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In college, you may have taken a college course where you learned that humans are sentient. You may not have specifically mentioned animals or cats. As you think about what it means to be sentient, you start to wonder: are cats sentient?

Cats are sensitive. Cats have and experience emotions and can perceive time. They are aware of themselves, but are not likely to process their own existence.

Asking whether cats are sentient or not is a massive conversation. So many things go into being sensitive, like emotions, thoughts, and feelings. You can keep reading on the Sensitive Cats discussion, but you should keep reading here if you want an introduction to what it means for a cat to be sentient.

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What does it mean to be a sensitive

Sentient means something can feel things.

Sentient seems like a complex word, and while definitions and explanations can get complex, sentiment means that you can feel or perceive something. Some people may also think of the sentient as being self-aware, although those words mean something a little different.

For humans, being sentient means that you are in the world and feel sensations like emotions. Humans, however, are not the only sentient people on the planet.

How sensitive are cats

Cats are sensitive, and your cat is sensitive in many ways.

Here are some examples of how your cat is a sentient being:

  • Feels emotions, such as sadness or happiness
  • Has a sense of self-awareness, even if your cat can’t communicate it
  • Has thoughts, whatever they are, for cats
  • Perceives time, although this is different from humans

Of course, cats don’t have the same means of communication as humans, so you need to watch your cat to understand how sensitive he is.

Are cats aware of themselves?

Cats are self-aware.

A cat’s self-awareness may be different from that of humans, but cats can be self-aware. I can explain this, but I think an example is the easiest way to see this.

I have a cat who is always nice in front of my mother. As soon as she leaves the room, the cat will attack another cat, but if my mother comes back into the room, he will immediately regain his gentle attitude. This makes him think the other cat started the fight.

Cats have a different level of self-awareness than humans, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t self-aware.

Are cats aware of their own existence?

Cats may be aware of their own existence, but this is unlikely.

It is not easy to know if a cat is aware of its existence. Think of a cat that sees itself in a mirror; it can inflate itself to appear larger and even begin to grow in its reflection. He doesn’t know it’s him.

Is this an example of a cat that doesn’t know it exists? It’s possible, but it could also be that your cat isn’t used to seeing its own reflection. Early humans were probably shocked by a reflection as well.

Are cats emotionally intelligent

Yes, cats are emotionally intelligent.

If you’ve ever been upset when you’re around your cat, you know your cat can sense your emotions. Your cat can’t tell you that everything will be fine, but they have ways of interacting with you to make you feel better. Your cat may curl up in your lap or rub his face against your cheek.

These gestures may be small, but it shows that your cat is doing its best to make you feel a little better.

Do cats have a conscience?

A cat doesn’t have a conscience the way humans do, but it’s no exaggeration to say that cats are aware of their actions.

Cat owners and scientists cannot know precisely what a cat is thinking, but it is safe to say that cats are aware.

If you watch a cat for any length of time, you know that cats calculate. Likewise, if you yell at your cat for doing something wrong, then you know your cat will be ashamed.

Is this enough to prove that cats have a conscience? Well, maybe not. On the other hand, it seems even less correct to say that cats are not conscious and conscious. It’s safe to say that cats experience a different kind of consciousness.

Do cats have thoughts and feelings

Cats have thoughts and feelings.

Although it may be more difficult to prove that cats have thoughts, it is undoubtedly true that cats have feelings. For example, I probably don’t need to explain how angry a cat can be if it doesn’t get the treats it thinks it will get when you walk through the kitchen.

It may be sadder, but think of cats in kennels waiting to be adopted. These cats are sad or happy when they see someone passing by. If a cat didn’t have feelings, you wouldn’t see cats reacting or acting that way.

How do cats perceive humans

Cats are very loyal to their human owners.

While it remains to be debated whether cats know of their existence, cats do indeed understand that their owners exist. After all, many cats are loyal and devoted to their humans. If a cat doesn’t like an owner or a person in general, they let it be known as well.

Cats are not passive towards humans, which means that cats constantly interact with humans.

How do cats perceive time

If you’ve ever spent time with a cat, you know that cats can have a very keen sense of time. Cats don’t watch the clock to keep time, but a cat on a schedule is very controlled.

It would be an exaggeration to think that cats do not perceive time. Since cats don’t have dates or jobs, they will experience time differently. They don’t need a clock to tell what time it is, though.

Cats that have a schedule are very time conscious. If you feed your cat at 7 p.m. every night, you already know that your cat will start nagging you around that time every night. If you go to bed at 9 p.m. every night, your cat is probably following you down the hall for the night too.

Cats can have a better sense of time even without using a clock!

How do cats perceive the world

Cats see the world differently than humans.

Cats don’t see the world the way humans do. Cats cannot see colors physically, so you might consider a cat to be color blind. Cats also don’t have great vision when it comes to seeing things far away.

These are minor things, but they will affect how cats view the world around them.

Examples of Sensitive Cat Behaviors

Cats have many sensitive behaviors that you can easily overlook.

As we have already seen, cats have feelings and emotions. Some cats show their emotions better than others.

Cats also have an idea of ​​the world around them, including people and time. They may or may not be able to understand that they too are part of this world. Some cats have a schedule, which shows that they consciously or unconsciously understand time.

Things to know

This article mentioned that cats can understand and perceive time, although they do not rely on clocks like humans. Understanding the flow of time, at least to some degree, is part of being a sentient being.

It is essential to explain how important it is for some cats to have a routine. Cats with a routine get up, eat, sleep, and even play on a schedule that can work like clockwork. Your cat may know your schedule better than you do!

Cats that have a routine are likely to be happier and less stressed than cats that don’t follow a schedule.

A cat with a routine will know what to expect from the day, so they don’t constantly need to worry about what may happen next. Your cat will be able to relax in a way cats without a routine can’t.

Your cat will also let you know if her routine is broken. If you wake up too late or forget to feed your cat just in time, your cat will certainly let it know because it demands what it expects.

If someone says a cat has no emotions, they have certainly never seen a cat whose routine has been broken!

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