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Cat owners know the familiar sight of their cat snuggled up on a blanket on the bed or couch. No matter the type of blanket, whether it’s fleece or microfiber, your cat is probably sleeping like the dead. It’s no secret that cats appreciate something soft and cuddly to lie under, but do cats like blankets?

Cats love blankets. Blankets provide security, comfort and warmth for your cat. Cats prefer small, soft blankets. Larger blankets with rough textures can be intimidating to some cats.

If you have a free-roaming cat in the house, you probably know your cat’s favorite blanket that you try to keep outside all year round. The blanket can be on your bed or hung on the back of your sofa. But what kind of blankets do cats generally like the most? Is it safe for your cat to be snuggled under the blankets he finds around the house?

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What kind of blankets do cats like

Cats like many types of blankets, but generally prefer softer blankets.

The most common blankets your cat is likely to snuggle up on are:

  • Fleece
  • Hairy/Fuzzy
  • Quilts on beds, maybe of their favorite human
  • Towels (although not “technically” a blanket)
  • Piles of clothes (again, not what most of us consider a blanket)

Unlike humans, cats don’t exclusively use blankets, well, blankets. Fresh laundry is as good a towel as your favorite fluffy blanket.

The type of blanket your cat likes may also depend on the season. If it’s winter, fresh laundry out of the dryer or a thick fur blanket might be the best bed. In the summer, you might find your cat curled up on a towel on the bathroom tile.

In general, cats avoid large objects, including blankets. Unless the comforter has your scent on it, they’ll probably avoid it, especially if you pick it up and move it towards them. Start your cat off with a smaller blanket to ease their mood.

Why do cats like soft blankets

Cats love soft blankets the most because the blanket reminds them of their mother when they were kittens.

You may notice that your cat treats – or kneads or cookies, whatever you like to say – soft blankets. The soft blankets remind your cat to be with her mother and milk her stomach while she nurses.

Soft blankets provide your cat with comfort and a feeling of comfort, thinking of her mother, even if she hasn’t been with her for years. It’s an instinct that even older cats have that you don’t see kittens milking soft blankets exclusively.

A less scientific answer would be that they like soft blankets. After all, you probably bought the blanket because it was soft, right? Everyone loves a nice soft blanket!

Why is my cat obsessed with my blanket

One of the main reasons your cat always sleeps with your blanket is because it smells like you.

If you notice that your cat is always snuggled up in your blanket (whether you also use it or not), it’s probably because your cat smells your scent on the blanket. When you miss your cat while you’re at work or aren’t cuddling, your blanket is the next best thing.

The blanket has your scent on it, which could also make your cat feel more secure or less alone. You may not be physically with your cat, but your blanket can at least serve as your backup until you can be with him.

Sure, your cat might have its fur all over your blanket, but that thought is definitely worth a bit of cat hair, right?

Do cats like to be under blankets

Most cats don’t like to be under blankets.

In my experience, cats don’t like to be under blankets. One of my cats used to burrow under my comforter to sleep, but all my other cats get nervous when a blanket covers them.

Liking being under blankets may be a personal preference for your cat, but many cats can have negative experiences being under blankets. For example, many people say you should cover cats with a blanket or towel to hold them while you administer medication and place them in a carrier.

Would like you like being under a blanket if every time it meant going to the doctor? Cats can associate objects with certain situations. If you ever cover them with a blanket, make sure it leads to a positive result. For example, every time you cover them up, you might be giving them a treat or their favorite toy.

Is it safe for cats to sleep under blankets

If your cat likes to sleep under a blanket, it is safe to sleep there.

The biggest threat to your cat sleeping under a blanket is you, unfortunately. If you don’t know that your cat is under a blanket on the sofa, you can sit on it. If it’s a blanket on your bed, you can lie on it.

For example, unlike children, you probably won’t have to worry about your cat overheating under a blanket. Cats like to be warm, so a blanket is probably a good place for them.

If you know your cat often sneaks under the covers, be a little more cautious than usual.

Another thing to keep in mind is the weight of the cover. If it’s too heavy, they could suffocate.

Can cats suffocate under the covers

A blanket won’t suffocate your adult cat. However, if the blanket is too heavy and the cat is a kitten, the likelihood increases.

You might get nervous when your cat goes under a blanket. What if they sink and can’t breathe?

It is not a major concern that you may have. I have never been afraid of my cat suffocating under a blanket like a baby. None of my cats have ever been in distress going under a blanket.

If a cat is burrowing under a blanket, there will likely be at least a few spaces for air to pass through. After all, you covered yourself with a blanket, didn’t you?

If you have a small kitten, you may want to watch it under a blanket. A blanket may feel much heavier to a kitten than to an adult cat.

Do cats like to be wrapped in blankets

Your cat may like to be wrapped in a blanket, but you shouldn’t wrap your cat in a blanket if he doesn’t like it.

This, again, is likely a personal preference for your cat. I have a relaxed cat who will accept just about anything you throw at her. If I wrapped him in a blanket, he would probably fall asleep there. Another one of my cats, however, would definitely be crawling out of the blanket before I could even finish wrapping her.

Some cats like to be treated like babies, so if your cat likes that, he’ll probably love being wrapped in a blanket and hugged tight.

If you try to wrap your cat in a blanket, be aware of his reaction. Don’t do it if he doesn’t like it, even if it’s adorable.

Why Some Cats Don’t Like Blankets

Some cats don’t like blankets, mainly because they can get too hot.

Think about it: if it’s hot in the summer, would you want to be under a blanket? Probably not. The same goes for cats.

Other cats don’t like blankets at any time of the year. If you have a big, hairy, fat Maine Coon, he probably won’t like being on a blanket (but some might!). Your cat is probably effortlessly warm and doesn’t need the extra warmth of a blanket.

Your cat may be picky and has yet to find the perfect blanket around the house.

Blankets and cats. That’s probably a connection you make when you think of a sleeping cat, right? Most cats like blankets, fluffy or not, like a pile of clothes. The blankets have your scent and give you warmth. Even if your cat leaves its fur behind when it sleeps in your bed (which still sticks to your lip balm when you lay down), it’s worth knowing that your cat is happy, warm and comfortable.

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