Can Siamese Cats Have Long Hair – Understanding Coat Length –

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Siamese cats are among the best low-shedding cat breeds. This makes them particularly suitable for allergy sufferers. Although we all know the short-haired version of the cat, is there a long-haired version that sheds a lot more? Can Siamese cats have long hair?

No, a true Siamese cat cannot have long hair. Instead, a long-haired cat that looks like a Siamese could be a Balinese, a closely related breed. Some other breeds, such as Ragdoll cats, have long hair and can have similar coloration to Siamese cats. But no pure Siamese cat will have long hair.

Balinese cats are the descendants of Siamese cats naturally mutated to have long hair after the coloring and breed of Siamese cats was well established. This means that Balinese cats are many times longhaired that developed through mutation, but they were given their own breed and breed standards that are distinct from Siamese cats.

Both breeds are technically descended from purebred Siamese cats, so they are very similar, but the separate breeding has made the Balinese breed more distinct over time.

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How do I know if my Siamese cat is purebred?

It’s hard to tell for sure if your cat is purebred unless you have it genetically tested or get your Siamese from a breeder who has certified it. However, you can get a pretty good idea of ​​this by looking at your cat.

On the one hand, a short-haired cat with a long tail, blue eyes, and the characteristic colors of a Siamese cat is likely to be Siamese. Most Siamese cats also have triangle-shaped faces and large ears, which can make them distinctive.

Siamese cats also tend to be relatively light-muscled and can be prone to being overweight. These traits alone may not tell you if your cat is a purebred Siamese, but it can help if they have the other traits as well.

Do Siamese Cats Have Different Fur

Yes and no. Siamese cats have a very distinctive coat color and texture, but that doesn’t mean their fur is significantly different from that of other cats. There are silky coated cats of other breeds, so the soft, smooth feel of Siamese fur is not unique.

Siamese coloring is a bit more unique and may make their fur look different, but it’s not a big difference. The only change in your Siamese’s fur coat that produces its color is that it has a kind of albinism that prevents its coat from producing a lot of melanin anywhere it’s warm.

Siamese cats all have this albinism, but it’s a genetic mutation that only affects color. It doesn’t change the texture or length of your cat’s fur, which is how Balinese cats eventually developed long hair through a natural mutation that still preserved albinism.

Do all Siamese cats have blue eyes

Most Siamese cats have blue eyes, but that’s not really universal. Green eyes are rare in Siamese cats because most Siamese don’t have enough pigment to create green ones.

However, some Siamese cats have eyes so pale that they appear white or silver-gray instead of blue. These cats are a little less common than the blue-eyed Siamese but still relatively common.

A Siamese cat will also never have brown or yellow eyes or any of the darker colors.

Is my kitten Balinese or Siamese?

Balinese and Siamese cats can be difficult to tell apart when they are kittens. Most kittens look very similar when younger, and it can take a few weeks to know if your kitten will grow to have long or short hair, which is the main way to tell Balinese and Siamese cats apart.

However, there are a few clues.

For one thing, while Balinese cats are as sleek and muscular as Siamese cats, they tend to be a bit longer across the chest and often grow into larger cats.

Balinese kittens may also begin to build muscle earlier than Siamese cats, which may make them appear thinner until their fur begins to lengthen.

Otherwise, these cats are very similar in temperament, coloring, and build. However, since Siamese cats are older and slightly more popular, breeders and shelters should be able to tell you if your kitten is Siamese or Balinese since Balinese cats are rarer.

Are Siamese Long Haired (Balinese) Cats Hypoallergenic?

Siamese long-haired cats, which are recognized by another breed name, Balinese, are one of the most hypoallergenic long-haired cats. This doesn’t mean that Balinese cats won’t cause an allergic reaction in some people, just that the likelihood of a serious reaction is relatively low.

Siamese cats are also considered hypoallergenic and are slightly more so than Balinese since their shorter coat helps prevent allergen build-up.

Long Haired Siamese (Balinese) Cats Vs. Ragdoll Cats

Some people have noticed that Balinese cats and Ragdoll cats can have similar coloring and even similar traits, so they might be wondering what the differences are between the two breeds.

For one, Balinese cats look a lot like Siamese cats, just with longer hair. Their fur may also be shorter on their necks and heads, which can make their thin, triangle-shaped faces very identifiable. Balinese cats also tend to be lighter in color than Ragdoll cats.

On the other hand, Ragdoll cats tend to have a bit more fat, especially around the belly. Ragdolls also have larger, rounder faces and are generally fluffier on the neck and head, making them look a bit like smaller Maine Coon or Norwegian cats.

Balinese cats also tend to be a little more needy and demanding than Ragdoll cats, although both breeds can be particularly affectionate and friendly.

Things to consider

Just because Siamese cats don’t have long hair doesn’t mean they don’t have variation in the length of their fur. Siamese cats can have fur ranging from very short, less than an inch, to the maximum length of a shorthaired cat. Most Siamese cats tend to have shorter hair, but a slightly longer or thicker coat doesn’t always mean your cat isn’t a Siamese.

It should also be noted that Siamese cats are a breed that often benefits from warm cat beds or sweaters for cats (or small dogs), as they can get cold in the winter. Thin Siamese cats are more prone to getting cold than overweight Siamese cats, which can mean it’s harder to help your Siamese stay healthy when it’s cold.

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