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Siamese cat breeds are one type of cat breed that should not be missed. His dark color around his face and nose with bright, piercing blue eyes is what makes him so unique. These types of cats are commonly seen in colors like white, brown, lilac, but can Siamese cats be black?

Siamese cats can be black, however, they can only be partially black. Darker colors are seen in cooler areas of a Siamese cat’s body due to the partial albinism of the Himalayan gene. Seal Point Siamese cats are genetically black although the fur color is lighter in various places.

This article will go into more detail, along with other questions to give you a complete understanding.

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Is a black Siamese cat rare

A black Siamese cat is extremely rare. He is called a Seal Point Siamese cat. You can easily tell if it is a Seal Point Siamese cat because of its black eyes compared to other Siamese cats with piercing blue eyes.

However, one exciting thing to note here is that you cannot consider these black Siamese cats to be a traditional purebred Siamese. As stated earlier, this is Seal Point Siamese Cat.

And, if you are looking for a black cat, similar to the black Siamese, then the Oriental cat is almost similar in terms of body structure and temperament.

The Oriental cat is essentially a Siamese cat, but with the dominant Himalayan gene missing.

Can a Siamese cat be all black

A Siamese cat cannot be all black.

The reason for this is the presence of a dominant Himalayan or albino gene. This gene causes partial albinism in cats. This gene is also heat sensitive, which means that the colder the temperature, the darker the color of the cat.

This gene reduces the production of melanin when the exposed body part exceeds the temperature of 95 degrees F. Thus, the hottest areas of the feline’s body get a lighter color.

So, although genetically these Seal Point Siamese cats should be black, the Himalayan/albino gene does not allow it.

Can Siamese cats be black and white

A Siamese cat can have both black and white colors.

However, this is only possible when a purebred Siamese cat mates with a cat with 0% Siamese genetics. But the color black is not black and sometimes can be dark brown or deep tan.

If you see a black and white cat often enough and think it’s a Siamese cat, you may be wrong. The Oriental Shorthair breed often referred to as the relative breed of the Siamese is also black and white in color.

The only striking difference between the two is the color of the eyes. While Siamese cats are famous for their Himalayan blue eyes, Oriental cats have green eyes.

Apart from the color of the eyes, the two are of the same nature, curious feline creatures!

Why is my Siamese cat all black

If you have an all-black cat, it may not be a pure Siamese cat, but a mixed-breed cat. We say this because a Siamese cat is bound to have darker and lighter points instead of a black appearance.

The Himalayan or albino gene is responsible for the discoloration of the Siamese cat. Tyrosinase, a protein in the body that makes melanin, is responsible for the skin color of our Siamese cat.

To give you a clearer picture, melanin is made up of two components. The first is Eumelanin and the second is Pheomelanin. While eumelanin is responsible for producing black and brown color, pheomelanin is responsible for brighter shades like yellow or red.

Therefore, greater production of melanin or eumelanin will lead to darker fur color in cats. If you stay in a cooler area, tyrosinase is very likely to produce more pigment, giving your Siamese cat a darker fur color.

But still, an all-black cat will in all likelihood be a mixed breed or perhaps a domestic short-haired cat.

How much does a black Siamese cat cost

Since it is a fact that black Siamese cats are rare, be prepared to shell out a little extra cash if you wish to purchase them. A black Siamese cat is considered to be one of the elite breeds and hence it costs around $1000-2500.

This price may increase depending on the breeder and the age of the cat.

Siamese cats, in general, come in a variety of prices. It all depends on the color and type of their coat, and their age. While most Siamese cats have beautiful, striking blue eyes, they are mainly found in the four colors below:

● Seal point siamese cats

● Blue point siamese cats

● Lilac Point Siamese Cats

● Chocolate Siamese Cats

A Siamese kitten will cost between $600 and $800, while a Siamese cat will cost between $600 and $1,200.

Can Siamese Cats Change Color

The color of Siamese cats is really interesting to watch because it keeps changing. Siamese cats change color due to the Himalayan or Albino gene they possess. This causes their fur to change color depending on the outside temperature.

So when the temperature is high, the color brightens, and when the temperature drops, it darkens. They are white at birth, as they are in their mother’s warm womb.

