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The first time I saw a white Maine Coon, I couldn’t believe how beautiful and fluffy it looked. It was then that I realized that I had never seen a white Maine Coon and wondered how rare this cat color could be. I had seen Maine Coons with all kinds of beautiful coat colors, but never pure white. So, are white Maine Coon cats rare?

White Maine Coons are rare among the Maine Coon breed. It mostly has to do with the delicate manipulation of genetics behind breeding a white Maine Coon. A Maine Coon must have a heterozygous gene to be completely white. There are dedicated and experienced breeders who raise white Maine Coons in a controlled environment.

White Maine Coons are strikingly beautiful due to their eye-catching features including their fluffy white fur, their size, and the contrast of their large colored eyes with their fur.

Although white Maine coons can be difficult to breed, they are popular (not to be confused with the common) and highly sought after. Their popularity is not only due to the breed and white fur, but also to the color range of the eyes. White Maine Coons can have large, beautiful eyes that are golden, green, copper, blue, or odd-colored (also known as full heterochromia). These characteristics combined make it a fascinating and glamorous cat.

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Can Maine Coon cats be white?

Absoutely!! Maine Coon cats have at least 86 different coat colors, including white. White is considered a non-color. Interestingly enough, the fact that the fur itself lacks color does not mean that the cat lacks color and pattern. What does it mean?

Cats have 19 pairs of chromosomes. These chromosomes are made up of thousands of genes that determine color, sex, size, shape, and several other characteristics. White Maine Coons have what is called a white masking gene. Simply put, when a cat has this gene as a heterozygous pair, i.e. one dominant white masking gene and one recessive, you have the makings of an all-white Maine Coon.

A white Maine Coon must have at least one white parent. Even with a white parent, the kittens produced may turn out to be white or have the color and pattern masked by the white parent’s masking gene. To determine whether the kittens produced will turn out to be white, the masked color and pattern must be distinguished, and breeding is monitored in a controlled environment.

When a white Maine Coon is a kitten, a colored patch is often noticeable on its head. This is an indicator of the color and pattern masked by the Masking Gene. This is also indicative of the pattern/color combination that could potentially be produced in its offspring. As the cat ages, the colored spot will eventually no longer be visible.

According to the Cat Fancier’s Association, for a white Maine Coon to be classified as white, it must have a “shiny pure white” coat and a “pink” nose and legs.

Are white Maine Coons deaf?

Although not all white Maine Coons are deaf, white cats are more likely to be deaf. Generally, deafness in white cats, if present, is a birth defect, implying that they were deaf from birth. This means that the structure of the internal auditory canal has not formed correctly or is deteriorating, and this process began in the womb. It can happen in one or both ears.

The same dominant gene that makes their fur white, the White Masking Gene (W), can also cause several abnormalities or unique traits, including deafness. This gene causes abnormalities in their melanin-forming cells called melanocytes, which is why white cats often have blue eyes.

White cats with blue eyes are more likely to be deaf than those without blue eyes. Blue eyes are a good indicator that there is a higher abnormality in their melanocytes, signaling the possibility that they are deaf.

If you have a white Maine Coon that doesn’t seem to respond to audio cues or his name, he may be deaf. If you suspect your white Maine Coon may be deaf, a veterinarian can perform a BAER (Brainstem Auditory Evoked Response) test. In this test, an auditory stimulus is delivered, usually through headphones. The veterinarian measures and records the brain waves and their correlation with the auditory stimulus, using three subcutaneous electrodes.

If the results show that your cat is totally or partially deaf, he can still lead a healthy life.

Just take extra precautions to watch him when he’s outside, to ensure his safety. Also consider training it with visual cues.

Personality of a White Maine Coon Cat

Like all Maine Coons, white Maine Coons have strong personalities. In general, Maine Coons are gentle, friendly, and playful. The white Maine Coon is generally well mannered and well mannered, with an occasional mischievous streak.

Maine Coons are often called the dog of the cat world, due to their size and personality.

White Maine Coons are gentle and loyal.

They tend to be very family and child friendly and more often than not they get along well with dogs and other animals, especially if they have been trained to do so from a young age. The great thing about the white Maine Coon is that they are easier to train than other cat breeds.

