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If you’re a fan of cats, you know they can be some of the most lovable pets on the planet. From their playfulness to their warm personalities, cats are definitely some of the cutest pets. So what are the cutest cat breeds? We decided to settle the debate for you by putting together a list of the world’s 9 cutest cat breeds with pictures of each.

1. Rag doll

rag doll

The Ragdoll cat tops our list of the cutest cat breeds. They are known for their blue eyes and light coat. Some ragdoll cats can also be bicoloured or mit. They are a unique breed in that they have a distinct behavioral pattern. Not only do they normally have a calm demeanor, but many of them become limp when picked up.

2. Munchkin

lots of love

Cute and bite-sized, the Munchkin cat breed is sure to make your heart ache. These little furry babies are also called sausage cats due to their compact size. They have very short legs due to a genetic mutation, but they are perfectly happy. Munchkin cats normally weigh between 5 and 8 pounds. The cat’s coat is similar to that which you will find in a domestic cat. It is plush and can be found in a variety of colors and patterns.

3. Russian Blue

russian blue

Next on our list is Russian Blue. They have an incredibly beautiful, short and dense gray coat. Many of them have yellow eyes with green pupils. These cats are rare and usually expensive to own. Their short coat makes them more hypoallergenic than other cat breeds. There is very little grooming or hair to clean. They have a calm personality and tend to become strongly attached to their owners.

4. Siamese

Siamese cat

With big blue eyes, Siamese cats are very popular cute cats. These cats have been around since ancient times and live alongside humans. It is an Asian cat breed with a colorpoint coat. They are also considered one of the most intelligent cat breeds. Because of their playfulness and ease with humans, they are often compared to dogs. They are known for their long, muscular bodies. The head is also triangular in shape.

5. Scottish fold

scottish fold

Scottish folds are known for their unique appearance. Instead of pointy ears, their ears remain tucked. This is caused by a genetic mutation. They look like an owl. The coat is usually dark gray in color, although other colors and variations such as bicolor are also common. These cats are also rare, which makes them more expensive than other breeds. They are friendly and generally healthy cats. Their coat is dense and therefore does not require much grooming.

6. Persian

Persian cat

Persian cats are very popular, having been featured in movies and on television. It is a long-haired cat that requires a lot of grooming. The coat pattern varies, but is usually a combination of light colors. They are purebred, so they are quite expensive to own. The average weight is between 7 and 12 pounds. They have an average lifespan and are native to Persia.

7. Burmese

cat bird

Burmese cats have blue eyes, which makes them incredibly cute. Both male and female Burmese cats end up being quite large in length and weight. Although they don’t have a long lifespan, they are still worth owning. Due to their long hair, they will need constant grooming. This breed is available in some of the rarest cat coat colors. This includes chocolate, cream and even cinnamon. They are pointy cats that typically have white feet and darker coats.

8. Siberian

siberian cat

Siberian cats have been around for centuries. They are from Russia. Most Siberian cats are medium to large in size. They have long-haired coats. Although they can be tall, they are incredibly agile. This is due to their construction. Siberian cats have longer hind legs and shorter front legs.

9. Bengal

bengal cat

If you are looking for a cute nature-like cat, then a Bengal cat is a great choice. Bengal cats have a unique coat pattern and color combination that resembles tigers. They were created from a hybrid of other cat breeds, including the Asian Leopard Cat and the Egyptian Mau. Despite their appearance, they are not known to be aggressive cats. They are short haired cats and don’t tend to shed a lot.

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