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Owning a cat is a joyful experience. Over time, they truly become family, and once in a while it’s fun to gift your furry friend something. The problem is that with so many types of toys and gadgets, it’s hard to always choose the right gift for your cat. To help solve the problem, we’ve created the ultimate guide to gift ideas for cats.

In this guide, you’ll find some very popular gift ideas as well as other creative gifts you might never have thought of.

These gifts are also perfect any time of the year! Whether it’s Christmas, Valentine’s Day or your cat’s birthday, he’ll love all of these wonderful gift ideas. Let’s jump right into the ultimate gift guide for cats!

1. Scratching posts and pads

What’s the first thing cats like to do other than snuggle up to their owner? Stripe! Cats scratch all the time, and sometimes that can be problematic when it comes to your furniture too. So why not give your cat a quality scratching post? Scratching posts help keep cats entertained and they feel good on their claws too.

Not all scratchers are created equal, so here are some of the best cat scratchers we recommend for maximum enjoyment.

scratch lounge – The scratching lounge is considered a luxury option for cats! Not only can they scratch it, but they can also lie inside and relax when they’re done. If you want to give your cat awesome comfort, this would be the perfect gift.

Diversity World Scraper – This scraper is versatile. You can hang it on a door if that’s your cat’s favorite place to scratch. It can also be laid flat on the ground.

Pet Fusion Mat – What makes this cushion unique is its vertical 3-sided design. This allows cats to choose their favorite places to scratch.

Some scratchers even come with a bit of catnip to keep cats busy with the mat time after time. If you’re feeling really creative, you can also try a DIY stamp using cardboard boxes! Learn more about how to do it here.

2. Pet Sweater

In winter it can be very cold outside. If you have an outdoor cat, it may be a good idea to give him a nice sweater. Pet sweaters provide good insulation to help trap in heat. They are also very comfortable to wear and something your furry friend will quickly bond with.

Good quality pet sweaters will have the following qualities:

  • windbreaker
  • pull capacity
  • Unique pattern design
  • Works with a harness

The windproof features are perfect if you plan to walk your pet in windy conditions. It also blocks debris like dirt and leaves that could blow into your cat’s fur. This reduces the hassle for the owner of having to bathe or brush these fragments. The best we’ve come across that has windproof features is this one.

The pullover feature is also important as it helps to get it on your pet without much hassle. This cat sweater has it and it fits cats of all sizes. They can practically get on with it once they’ve explored it enough.

Finally, the unique design of the pattern is important because it says a lot about a cat’s personality. If you have an energetic cat, brighter colors and more patterns can show it. The same can be said for a more discreet cat where a solid pattern on the pet sweater is more ideal. Mihachi creates beautiful textured designs with her cat sweaters. You can find their options here.

3. Automatic Mailbox

Cleaning the litter box yourself can be a tedious task. Many pet owners simply forget about it, which means the cat has no clean place to go to the toilet. One solution is to invest in your cute cat and get yourself an automatic litter box. Automatic litter boxes like the PetSafe ScoopFree takes care of the cleaning for you.

Once the cat uses it, it will begin the self-cleaning process on its own. They use dust-free crystals instead of the powdery litter that most of us already get for our cats. This leads to cleaner floors and less mess overall. These types of litter boxes have unique features like leak protection and disposable boxes. Once the box is full, you can easily wrap it up and throw it away.

4. Water Fountain

If there’s one thing all cats need, it’s water. Just giving your cat water from a water trough is a bit boring, isn’t it? So why not give them something interactive to drink from or even play with. Interactive water fountains are a great way to engage your cat with water, arouse their curiosity and keep them hydrated.

These fountains are battery operated and will provide a constant flow of water throughout the day. A few water fountains such as this works with auto-off features to save water and battery. You can also use these fountains to train your cat on a regular feeding schedule. These fountains have replacement filters to keep the water fresh and clean at all times.

The fountains also spray from various locations and from a safe distance to prevent your cat from getting wet. The different casting angles also make it a great gift for a family full of cats!

5. Interactive Pet Feeders

Just as interactive water fountains are popular with cats, so are automatic feeders. Automatic feeders are a great way to train your cat to eat at certain times of the day. Most feeders have the ability to push as much or as little food as your cat needs in a single setting. If you really want full control, you can check out a WiFi pet feeder.

With these kinds of features, you can control the feeding schedule and adjust it directly from your smartphone or voice-activated devices. This is especially useful if you’re traveling and need to monitor or adjust your cat’s feeding schedule on the fly.

These feeders are quite large and can hold up to 24-30 cups of food at a time. It’s not something you’ll need to fill in constantly, so it’s just a process of set and forget. If you are looking for a gift that keeps your cat’s tummy full and also gives you flexibility, definitely get a pet feeder.

Other gift ideas for your cat to combine with the list above

Below are some of our favorite gift ideas for cats that pair well with the ones listed above.

mouse toys – We’ll start with toy mice that you can buy at any grocery store. If you want high quality toy mice for your cat, we strongly suggest buying something that is tear resistant. This allows your cat to continue playing with their favorite toy instead of having to adjust to a new one every two weeks. Axel Pet has a 20-pack of toy mice that’s a great place to start. Discover them here.

Catnip – Did you know that you can plant your own catnip? Raw catnip is the most potent type and provides significantly more pleasure and effects than prepackaged catnip. It lasts longer and is something your cat will engage with a lot more. Catnip usually takes about 12-15 weeks to fully grow, so it’s not the fastest. However, the results are worth it once you have your own supply to harvest. You can get catnip seeds here.

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