Do Cats Make Noises When They Sleep? 3 Reasons Why –

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You’re lying on your couch, all cuddled up with your favorite cuddly companion, when suddenly you hear what sounds like snoring coming from your little feline friend. Do cats make noise when they sleep?

Yes, cats make noise when they sleep. When cats are completely relaxed and in a deep sleep, they are known to emit moans which can also be interpreted as snoring.

Now that you know what you heard is most likely coming from your cat, you have more questions about why your cat is making sounds while sleeping. Let’s examine this in more depth.

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Why does my cat make noises while sleeping

There are several reasons why a cat may whine, purr, or gurgle while sleeping. The most common reasons are listed below:

They are in distress

If you have noticed that your cat seems to act abnormally when awake, such as hiding more, not eating or drinking as much, etc., it may be due to stress or pain. They may have a physical injury. Talk to your veterinarian if the sounds and abnormalities persist.

It’s breeding time

If your feline is not spayed or neutered, its moans may be the result of its search for a mate. When females come into heat, their moans can make them sound like they are drowning in grief. This is normal and will pass over time. Do not reward the behavior as it is possible to associate moaning with playtime or playtime.

They are bored

If your cat is bored, he’s more likely to sleep through the day. Sleeping more often can lead to weight gain and loose, flabby muscles, which can cause them to snore.

Is it normal for my cat to make noise while sleeping?

Yes! It is completely normal for your cat to make noise while sleeping.

the types noises are what you need to listen for to determine why your cat is making noises and if this is a cause for concern. Cats dream, purr and snore often while taking a cat nap. Cats love to sleep, and just like humans, they have distinct sleep stages. The REM phase, or rapid eye movement phase, considered the “nap” phase, and the non-REM phase, where they are completely relaxed and at rest.

When does the cat (probably) normally snore

When cats are completely relaxed and in their non-REM phase, this is when you will hear your cat making sleep noises, which is normal.

Overweight cats are more likely to snore. There is no need to worry, but consider that obesity and unhealthy diets can lead to health problems. The breed of cat can also be the cause of snoring while they sleep. Flat-faced cats, like flat-faced dogs, tend to make more noise when breathing or sleeping. Your cat’s position can also affect the sounds it makes.

When should cat snoring be a concern

Snoring can also be a sign that your cat is sick. This is when you need to watch them closely and see a veterinarian for further examination.

A discharge or mucus from the eyes or nose, combined with sneezing, can indicate that your cat may have a cold or an upper respiratory infection. If you notice the signs listed below and your cat is acting differently when awake, this may be cause for concern.

  • not going to the toilet regularly
  • not eating or drinking as much
  • if they seem lethargic
  • abnormal wheezing/difficulty breathing

If any of these are the case, it could be a sign of heart disease, lung infection, feline asthma, or even dental infection or disease. That’s when it might be time to see a vet.

do cats have dreams

Yes! Cats are natural hunters and can dream with their natural feline instincts. You may have noticed your cat’s whiskers twitching or his feet moving as if he were running or stalking in his sleep. Just like humans, cats can dream of doing feline things like hunting, stalking, or playing.

Cats and humans are similar in that your furry friend can have good and bad dreams just like you! They may also have trouble falling asleep, which can make them feel like they’re moving around in their sleep.

Do I have to do anything to make my cat make noise while sleeping?

No, if your cat is acting normal while awake there is nothing to worry about. It is best to let them sleep because cats often sleep more than 12 hours a day. If it seems like he is not comfortable in his sleeping area, you can help him by providing him with a comfortable cat bed or somewhere he can go, to get away from lights and noise. loud noises.

My cat has two cat beds, one is in the living room and the other is in her crate in which I take her to the vet. She will often spend hours curled up in her crate, deliberately with the door wide open, sleeping all day. It is comfortable, warm and sheltered from direct light in its cozy cocoon. Providing them with a safe, warm place to rest helps them with anxiety and gives them a place to escape from the natural noises of your home.

Final Thoughts

These sounds are one of the ways our cats communicate with us, even while they sleep. Now that you know that the noise you heard in the middle of the night was coming from your cat, you can keep an ear out for the different sounds your cat makes.

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