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Siamese cats are commonly thought to resemble the famous animated pair of the Lady and the Tramp, and with good reason. These lively cats are pretty close to looking like the real thing, especially a pampered and well-groomed Siamese cat. But are Siamese cats always so elegant and short-haired? Can Siamese cats be fluffy?

No, Siamese cats cannot be fluffy. One of the breed standards for Siamese cats is that they have short hair. However, there are breeds of cats descended from Siamese cats that developed longer hair on their own, which means there are fluffier breeds similar to Siamese cats.

Some Siamese cats are fluffier than others, with thicker fur, but Siamese cats generally have silky smooth fur. Here’s what you need to know about Siamese cats and why the breed standard is so particular when it comes to their fur.

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What is the fluffy Siamese cat breed

The main breed that descends from the Siamese but fluffy cats are the Balinese cats. These cats are the direct descendants of the Siamese breed but have developed long fur independently. They are otherwise very similar to Siamese cats but a little more muscular and generally a bit larger.

Balinese cats can be a little rare, but they are not a hard-to-find cat breed.

Balinese vs Siamese

While Balinese cats are descended from Siamese cats, they are different in several ways. They have the distinctive albinism of the Siamese cat, which means they have colored spots and a bleached body. They are just as soft but much more fluffy since their fur is much longer on average.

Balinese cats also seem to have avoided some of the health problems common to Siamese cats. For one, they don’t have crossed eyes or the sight problems that are more common in Siamese cats.

So if you’re looking for a slightly healthier Siamese, a Balinese cat might be a reasonable option.

However, Siamese cats are still the more vocal of the two on average. Both animals are generally very friendly and seek attention and bond closely with their owners.

Siamese cats tend to become obese, but Balinese cats do a little better in this regard.

Do Siamese cats have a lot of fur

Siamese cats have a lot of fur, but that doesn’t make them fluffy. The truth is that Siamese cats usually have thick coats, but their fur is also very soft and very smooth. The density of your Siamese cat’s coat is also part of what makes it so soft, so a very soft and elegant Siamese probably has a lot of fur even if it is not very fluffy.

Do Siamese cats have soft fur

Siamese cat fur is generally soft, but it is silkier. So rather than feeling soft against your hand, their fur is likely to be smooth and slick.

Why are Siamese cats so special?

Siamese cats are no more special than any other cat breed, but they do have certain traits that make them relatively unique compared to other breeds. For one thing, Siamese cats are one of the oldest cat breeds to live with humans.

This means that Siamese cats behave a little differently than other breeds because they have lived and interacted with people for much longer than other cats.

Siamese cats also have relatively unique coloring. Their heat-determined albinism means that Siamese cats have some color but are mostly white or whitish. Siamese cats donated their color gene to other cats, but Siamese cats and only a handful of other breeds, such as Balinese cats, have this form of albinism in almost all individuals.

Are Balinese cats related to Siamese?

Balinese cats have been around for quite some time as their own breed, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t related to Siamese cats. Balinese cats are descendants of Siamese cats that evolved a mutation for longer fur.

There are a few other breed differences between Balinese and Siamese cats, but coat length is the main difference and one of the major breed-defining traits in both breeds.

How much do Balinese cats cost

Balinese cats can be relatively expensive, especially if you want to get them from a breeder. Between $650 and $800, Balinese cats are more expensive than many kittens but cheaper than the most coveted or rare breeds.

You should also consider that Balinese cats can require relatively high care. This means that Balinese cats will generally cost their owners more over their lifetime than other types of cats.

Things to consider

If you’re wondering if you want a Balinese or a Siamese, it’s essential to think about the care requirements for both breeds. Balinese cats have long fur, which means they need regular grooming from their owners to stay healthy and maintain their coat length.

However, Balinese cats are also generally somewhat healthier when it comes to their eyesight and metabolism. So, Siamese cats may not need as much active care in terms of grooming and coat maintenance, but Balinese cats will likely need less care from a veterinarian.

Balinese and Siamese cats are considered highly hypoallergenic. This means that they are less likely to cause serious allergic reactions in their owners, but not that they do not produce any allergens. Balinese cats are a little less hypoallergenic because their fur can contain more allergenic proteins than shorthairs, simply because protein can get trapped in their fur.

It’s important to remember that Balinese and Siamese cats can be high demand pets, but their exact needs vary quite a bit. Pay attention to what you think you can handle best when choosing between these animals, and you’ll probably do well with them. That is the elegant or fluffy version of a Siamese cat.

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