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Being a cat parent is sometimes one of the greatest blessings. It’s often hard to resist their cuteness overload. Admit it; You’ve seen those social media posts of people dressing their cats in all kinds of outfits. You found yourself thinking about the different outfits that would look good on your cat. I know I thought about it. The real question is: are baby clothes suitable for cats? How do I determine which size is best for my feline friend?

Yes, baby clothes may be suitable for cats, depending on their size and weight. MMost cats can wear clothes suitable for babies 0-3 months. Larger cats weighing 9 to 12 pounds can wear baby clothes from 3 to 6 months.

Now that you know that baby clothes can fit your cat, let’s take a look at the different sizing options, pros and cons of putting baby clothes on cats.

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How do I determine what size baby clothes fit my cat?

The first step in deciding the size of baby clothes for your cat is to measure their length in correlation with their weight.

When measuring your cat’s length in terms of clothing size, you should measure from the base of her neck, along her spine, to the base of her tail. Determining their weight can be determined by a quick vet check-up appointment, or by weighing yourself, weighing yourself while holding your cat, and then determining the difference to determine their individual weight.

Once their measurements are taken, it’s all about the length/weight ratio:

Length (base of neck to base of tail) Weight baby clothes size
3-4 inches 3-4 lbs. (1-2 months) Premature – altered baby clothes
4-5 inches 5-8 lbs. (4-5 months) Size 0-3 months
6-7 inches 9-12 lbs. (average 6 months to adult) Size 3-6 months
Size and Weight Chart of Baby Clothes Cats Can Wear

What are the benefits of putting baby clothes on a cat

Depending on your cat’s condition and breed, baby clothes can help keep cats from reaching open wounds or even help some cat breeds through the colder months.

Although clothes can be embarrassing for cats, they can also be a comfort or be beneficial for your cat. For example, cats that have recently been spayed or neutered, or cats that have open wounds or stitches, will often try to lick and nibble at their wounds.

Some veterinarians recommend baby clothes rather than the “cone of shame” after surgery. Cones can prevent your cat from licking their sutures, but they also restrict normal cat behaviors and routines, such as eating, drinking, and grooming. Ergo the alternative: clothes for babies, which allow most movements of the whole body, with minor restrictions on their daily activities.

Even hairless or short-haired cats can benefit from winter baby clothes. Just like humans, cats with little to no fur, like the Sphynx cat, need extra layers to protect them from the plummeting temperatures that occur during the winter months.

Do cats like to be dressed up

No, cats generally don’t like to be dressed up, as it is unnatural for them. However, it is possible to train them to be comfortable in their clothes.

In my personal experience, I haven’t tried clothes on my cat, but I have tried a cat harness to help me carry my furry friend back and forth to the vet. Let’s say it was a thrilling experience to say the least. She immediately started rolling, rubbing her back on whatever she could get out of that harness. At this point, the harness wasn’t tight against her body, but she wasn’t interested in trying to wear it.

Since then, I’ve tried to train her to wear it by making her feel the harness, rewarding her with treats, and teaching her that her harness is a good thing. She will now tolerate it for short periods.

The important thing to remember is that certain clothes will restrict a cat’s movements, causing it great stress. Even if your cat tolerates clothing, most cats like to climb. Clothes can become dangerous if they get caught in things while your cat is doing their typical cat stuff. You wouldn’t like someone to put you in a straitjacket. Imagine how a cat might feel, especially if they’ve never worn clothes before.

Can my cat be trained to wear baby clothes

Yes, it is possible to teach your cat to wear baby clothes.

There are a few things to remember when preparing your cat to wear clothes.

Start slow

When you start training your cat for clothes, you can start with a collar and then move on to a baby sweater. If your cat isn’t used to wearing anything, I can tell you from experience that jumping straight into a jumpsuit or full-body outfit isn’t going to end in your favor. Keep it simple and loose so you don’t risk stressing out your little feline friend. Keep in mind that some cats have different temperaments than others.

Make sure you get the right size for your cat

You don’t want something that’s too big for your cat because then you risk it getting caught in things when your cat climbs or plays like cats do. Clothing that is too small will limit your cat’s movement and make the experience more stressful than it should be.

Start training them while they are young

The best way to train an animal is to start training it when it is young. You can start practicing with their favorite treats or toys after dressing them up. It teaches them that wearing baby clothes is part of their routine and that they are safe.

Reward your cat

Have fun dressing up by rewarding your cat with their favorite toy or treat after putting them in their fancy baby outfit.

A few tips to remember when dressing your cat are to never leave your cat unattended as they could get hurt or get stuck or caught by their clothes and watch your cat for any signs of stress or abnormal behavior. Stop if you notice that your cat is very stressed. Some clothes may be more comfortable for them than others.

Final Thoughts

Baby clothes can certainly be suitable for cats. Dressing your cat in warmer winter clothes or holiday-themed outfits can be a fun experience for you and your pet if they are properly trained and prepared for it. All it takes is the right outfit size and a little practice and patience.

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