Later, when exposed to different temperatures, their body fur tends to change color.

Thus, young Siamese cats are white or cream, and as they age, they turn dark brown or gray as their skin temperature drops.

So, if you’ve bought or adopted a Siamese cat since it was a little kitten, you’ll gradually notice the differences in your furry friend’s fur color.

At what age do Siamese cats stop changing color

Siamese cats will stop changing color once they become adults.

Your Siamese feline will not be called an adult until it is 2 years old. When he is born he is usually all white or cream, and by the age of 2 his fur color will continue to darken.

However, it is essential to note that the color change is also temperature dependent. So, if there is a drastic change in the temperature your cat is exposed to, you can expect minor color changes to occur even after 2 years of age.

Black Siamese Cat Personality

If we talk about the personality of a black Siamese cat, it is no different from the personality of a Siamese cat.

As discussed above, there is no such thing as a 100% pure black Siamese cat. Genetically, although they are supposed to be white, the himlayan or albino gene interferes and changes their fur color depending on the temperature.

Here are some personality traits of a black Siamese cat:

Outgoing and social

Siamese cats are incredibly outgoing, social, and fun-loving. They are among the best cat breeds that enjoy interacting with humans and carrying on conversations.

This may be one reason why Siamese cats can also become quite demanding and attention seeking. So much so that few owners are even annoyed by their sticky nature.

However, the main personality development of a Siamese cat occurs when it is still a kitten. Therefore, if you have a Siamese kitten, you need to give it lots of love, attention, affection, and care. Only then can she properly develop her personality and be able to socialize.


Black Siamese cats are brilliant. And, of course, they are curious in nature. This deadly combination allows them to learn new things quickly. This is also one of the reasons why Siamese cats can be trained easily.

With a little patience and perseverance, you can rest assured that your cat will train well.

like to cuddle

Siamese cats love to cuddle and cuddle. They love human company and would be good cuddly friends.

However, just as they like to cuddle, this breed is also super active. Therefore, you will need to provide plenty of cat toys that will stimulate your furry friend’s brain. And, regular exercise or a nice walk is a must with this breed.

Good with children

Their ability to train quickly and their love for human companionship make the Siamese cat a perfect family cat, ideal for children as well.

The only thing you need to take care of is that your cat is properly trained to behave around children, and that your children are old enough not to bully your cat.

Good with other pets

Siamese cats love to socialize. So if you are a pet lover and have more than one pet, this breed might be perfect for you.

Siamese cats are known to be friendly, even with pet dogs.

Needs attention

Siamese cats require a lot of attention. They cannot be left alone for an extended period.

Therefore, if you are someone who works long hours with no one at home to keep the pet cat company, you should think again before buying a black Siamese cat or any Siamese cat d. ‘somewhere else.

Additionally, this breed is not suited to the outdoors and should be kept indoors most of the time.

Things to consider

Along with the elegance, mystery, and superiority that come with a black cat’s physical characteristics, they make excellent pets because of their friendliness and companionship. They roam the house like little black panthers of extreme beauty, stealth, and grace.

Although black cats are considered a bad sign in some cultures, they are considered very lucky in others. For example, in Japan, if you are a single woman with a black cat, it attracts suitors. Black cats also provide good luck and security in certain places.

A good advantage of a black cat is due to the black cat’s genetic mutation; This makes them resistant to diseases like HIV.

They also have a better immune system than most other feline cats. Thus, their health compared to other cats is much better, and their susceptibility to disease is much lower.

As humans age with gray hair, so do cats. These gray hairs are more visible in black cats due to the dark color of the fur.

Black cats are generally perceived as deceptive and evil, but that’s not true! They are incredibly calm, intuitive and playful.

It is also found that compared to other cats, black cats are more affectionate, friendly and outgoing. They demand their owner’s attention and love to meow all the time.

Health Problems in Siamese Cats

● Intestinal tumors

● Cancers such as mediastinal lymphoma

● Retinal atrophy resulting in vision loss or partial blindness

● If the Siamese cat has a sensitive stomach, it may suffer from frequent vomiting

Heating period in Siamese cats

It is important to note that during the heating period, black cats are very active. Thus, they can be full of energy and noisy. Thus, it is recommended to sterilize your feline to avoid any accident and other complications.

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