although they have been presented as mortal enemies, cats and dogs can live together very well. Some breeds even thrive when living with a dog. A Balinese can be any of these breeds mentioned above. Their love of dog-like things like water and chasing each other makes them a perfect match. Use proper introduction techniques, and your cat and dog can have an amazing, lifelong relationship. They can even become best friends!

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