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Himalayan cats are a beautiful mix of a Siamese cat and a Persian cat. This makes them a very unique and attractive breed for many people. Naturally, you might be wondering how much they cost, and the number might surprise you. So how much do Himalayan cats cost?

Himalayan cats cost between $200 and $2,500 depending on size, age, and orientation. They are in high demand, making them one of the most expensive cat breeds in the world.

That being said, there are various reasons why these cats are in such high demand and other factors contribute to the cost. We’ll dive into some of those reasons below and share tips on how you can get a Himalayan cat for a decent price.

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Why are Himalayan cats so expensive?

Himalayan cats are expensive due to their unique coloring, appearance, and personality. There really is no other cat breed that combines this kind of size and unique fur pattern and coloring. Their fur is also an important piece that drives a higher price, and breeders love it.

Himalayan cats were born from the desire to have a Persian with the colors of a Siamese. In the 1930s, that dream was realized, and a few decades later it was recognized by the Cat Fanciers Association (CFA). In recent years, the CFA has begun to categorize Himalayans as a sub-race of Persians.

The Siamese of these cats gives them a unique coloration of the seal point. The majority of their fur is creamy white and the tips are a cool gray. The striking blue eyes are also a main attraction of these cats. Himalayans also have very fine, silky fur. It can be described and almost cashmere. This is the main reason why these cats are so sought after.

The cost of the chat is going to depend on several things that we are going to dive into. A general estimate for this breed of cat may be between $200 and $2,500. In some cases, even more. Again, this is going to depend on several things, including the age of the cat and the breeder.

Factors Affecting the Cost of a Himalayan Cat

Himalayan cats are beautiful. They have a friendly personality and a beautiful coat. For this reason alone, these cats are highly sought after. As it is in demand, prices will increase. Let’s take a closer look.

● Coat – their coat is the first thing you notice about these cats. They are magnificent creatures with very soft fur. Siamese colors with Persian down are highly sought after. Taking into account stunning blue eyes makes a powerful beauty statement.

● Breeder – it is crucial to find a reputable breeder. Breeders have the essential task of caring for their kittens in addition to finding the perfect breeding match. The CFA requires its breeders to abide by a strict code of ethics that all breeders must follow. A breeder who does his job and will

● Age – a kitten will cost more than an adult cat. More people are interested in cute kittens than independent adult cats. This demand usually increases the price.

● Being a mixed breed – This is one of the most important factors that determine the price. Because this cat is a mixed breed, it takes a lot of time and expertise to have a successful litter. Breeders must perform extensive genetic testing to ensure that no health issues will be present in the kittens.

● Health – sometimes kittens with deformities or health issues are cheaper than a virgin cat. I once had a beautiful purebred Bengal who was free from my aunt because she had a bone deformity. It was barely noticeable, but it resulted in the disqualification of the cat from all shows.

Age Highly Preferred Breeder General Breeder Great coat coloring Good health
Kitten Very expensive More expensive More expensive More expensive
Adult More expensive Moderately expensive Expensive Expensive
Age Highly Preferred Breeder General Breeder Bad coloring of the coat Bad health
Kitten Very expensive More expensive Cheaper Cheaper
Adult More expensive Moderately expensive Cheaper Cheaper

The most expensive cat would be a kitten from a highly preferred breeder with an excellent coat and excellent health.

Opting for a kitten from a general breeder with a bone deformity, for example, will cost much less. It’s essential to mix and match the traits you care about the most.

What breeders to get a Himalayan from

The CFA has a registration cat breeders of all recognized breeds. Himalayan cats are listed as a sub-breed of Persians. This is not an exhaustive list of reputable cat breeders. To find a cat breeder near you, a quick Google search will do the trick. However, there are a few key questions to ask when meeting with the breeder.

  1. How long have you been a breeder? – this question shows the experience of the breeder. If they haven’t done it for a very long time, that doesn’t mean they’re bad; it just means they are new. Asking follow-up questions can help you determine their skill level.
  2. Have you always raised this cat? – If he has devoted his life to a single cat, he knows his stuff! If you notice that there are several different types of cats, it could be a kitten breeding. This means that these people are just trying to breed and get rid of the cats.
  3. How long have you worked with this breed? – You can change things up from time to time. If you notice a breeder changing often, it could indicate signs that they are not really passionate about that breed.
  4. What genetic defects could this breed have? – This is important information to know. It also shows the knowledge the breeder has about the cat.
  5. How many cats do you breed per year? – Too few cats could indicate a lack of passion or experience. Too many people may point to improper kitten rearing or care.
  6. Do you participate in cat shows? – Cat shows allow breeders to learn more about cats. This is important and shows how dedicated the breeder is to his craft.

Here are some red flags you should watch out for:

● They cannot answer simple questions about health, genetics or other information about the cat

● They stutter or are unable to answer a question

● Charges based on the beauty of the cat NOT the health of the cat

● They are not concerned about the care you would provide as a new owner

Adopt a Himalayan cat

Adopting a cat is generally less expensive than buying a cat. To adopt, there is simply a fee covering the care of the animal while it waits for a new home. Adoption fees also filter out those who are genuinely interested in giving the cat a new home.

Buying a cat is much more expensive. These cats were specifically bred to certain standards.

Either way, most breeders or animal shelters will inquire about the care you’ll be giving your new feline friend. Some places even do a home inspection and initial inquiry. Make sure your home is set up correctly and you’ve done your research.

I once adopted a big orange tabby cat. The shelter put me through an application process and interview before I could even pull out my debit card! These places are great because it shows how much they cared about the cats while caring for them.

Costs associated with raising a cat

The initial costs of a kitten are going to be the most expensive initial costs. For a brand new kitten, you will probably have to spend money on vaccines, neutering, food bowls, water bowls, litter boxes, toys, etc. Including food, these initial costs can reach several hundred dollars. If you buy a purebred cat, it will be even more. It depends on the cat you get.

Annually, expect to spend $500 to $1,000 per year. This price includes food, litter, extra toys and annual checkups for your cat. The number may vary depending on the type of food you buy or if your cat has any health issues that need to be looked into.

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