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It’s true; Cat parents don’t enjoy outdoor outings as much as dog parents. After all, felines like to talk, walk or play fetch. But, there’s no denying that the idea of ​​going shopping for cat supplies with your fur baby has a certain appeal. So naturally, pet stores might seem like a great place to do this. However, can you bring cats into Petsmart?

Yes, you can bring cats into Petsmart. The store allows cats and dogs (including various other animals) inside their stores as long as they are confined or safely leashed and vaccinated according to their age and species.

However, cat owners who want to bring their felines to Petsmart should know how to keep their pets safe while adhering to store rules. Luckily for you, we’ve included all of that and more in our article, and all you have to do is scroll down and find out more!

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Are cats allowed in Petsmart

Yes, cats are allowed in Petsmart. In fact, Petsmart allows the following animals in its stores:

  • domestic cats
  • domestic dogs
  • Ferrets
  • Rabbits
  • Non-venomous reptiles
  • Small animals like guinea pigs, gerbils, mice, chinchillas, hamsters, some types of geckos, bearded dragons, frogs and birds.
  • sugar gliders
  • pot-bellied pigs

Customers should note that the pets listed above will only be permitted inside Petsmart outlets if they are properly confined or leashed and have been fully vaccinated according to their age.

Any species not listed on Petsmart’s in-store policy are considered non-traditional and are not permitted in their stores.

Of course, Petsmart’s policy regarding non-traditional pets is still subject to the animal service guidelines outlined in the Americans with Disabilities Act. This means that even if your pet is not traditional per store policy, they will be allowed inside, provided you can prove their service animal status.

Additionally, Petsmart also allows the admission of non-traditional pets for veterinary appointments at Banfield Hospital stores. However, non-traditional pets entering the store for such appointments should be secured in a kennel or crate to prevent exposure.

Also note that Petsmart also reserves the right to prohibit any pet from entering its outlets for any reason and may change or modify its pet policy without notice.

What are Non-Traditional Pets According to Petsmart Policy

If you’re wondering if your American Bobtail or Burmese cat might fall under Petsmart’s non-traditional animal policy, don’t worry. No matter how rare a feline’s breed is, getting into the pet store shouldn’t be a problem as long as it’s domesticated.

Here’s what Petsmart means when it mentions non-traditional pets:

1. Any breed or type of pet that Petsmart does not sell.

This means that animal species such as the Asian forest scorpion, American curly-haired tarantula, isopods, green anole, etc. all admit traditional pets and are allowed inside Petsmart.

2. Any breed or type of pet that Petsmart does not offer for adoption through an in-store adoption partner.

This means that all breeds and types of domestic cats and dogs, small animals and some reptiles are considered traditional under store policy and allowed.

3. Any breed or type of pet for which Petsmart does not sell supplies.

This category is meant to highlight exotic pet breeds that are not commonly kept as pets, such as foxes, capuchin monkeys, raptors, etc.

4. Pets cared for at instore-Banfield Hospital

Pets treated at Banfield Hospital facilities from stores may be non-traditional. Yet they are allowed entry as long as they are properly contained in a crate, kennel, or pen.

Precautions to take before bringing your cat to Petsmart

Seasoned pet owners will agree that Petsmart’s flexible pet policy and confinement and vaccination requirements are for the safety of customers and pets combined.

Not too long ago there was a tragic incident at one of Petsmart’s outlets where an assault between two dogs resulted in the death of one of them. The truth is, there’s no way to 100% predict your pet’s behavior, and taking precautions to protect your pet’s health is always the best option.

That’s why we’ve compiled a list of precautions you can take (in addition to what Petsmart store policy requires) to ensure that you and your cat enjoy a hassle-free shopping trip to your favorite pet store. .

Since putting your feline on a leash isn’t an option, it’s best to invest in a comfortable carrier for your cat’s trip to Petsmart stores. For example, if you’re looking for a cat carrier that offers both stability and ease, you can rely on airline-approved soft carriers.

Some of the carriers in this category offer features like a cozy sherpa lining, mesh windows for maximum viewing room and ventilation, and of course, a wire frame to ensure your feline can move around in the carriers. without it collapsing.

In addition to ensuring that your cat is well vaccinated according to its age, it is also advisable to give your feline its anxiolytics at least 15 to 20 minutes before leaving your home.

Some cats don’t like car rides too much, and you don’t want to force your stressed feline to navigate a crowded space with other pets running around.

If your cat needs calming medication before traveling, be sure to allow enough time for the medication to work before arriving at the pet store. Also, if you feel that your cat is not very fond of shopping, it is better to interrupt the expedition and bring your pet home to calm down.

Even the sweetest feline can feel a bit overwhelmed on their first trip to a pet store. However, you can keep your cat’s temper from turning sour by having her favorite treats on hand to help lift her mood. In fact, you can kill two birds with one stone and choose a carrier with a bit of storage space to ensure there’s enough room to pack all of your feline’s essentials.

Cats don’t have the luxury of using kitty litter when they’re not home. Also, accidents can happen to anyone, especially if your pet is confined to a carrier for the duration of the shopping trip.

This is where carrying wet wipes, training pads and disposable bags can come in handy. Even if your feline has a little accident, you can clean it up as best you can with the wipes, throw a clean training pad over the spot, and keep your pet warm and dry until you get home.

Can you adopt cats from Petsmart

Almost all Petsmart outlets have in-store cat adoption centers (in partnership with local animal welfare groups). These Petsmart adoption centers operate seven days a week, which means you can come in anytime during working hours and adopt the kitten or cat of your choice.

Interested parties can also adopt pets during National Adoption Weekend (PetSmart’s signature adoption event) which takes place four times a year.


Here’s to you guys. We’re at the end of our feline-specific guide and hope you’re all aware of what’s needed before you bring your cat to any of Petsmart’s outlets.

Make sure your pet is safely in a high quality carrier with plenty of space and ventilation and is up to date on all their vaccinations. This will help protect your fur baby from any possible problems and make your feline feel safe in a new environment.

It’s also a good idea to offer your cat their favorite treat once in a while to keep them interested and not tire of the shopping expedition too soon. Finally, don’t forget to have your pet’s vaccination record with you, just in case.

On top of that, we’re sure you and your cat will do just fine!

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