White Maine Coons are affectionate and form strong bonds with their owners. Although they are not necessarily companion cats, they prefer to stay close to their owners and often follow them from place to place.

Although white Maine Coons are affectionate, they don’t demand too much attention in terms of attention and also tend to be independent. They just like to “chill” with their family.

Maine Coons were originally bred for a farm and outdoor environment, which means they are warm and resilient and can quickly adapt to their environment. They have strong hunting instincts, so as long as they are not bred to be overly spoiled and taken care of, they will retain their hunting instincts and be good mice. White Maine Coons are highly intelligent and vocal, with their unique chirps and vocalizations.

A white Maine Coon will, without a doubt, be a devoted and lovable companion.

How do I take care of my white Maine Coon’s coat?

Having a white Maine Coon is a lot like having a white car. White Maine Coons tend to show more dirt than those with colored coats.

For this reason, white Maine Coons require a bit more maintenance to keep their coats sparkling white.

Cats can accumulate dirt, dust, urine, feces and other stains in their fur, especially if they have long hair. To keep your white Maine Coon looking bright white, it’s best to get him used to taking baths from an early age. As they get older, they will then be more disposed to bath time. You can either wash them yourself or take them to a groomer.

If you bathe them yourself, use a good quality feline whitening shampoo and dry them quickly to keep them warm. You can bathe them up to once a week or as little as twice a year, depending on your preference. Between baths, you can wipe off stains or dirt with a warm, damp cloth.

While cats groom often, longhaired white Maine Coons may need a little extra attention from their owners to help remove knots and tangles from their fur. You can use a variety of tools to avoid tangles and matting in your cat’s hair, including rubber grooming gloves, a plug brush, a detangling tool, and a detangling rake. Brushing your cat’s fur several times a week will help maintain a nice smooth coat. Brushing their teeth or even considering a haircut is especially important to consider as your cat ages and grooms less.

A quality diet also contributes greatly to the health of your white Maine Coon’s coat. A proper nutritious diet will provide the necessary nutrients to help your cat maintain a shiny coat. A raw diet of ground chicken and lots of protein is a great way to maintain a healthy coat.

How big are white Maine Coons

One of the biggest Maine Coons ever registered reached almost 50 pounds. However, most white Maine Coons will be between 8 and 30 pounds. Adult females will generally weigh between 8 and 12 pounds. Adult males usually drop between 15 and 30 pounds. They can grow to around 10 to 14 inches in height and 31 to 48 inches in length.

Other factors affect your white Maine Coon’s weight and size, including pedigree, diet, and exercise. Pedigree means recorded ancestry, basically the family tree. If they were bred to be show cats, they would likely be bred to be a specific size, which will be passed down through genetics.

Your white Maine Coon’s diet should consist of high-quality foods, which can also be homemade or raw, such as raw ground chicken. You should also be aware of portion sizes to prevent obesity in your white Maine Coon.

White Maine Coons love to play. Be sure to exercise with your cat by setting aside at least 20-40 minutes a day to spend on playtime. You can also walk your white Maine Coon using a cat harness, which you can find online or at your local pet store.

Maine Coon White Price

White Maine Coons vary in price but tend to be reasonably expensive for breeders. When it comes to buying a kitten, breeders usually require a customer to reserve a kitten, which carries their own costs, in addition to the purchase price.

Booking fee Cost
Kitten – Pet $200 to $500 $1500 -$2550
Kittens with breeding rights $200 to $500 $3500-$5000
Retired cat – usually over 5 years old $500 or more

Why are white Maine Coons so expensive? Breeders pride themselves on raising the healthiest cat possible. So, before the cat reaches your arms, it has already undergone numerous tests, vaccinations, microchipping, received registration papers from TICA or CFA, and may have already had its BAER test performed, depending on the breeder.

Where can I find reputable white Maine Coon breeders

There are reputable white Maine Coon breeders around the world. Here are some resources for finding reputable breeders:

Where can I find a white Maine Coon for adoption

There are many adoptable kittens out there who need a loving new home, and adoption is a great alternative to buying from a breeder. Here are some resources to check out if you’re looking to adopt a white Maine Coon:

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