Are Maine Coon Cats Smart – Here’s The Facts –

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Are you looking for the perfect breed of cat to give your son or daughter their first pet, or have you just moved into your new home and are looking for a cuddly companion. You don’t want a high-maintenance animal, and you certainly don’t want an unmanageable pet. You meet the glorious, gentle giant that is the Maine Coon cat! You ask yourself, “Is the Maine Coon smart?” “Are they trainable? “Do they require a lot of maintenance?”

Yes, Maine Coons are smart. They are extremely intelligent and sociable animals. They are easily trained and can process information relatively quickly.

Now that you know Maine Coons are one of the most intelligent cat breeds, you may have some more questions. Let’s dive into this breed to learn more about adopting a Maine Coon and just how smart these furry guys are!

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How to tell if my Maine Coon is smart

There are several ways to test your Maine Coon to test its intelligence. See the list below for some ideas:

  • You can shake a bag of treats from another room to see if they will come and how they react. If they approach you and respond positively, that’s a sign; they are smart.
  • You can play a random cup game with them, where you have three cups with a ball below one and shuffle them. They’re smart if they can tell you which cup is in the cup after you’ve mixed them.
  • There are several types of cat puzzles you can purchase to test your cat’s intelligence. Plus, Maine Coons love playing with puzzles because it stimulates their brains!
  • Another trick you can try is to show your cat their favorite toy, let them smell it, and then hide it behind something sturdy. See if your cat can locate the hidden toy!

Are Maine Coons the smartest cat breed?

Although Maine Coons are in the top 10 smartest cat breeds, they are not the the most intelligent. Something to remember when talking about the intelligence of these fur babies is that intelligence can affect their temperament, stubbornness, demeanor, and trainability. However, why not let you decide which breed is the best cat breed? Check out the chart below to compare some of the top 10 smartest cats!

cat breed Coaching Temperament
Abyssinian Cat Can learn to play fetch. They love to play and can be trained to do simple tasks and tricks like a dog. Requires a lot of hands-on attention. Needs constant stimulation, gets bored easily.
Scottish Fold cat Can learn tricks like dogs and once learned will keep wanting to play even after you are ready to quit. Known to like puzzle toys or toys that challenge their intelligence. I love being around people and getting all the attention. Very active, playing with toys Requires a lot of interaction.
Siamese cat They will respond to you if you are ready to chat with them. I love puzzle games, but if they get bored they will make a “game” of mischief. Extremely vocal and noisy cats. Requires lots of attention and activity to keep them occupied. Let you (and your neighbors around the corner) know when they’re bored: yell (persistent cat howl). To be adopted preferably in pairs of two.
Coon Maine They are known as creatures of habit and are therefore easy to train. By using treats and other positive reinforcement methods, these cats can also be leash trained like a dog! Also enjoy cat puzzles and other brain-boosting activities. Very patient and great with young children. Prefers to be the only cat They will show signs of depression and anxiety if they are left alone at home too much, without any interaction. They aren’t necessarily lap cats, but they do like to sit next to you on the couch or while you’re working on something.

Which domestic cat do you think will be best for your family?

This brings us to our next question:

Does a Maine Coon’s Intelligence Affect Their Behavior?

These monstrous cats are known for their intelligence and size. Of course, it’s debatable whether their big feline brain affects the other traits and personalities we all know and love about cats. They are people-oriented animals that love to play, which is often touted as dog characteristics. They are also very vocal and social creatures that aren’t afraid to let you know when they need something, be it attention, food or water.

Maine Coons are so intelligent that they will find ways to entertain themselves if you don’t give them enough attention or ways to keep busy while you are busy. It is better to provide them with also Lots of challenging toys and puzzles than getting them into something they shouldn’t be doing because they were bored.

Being smart also means Maine Coons are quick learners! They’ve been known to learn how to open doors with handles, and they know exactly how to get into things to entertain themselves. Keeping them entertained and feeling loved and happy is therefore essential to raising these gentle giants.

Can Maine Coons be trained?

Yes! Maine Coons are known to be easily trainable. Below are three ways to train them!

  1. Special rewards

With their “dog-like” personalities, they can be trained using treats and other special rewards in sequence with repeated commands and training methods.

  1. Leash training

They are also known to be leash trainable so owners can walk them like they would a companion dog.

  1. dog games

Maine Coon cats also like to play fetch games, where the owner throws a small object, and they will chase and come back with the object. They can also be trained to play “hide and seek” with their favorite toys.

It’s important to remember that all that playfulness also comes with long hours of much-needed sleep, just like a normal cat would. After being completely rested, these big fluffy furs will get what we at home like to call “The Cat Zoomies”… This is where your cat will wake up from a long nap and start running around the house, browsing every single wall and piece of furniture they can put their paws on. In other words, you might notice that after naps, these big babies will have hyper flare-ups, where they’ll rush around your house, draining all the energy they can muster.

Final Thoughts

Keep these fun facts in mind when looking to adopt a Maine Coon! Yes, they are extremely intelligent for a cat; however, they come with their own unique characteristics! Their personalities can also affect these factors.

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