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Some cats look more ornate than others. The Siamese cat, for example, has beautiful blue, slanted eyes. If you couldn’t tell a Siamese cat from another cat based on its coat, then the cat’s blue eyes will be a dead giveaway for you. Every time you look at a Siamese cat, do you wonder if Siamese cats have slant eyes?

Siamese cats have slanted eyes. The eyes slant upwards from the nose to the ears, creating a defining feature of the cat. The slanted eyes of your Siamese cat have no special meaning or reasoning and arand a hereditary trait.

The eyes of the Siamese cat are a striking feature that is hard for the average person to ignore, but you might not know much about their eyes. Stick with me as we learn more about Siamese cat eyes, why they are slanted, and what their eye color means.

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Why do Siamese cats have slanted eyes

Slant eyes are one of the identifying characteristics of a Siamese cat, but slant eyes have no specific function for your cat’s eyesight. It’s part of their traditional make-up.

Let’s not confuse slant eyes with the cross eyes of your Siamese cat. Hang on to that thought, though; we’ll talk about that later!

Cats, like humans, all have different characteristics. That’s why we have cat breeds, after all! The cats are of different colors; they also have different shapes, sizes and characteristics.

You will find that some cats have big, wide eyes that always seem to be peering into your soul. Other cats look almost tired with droopy eyes (think of those ragdoll cats!).

It turns out that Siamese cats are blessed with slanted eyes that accentuate their bright blue eyes. There are other cats with slant eyes other than the Siamese cat, but this is truly unique to them. It really is the perfect combination.

Are slant eyes normal for Siamese cats?

Yes, it is normal for Siamese cats to have slanted eyes. It is a defining characteristic of the cat. Although their eyes are slanted, nothing obstructs their vision. Indeed, when a Siamese cat crosses his slanted eyes, his vision becomes clear and he can see straight.

If anything, it will be rare if you were to find a Siamese cat that didn’t have slant eyes. In this case, you are probably dealing with a specific mix of cats rather than pure breeds.

Do all cats have slant eyes

No, not all cats have slant eyes. Slant eyes can be attributed to a few select breeds, and that includes the Siamese cat. Oriental cats also have slanted eyes. In fact, about 21 popular cat breeds besides the Siamese cat are known for their almond-shaped eyes.

For many domestic cats, vertical splits are normal.

Slanted eyes are really helpful when it comes to seeing what’s going on around a cat. They can see things well out of the corner of their eye. In fact, the vertical shape allows less light to enter your cat’s eyes.

Thanks to this, cats can better see the things around them.

Why do Siamese cats cross their eyes

Your cat’s recessive gene for albinism also causes Siamese cats to have cross eyes.

We just talked about the recessive gene in Siamese cats that makes their eyes blue, but we’ll come back to that to explain why your Siamese cat also has crossed eyes.

If your Siamese cat didn’t have its eyes crossed, it wouldn’t be able to see clearly. Funny, right?

For all my non-scientist friends, here’s what’s going on. Your Siamese cat’s eyes have a genetic defect that tilts them the wrong way.

What does that mean? Well, if your Siamese cat looked straight ahead, they would see two distinct images.

From then on, your Siamese cat compensated for this by crossing their eyes to see well.

There are other scientific explanations you can find for your Siamese cat’s crossed eyes, but I’ll keep it simple here and let you examine this for yourself.

What type of eyes do Siamese cats have?

Siamese cats are not prone to more serious eye problems than other cat breeds, but it is possible that your Siamese cat has hereditary eye problems.

We have already talked about how your Siamese cat can have this squint appearance. This helps your Siamese cat’s vision; it doesn’t make it worse.

If you wanted the scientific term for your cross-eyed cat, it’s called strabismus.

Your Siamese cat may also have nystagmus. You’ve probably never heard of it either, but that’s okay. It’s nothing extreme either.

Nystagmus is an eye problem that causes the eyes to inadvertently twitch or move back and forth. It may sound scary, but you shouldn’t worry too much about it. It usually doesn’t impair your cat’s vision and certainly won’t blind your Siamese cat.

Are Siamese Cat Eyes Always Blue

Siamese cats will always have blue eyes.

Unlike other cat breeds, Siamese cats will have blue eyes and they won’t have any other eye colors.

Your cat may have other shades of blue eyes, such as a lighter shade that almost looks like lilac, a darker, brighter blue, or a silvery blue. Regardless of the shade, their eyes will be blue.

Siamese cats have blue eyes due to a genetic mutation that causes their eye color.

Your Siamese cat lacks eye pigment, which means their eyes won’t be any color other than blue.

This gene comes from albinism, but Siamese cats are not albinos. It is a recessive gene which shows it mainly through your Siamese cat’s eye color.

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