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How often do you see a cat with black whiskers? White whiskers? Depending on the type of cat breeds you are used to seeing, you might think cats have more popular whisker colors than others. If you feel like you’ve only ever seen white cat whiskers, you might think that black cat whiskers are rarer than other colors. But, are black cat whiskers rare?

Black cat whiskers are not uncommon. A cat’s whiskers can lighten or darken with age. Cat whiskers can be any color. Cats can appear with both black and white whiskers at the same time.

Sorry to burst your bubble, but you haven’t struck gold if you adopt a cat (or have a cat adopt you) with black whiskers. The colors of cat whiskers can change, which can be surprising, so your cat may have both black and white whiskers over the course of its life. Let’s talk a bit about what the color of cat’s whiskers means.

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What does a black mustache on a cat mean

Black cat whiskers don’t necessarily have a specific meaning, other than likely coordinating with the color of your cat’s fur throughout its life.

But it’s not that. If your cat has had white whiskers for most of its life and the whiskers turn black, there could be two reasons:

  • Your cat just might have a black mustache! Just like the hair on your head, cat whiskers grow from a hair follicle.
  • If your cat has always had white whiskers, for example, and they turn black, your cat may be aging. It’s not something we want to think about, but it is a fact that cats age.

The sudden black whiskers shouldn’t alarm you, but it might change the look of your furry friend!

Why is my cat’s whiskers turning black?

Black whiskers can mean your cat is getting old.

As cats age, their whiskers may change color. It probably won’t be something that happens overnight, but their mustaches are changing.

Black whiskers don’t just mean your cat is now a senior cat. It could also mean that your cat is moving out of the kitten stage. His whiskers darken with age, but that doesn’t mean you’re getting much closer to having to say goodbye to one of your best friends.

Isn’t it surprising that cat’s whiskers can change color so easily? Now if only my hair was dyed like that!

What determines the color of cat whiskers

The color of the fur most often determines the color of the cat’s whiskers.

You probably haven’t seen an all-black cat with white whiskers, have you? If a cat is completely black — or completely white, for that matter — the cat’s whiskers will likely be black, too. I don’t think I’ve seen a black cat with white whiskers, at least.

Not all cats have a single colored mustache. My tabby mackerel has whiskers that are mostly black, but halfway through it turns into a vibrant tan color. His whiskers almost look like they’ve been dyed, and now the roots are growing! Cool, right?

Just like cat fur, you will find a variety of colors in cat whiskers.

However, whiskers can also turn black as your cat ages. If your cat has always had light or white whiskers, their whiskers may turn black. As you can see, cat whiskers don’t always follow the same patterns.

Age Whisker color
Kitten White
adult cat Noir
elderly cat White or black

Why do cats have whiskers

Cat whiskers aren’t just cute and get a little curly with humidity; They help your cat with things like navigation and balance, among other things.

Your cat uses its whiskers for different things:

  • Navigation – Whiskers allow your cat to navigate its environment.
  • Balance – Your cat’s whiskers help it balance and walk. Your cat’s tail also helps with balance.
  • Spatial Awareness – A few whiskers help a cat know if they can fit into specific spaces.
  • Marking – If your cat is rubbing its whiskers against your hands, it’s because your cat is marking you with its scent.

No matter what color your cat’s whiskers are, your cat’s whiskers are essential, so never go and get their hair cut!

Why are my cat’s whiskers so long?

You might think your cat has long whiskers, but they’re meant to be long!

Well, they’re meant to be as long as your cat is wide. Your cat, who is probably a little stocky, will have relatively long whiskers. If you have a skinny cat, its whiskers will be shorter. You may also notice that a kitten has quite short whiskers, but they will also get longer as your kitten begins to grow. Sometimes you can even tell if your kitten is about to have a growth spurt if her whiskers seem too long!

Cat’s whiskers can also be droopy. I have noticed that my longhaired cats have thinner whiskers that hang down slightly. My short haired cats have courier whiskers sticking out straight. The type and length of fur can also determine the appearance of your cat’s whiskers.

At what age do cat whiskers turn white?

Just like in humans, your cat’s whiskers may turn white as they age. Since many cats live so long, this isn’t going to happen anytime soon. Your cat’s whiskers may not turn white until they are ten years old.

This, however, is only valid if your cat has had dark whiskers all its life. Your cat could also have been born with white whiskers, so waiting for your cat’s whiskers to change color is out of the question.

As you can see, it’s hard to say for sure what color your cat’s whiskers are, if they will stay that color, or when they will change color.

Why My Cat’s Whiskers Turned White

Your cat’s whiskers may begin to whiten as your cat ages.

Even if you’ve had a cat with black whiskers all of its life, you may notice your cat’s whiskers turning white. But do not worry ! That doesn’t mean there’s suddenly something wrong with your feline friend.

As cats age, their whiskers may turn white. Do you remember I said that cat whiskers look like human hair in many ways? Your hair turns gray when you get older, which is the same thing that happens to your cat. Your cat has “grey hairs”, which may turn out to be pure white instead.

Will my cat’s whiskers fall off

Cat whiskers will naturally shed throughout your cat’s life, but you should never trim your cat’s whiskers.

You might find cat whiskers around your house from time to time, and there’s nothing wrong with that. Cat’s whiskers fall out from time to time, but your cat’s whiskers will eventually grow back. It may take a few months, but the whiskers will return.

It would be best if you never cut or trim your cat’s whiskers. Your cat uses their whiskers for many different things, as we’ve discussed before, and while they may seem long, they’re meant to be. Trimming your cat’s whiskers can make them disoriented or unable to do the same things they’ve always done.

If you want solid answers on the color of cat whiskers, you’ll have to be the one to find those answers for sure. Cat whiskers resemble human hair in many ways, so cat whiskers can start out as a single color and lighten or darken with age. Whiskers are connected to follicles that tell the mustache what color it should be. Don’t be too surprised if your cat looks slightly different from her kitten photos after a few years!

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