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Siamese cats are well known and popular, but like many popular animal breeds, they have well-known genetic issues. Not so long ago, Siamese cats were known for their odd appearance, thanks to bright blue and sometimes cross-eyed eyes. But do these traits indicate problems for your Siamese cat? Do Siamese Cats Go Blind?

Generally, Siamese cats do not become blind. However, Siamese cats tend to have less healthy eyes than other cats. Visually impaired Siamese kittens may eventually develop blindness as they age.

Poor vision can have a wide range of impacts on your Siamese cat or may not affect them at all. However, no matter how old your Siamese cat is, it’s essential to monitor them for any signs of declining eyesight. Here’s what you need to know about Siamese cats and blindness so you can decide if you’re ready for a Siamese cat.

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Do Siamese Cats Have a Tendency to Go Blind

Yes, Siamese cats are one of the breeds that are relatively susceptible to going blind in their lifetime. Problems with Siamese cat eyes are dealt with slowly through careful breeding and avoiding poor breeding practices. That doesn’t mean the problem of blindness in Siamese cats is over, though, and it probably won’t be for a long time.

For one thing, the pale blue eye color of most Siamese cats means that their eyes are more prone to light damage.

But light damage isn’t the only cause of blindness in Siamese cats, which means even protecting your cat’s eyes isn’t a reasonable guarantee that your cat won’t suffer from genetic blindness or blindness. other health problems that cause blindness.

Do all Siamese cats go blind

The good news is that not all Siamese cats go blind, but many do. Owners wishing to adopt a Siamese cat should be prepared for the possibility that their cat will go blind and may go blind much earlier than average.

This doesn’t mean that your Siamese cat will go blind as a kitten or even as a middle-aged adult, but your Siamese might be more susceptible to going blind at any stage of its life and especially as a than an older cat.

Do Siamese Cats Have Eyesight Problems?

In addition to the difficulties that Siamese cats have with blindness, many Siamese cats have other types of vision problems. For example, some Siamese cats may be sensitive to light and may not want to spend a lot of time in direct sunlight.

Other Siamese cats can see well but have difficulty perceiving depth and other aspects of clear vision.

Siamese cats are also quite evolved to deal with their sight problems, which can make it harder to tell if your Siamese cat is starting to have health issues. Siamese cats being more vocal, for example, may be because being louder can help them navigate your home even after their eyesight begins to decline.

You may want to talk to your vet and see if they recommend actively checking your Siamese cat’s eyes or if you think you should.

Can Siamese cats have brown eyes

No, Siamese cats cannot have brown eyes. This is because Siamese cats have a form of albinism that prevents their eyes from turning brown, even though they have the brown eye gene. It is much more likely that your Siamese cat’s eyes will be pale blue or silver or white.

This is because, like your cat’s fur, her eyes are warm enough to be affected by heat-sensitive albinism which prevents her iris from producing melanin.

Do Siamese Cats Have Cataracts

Any cat can get cataracts, but they are generally rare in most cats. However, Siamese cats are one of the breeds that tend to get cataracts more often, so they likely have a genetic predisposition or genetic vulnerability to cataracts.

This is important to know because cataracts are another cause of vision problems and blindness. So, in addition to other reasons why Siamese cats are more vulnerable to blindness, they are also more prone to cataracts.

If you suspect your cat might have cataracts, it’s essential to take him to the vet immediately. This way you can have your cat evaluated to see if there are treatment options and to find out how much vision loss he already has.

Do Most Siamese Cats Have Cross Eyes

No more. Previously, crossed eyes were incredibly common in Siamese cats. Some people even thought that cross-eyed Siamese cats were more valuable than Siamese cats with normal eye positions.

However, Siamese cats are not eyes crossed because breeders realized that crossing their eyes made it harder for Siamese cats to see and navigate. Careful breeding helped revere the cross-eye problem, and breed standards changed to favor cats with normal, healthy eyes.

Some cats may be born with crossed eyes, but responsible breeders try to avoid producing kittens with the condition.

Things to consider

Adopting a cat that is more likely to go blind over time can be a big commitment. Caring for a needy, attention-seeking blind cat isn’t for everyone. It’s usually best to think carefully about whether you can handle a cat in this position. before you’re adopting rather than having to give up a cat that’s starting to go blind if you can’t care for it.

It’s okay if the tendency to blindness is a reason you choose another breed of cat. Siamese cats aren’t for everyone, and it’s essential to make sure you choose a cat that you can be happy with and that you can support and keep happy.

Fortunately, while Siamese cats tend to hide when their sight begins to fade, they also tend to fare better with partial vision or even total blindness. Siamese cats are good at navigating even when they can’t see.

So while a Siamese cat will have greater needs if it goes blind, it may need less support from you than another breed of cat that has also gone blind.

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