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When the temperature reaches a certain degree, you’re probably reaching for your air conditioner dial. You might even blame your cat and say that you have to turn on your air conditioner so early in the summer because your cat will get too hot. But you’re starting to wonder this: do cats like air conditioning?

Cats love air conditioning because it keeps them cool. Air conditioners pose minimal risk to your cat’s health and instead prevent your cat from overheating.

Cats can tolerate surprisingly high temperatures, but that doesn’t mean prolonged exposure to those temperatures is right for your cat. Therefore, air conditioning can be very beneficial in keeping your cat cool. Keep reading to learn everything you need to know about air conditioning and your cat, whether you have long fur or no hair at all.

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Does the air conditioning bother cats?

Air conditioning will disturb cats if the air blows directly on them.

One thing my cats hate the most is when a gust of air hits them. The gusts can come from the window outside, from a fan, from my breath, or even from our air conditioner when it’s on.

The blast of air from your air conditioner won’t hurt your cat, but it might annoy her. You may even notice your cat crouching on the floor to escape the air blast.

The best way to keep your air conditioner from blowing directly on you and your cat is to point the vents at the ceiling, allowing it to bounce around the room without feeling a gust of wind.

Is air conditioning good for cats

Air conditioning is good for cats because it keeps them cool and comfortable in your home.

Some people believe in the misconception that air conditioning can make pets sick, whether cats or dogs. I don’t know how this belief started, but rest assured that your air conditioner is very likely to make your pet sick if the air conditioner filters are clean.

Conversely, air conditioning is very good for cats because it reduces the risk of your cat overheating in the summer. Plus, your air conditioner will keep most of your home at a cool, even temperature. Even if your cat is a little too cold, he can walk away from the air conditioner.

Are cats afraid of air conditioners

Some cats may be afraid of air conditioners, especially if they are loud.

When a breeze hits a cat, it may often try to “crouch” in the air and crash to the ground. However, this silly habit doesn’t necessarily mean that your cat is afraid of anything that blows the breeze.

Your air conditioner may be different. Air conditioners, especially large or older models, can be noisy when they turn on and off. If your cat isn’t used to noise, it may scare her. Air conditioners can also gurgle, and if your cat has never heard such a noise before, he may not like it.

Unfortunately, there is not much you can do as an air conditioner owner here. Since you’ll probably have your air conditioner on for a few months, your cat should get used to it eventually.

What temperature can a cat tolerate

Cats are hardy animals that can tolerate a profound change in temperature, but extreme heat or cold can have serious consequences.

When thinking about cold temperatures and cats, a good rule to remember is 32 degrees Fahrenheit. Once the temperature drops below freezing, you need to provide your cat with a warm shelter if he is outdoors.

Luckily, most of us don’t have to worry about our homes reaching this temperature.

In the other direction, cats can handle the heat surprisingly well as long as the temperature does not exceed 100 degrees Fahrenheit. Again, most people keep their homes below 100 degrees, even in the summer.

Do cats catch cold easily?

Cats, especially short-haired or hairless cats, get cold easily.

Cats have different types of fur. If you have a long-haired cat, you’ve probably caught it on its back with its legs spread wide. Since long-haired cats have a lot of fur, they rarely get cold. This is true even in summer.

Short-haired and hairless cats are another story. Let’s talk about your short haired cats first.

Short-haired cats also have fur, although it is not very long. This means the fur will always keep your cat warm, so they won’t get cold easily. A short-haired cat that sleeps in front of the air conditioner will probably end up getting cold.

Your hairless cat is the one you should worry about the most because it has no fur to keep it warm. Hairless cats can easily get cold. A great option for keeping your hairless cat warm is a heated cat bed or cat perch in a window with lots of sunlight.

Are Persian cats cold in AC

Persian cats have long, thick fur, so your Persian cat is less likely to get cold in AC.

Most Persian cats have long, thick fur, which means your Persian cat will usually be cold, especially in the summer when the temperature is higher than usual.

You don’t have to worry about your Persian cat getting cold when the air conditioning is on, unless your Persian cat prefers to sleep in the direct blast of the air conditioner. Even then, I’m sure their fur will go a long way in protecting them from the cold air.

Can cats survive without AC

Cats can survive without air conditioning.

Some of the hottest days of the year, you’re probably wondering how people (and their pets) live without air conditioning. Although it is not a pleasant experience, people can live without air conditioning. And their cats too.

A home without air conditioning in the summer can pose a risk to a cat. Cats can suffer from heat exhaustion and dehydration in a stuffy home, which is similar to what can happen to a cat if left outside in the heat for too long.

If you work without air conditioning, it is essential to remember to leave fresh water for your cat.

Should I leave the air conditioning on for my cat

Leaving the AC on for your cat will make your cat more comfortable, but your AC doesn’t have to go on.

You might be tempted to leave the air conditioning on for your cat, even if you’re not home to enjoy the fresh air. Leaving your air conditioning on when you leave will ensure that your cat is cool and comfortable, but this isn’t necessary if you only use your air conditioner when you’re home.

Just like someone who doesn’t have air conditioning, you need to make sure your cat has cool water to drink. Of course, your cat must have water whether your air conditioner is on or off. Just be careful with the water to make sure it doesn’t get too hot.

Final Thoughts

If you’re worried that your air conditioner is too cold for your cat, let’s talk about other options for dealing with your cat’s cold.

As mentioned earlier, the easiest way to distribute cold air from your air conditioner is to change the angle of the vents. You can point them at the ceiling or the floor rather than directly into your room. This will help you and your cat!

You can also use fans instead of an air conditioner for as long as you can. Fans will still circulate the air in your home or apartment, but they won’t do as much to cool your home.

If you don’t want to give up the cool air from your air conditioner, consider moving your cat to a warmer place in the house. If you don’t have air conditioning in the guest room or dining room, provide your cat with a bed to sleep in so they are safe from the coldest part of the house. . You can also give your cat a heated cat bed, which will keep him even warmer when he enters it.

Ultimately, you shouldn’t worry too much about your cat, whether it’s long-haired or short-haired. If your cat starts to get too cold, he’ll know where to go to warm up, whether that’s by leaving the room, finding a cat bed, or basking in the sun. Cats know how to keep themselves comfortable even better than humans, so turn up the air conditioning to the temperature that makes you most comfortable.

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