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As a loving cat mother, I try to provide my kitten with the best food with all the necessary nutrients. There are many options for kitten food, and it often leaves me wondering: do kittens really need kitten food?

Kittens need kitten food. Kitten food meets the nutritional needs that your kitten needs. Feeding kittens adult cat food can cause feeding problems and should be avoided.

So let’s dive into how long should kittens eat kitten food, can kittens eat adult feline food, and other frequently asked questions.

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How long should kittens eat kitten food

Kittens reach maturity at 12 months of age. Before this age, your kitten should only eat kitten food. Once your kitten is one year old, gradually replace your kitten’s food with adult cat food.

Larger cats like Maine Coon cats take longer to mature. They tend to mature between 18 and 24 months. They weigh 25 pounds as opposed to an average cat whose weight is 10 pounds. Therefore, they need to eat kitten food a little longer.

Can kittens eat adult cat food

A kitten is not recommended to eat adult cat food until it is mature. It is not recommended to give food to a newborn kitten.

A newborn kitten needs its mother’s milk until its dietary needs change. Newborn kittens are ready to eat kitten food after they are one month old.

If you’ve adopted a newborn kitten, be sure to get kitten milk formula for your pet. Adult cat food is not an option for your little kitten.

The nutrients required by a small kitten are very different from the nutritional needs of an adult adult cat. Kittens need more protein to build their energy.

Foods designed for adult cats do not contain the appropriate amount of protein, so there is no point in feeding your kitten adult food.

When there are different kitten formulas available in the market, there is no need to buy adult cat food for your little kitten. It would help to have a good quality food to support your cat’s rapid growth.

When can kittens eat adult food

Kittens can eat adult food when their dietary needs change to improve growth after one year. After one year, a kitten is big enough to eat a balanced adult diet. Adult feline food is tailor-made to meet the energy needs of an adult cat that loves to play outdoors.

You should gradually transition your kitten from kitten food to adult food. You need to give your kitten at least a week to adjust to the new food. This is to avoid any stomach upset in your cat’s stomach.

From the first day of transition, replace 1/6 of the kitten food with adult food. Slowly increase the amount of adult food over seven days until the kitten is ready to eat an entire bowl of adult food. You can try feeding cat food from other brands if your kitten doesn’t like what you are feeding her now.

Should Kittens Eat Wet or Dry Food

Although kittens are not advised to eat adult pet food until they are one year old, they can eat wet or dry kibble. It is best to give wet food to help your kitten swallow it easily.

When the kitten is 3 to 4 weeks old, it can eat wet kibble. If you want to serve dry kibble to your kitten, be sure to moisten it before placing it in your pet’s bowl. Completely dry kibble can be difficult for a kitten to swallow.

However, if you have a newborn kitten, it’s a good idea to give your kitten formula if mother’s milk is not available.

Discover the benefits of feeding your kitten dry food and wet food.

Dry foods

● Dry foods tend to have a longer shelf life than moist foods that spoil soon after opening

● Dry food diets help keep your kitten’s mouth healthy as she will have to chew the dry food more which will remove any plaque from her teeth

● Dry kibble is easy for kittens to eat and swallow

wet food

● The smell of wet food is stronger and kittens find it attractive

● Wet foods are softer and easier to chew than dry foods

● Although dry food has a longer shelf life, wet food comes in small single-use pouches so your kitten gets fresh food every time

● Consuming wet food will reduce your cat’s water intake, so be sure to continue to offer your kitten water frequently.

What to do if your kitten won’t eat kitten food

Cats are curious creatures that are open to trying different foods. He might like the food you gave him one day and refuse to eat it the next. If your kitten is not eating kitten food, there is something wrong with her eating behavior.

Your kitten may not like the kitten food because you changed it to a new brand. Cats do not react well to change. You can try some of these tricks to get your cat to eat its food.

Change the location of their bowl

Try changing the location of your cat’s bowl. Your cat may be scared of something in the original spot, or he just doesn’t like that spot anymore. You may need to experiment with placing the bowl in different places until your cat is ready to eat again. Your cat should enjoy eating his meal.

You can try placing the bowl in a corner that has a view of your whole house or faces a window so your cat can be entertained while eating. If your cat likes his meals, he will happily eat anything you offer him.

Get another type of bowl

There are many different types of bowls on the market. Your cat may find it tedious to eat from a deep bowl. You can try giving your cat a large, shallow bowl that will allow them to eat easily.

You should get a stainless steel bowl if possible as it is easy to clean and lasts longer. Avoid buying plastic bowls as they give off an odor and can break easily.

Engage their natural hunting instinct

Do not use a bowl to feed your cat. You can try hiding the kibble around your house and let your kitten search for it. Cats are natural hunters who like to earn their meal by hunting it.

You can also create food puzzles for your cat, which will solve the problem of your kitten not eating kitten food and prevent them from getting lazy.

Things to consider

Below are some considerations for feeding your cat kitten food.

Should You Cook for Your Kitten Instead of Buying Kitten Food

You can cook for your kitten, but it’s best to buy kitten food because it contains all the nutrients your cat needs. Also, cooking food for your cat takes longer and you can’t use the ingredients you use to cook your food.

However, if you want to cook for your kitten, talk to your veterinarian to make sure you’re doing it correctly.

Why do kittens like their food one day and won’t eat it the next?

Feral cats eat 10-20 meals a day and like to try new foods. They hunt small creatures that don’t satisfy their hunger and they need to hunt often. If your kitten is picky about what he eats, his natural eating behavior is not being satisfied.

You can experiment with giving your kitten different types of kibble and then find the one that she is happy to eat more often.

What Happens When Kittens Don’t Eat Kitten Food

When kittens don’t eat kitten food, they don’t meet their nutritional needs, which can lead to your kitten becoming malnourished and stunted. A kitten needs 30-35% protein per day, which is not present in adult food.

The right amount of nutrition is the foundation for your kitten’s health and growth into a fully nourished cat. You need to give your pet the right kitten food for good health.

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