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Everyone has their favorite colored cat. Your best friend might love all-black cats, but you might love all-white cats, even if you’ve never really seen them before. When you think about how many white cats you’ve seen in your life, you might wonder: how rare are white cats?

White cats are one of the rarest cats you will find. Many cats have white somewhere on them, but all-white cats make up a tiny percentage of all cats.

You won’t find many white cats when you go looking. All white cats are relatively rare, so you’re going to see cats of all colors before you see a white cat. If you wonder why, read until the end!

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How rare are all-white cats

All-white cats are very rare.

White cats with no other coloring are very rare, so you’re not going to see them all the time.

White cats have no melanin. Melanin is a pigment that gives cats their coloring in both their hair and their skin.

Since there is no melanin, a cat cannot have brown, black or orange fur. Instead, their fur is colorless, making it white.

Most cats contain at least some melanin, which means they have different colored spots.

What percentage of cats are white

Only about 5% of all cats are completely white.

Let’s do a little exercise. Think of the last ten cats you’ve seen in your life. How many of them were white?

If you don’t think you’ve seen a white cat lately, chances are you haven’t.

Less than 10% of cats are all white. The number is closer to around 5% of cats.

With such a low number, there’s a chance that none of the last ten cats you’ve seen have white fur.

You should think a little more about the last 20 cats you saw. There is a chance that one of these cats is white, but there is still a very small chance that one of them is white.

Such a perspective shows how few cats are actually white.

Are white cats special

All cats are special!

Every cat owner thinks their cat is special in their own way. This could be due to your cat’s quirks, physical appearance, or the way it meows. Each cat is different with its own personality.

White cats, like all other cats, are unique. Being white, however, doesn’t make them any more special than any other cat you might own.

I’m not going to talk to you and tell you that your cat isn’t special because it is. Think about what you would like in your cat – after all, your beliefs about your cat don’t hurt anyone else!

How rare are white cats with green eyes

White cats with green eyes are not very rare.

When you find a white cat with green eyes, you have not found a rare combination. Most all-white cats have green eyes.

Almost eight out of 10 white cats have green eyes, so the overwhelming majority of white cats will have green eyes.

This number is relatively impressive considering there are so few all-white cats in the world.

Your white cat may have all-green eyes, but some of them will have green eyes with a golden or copper tint.

That is to say, there is also a range of green eyes, not just the bright emerald green you might expect.

How rare are white cats with blue eyes

Blue-eyed white cats are rarer than green-eyed cats.

Some white cats will have blue eyes, although less than 50% of white cats have blue eyes.

White cats can also have one blue eye and one eye of another color, such as green or copper.

One of the most common blue-eyed white cat breeds is the White Persian, with white fur and blue eyes. While this is a great breed to look at if you want a blue-eyed white cat, finding an all-white Persian can be tricky.

However, it is not impossible to find a white cat with blue eyes; you might have a better chance of finding a white cat with green eyes.

What kind of breed is a white cat

Since white cats are so rare in the world, let’s focus on some cat breeds that will be white.

Here are some breeds of white cats:

  • turkish angora
  • turkish van
  • Khao Manee
  • american shorthair
  • Devon Rex

You can find all white cats in other breeds, but these are some that you can easily find.

Now let’s go in depth with three of these often white breeds.

turkish angora

The Turkish Angora is a long-haired cat that often comes to mind when someone thinks of a white cat, even if they don’t realize it.

Turkish Angoras are intelligent and affectionate cats that are an excellent choice for families with children. This breed gets along very well with people of all ages.

american shorthair

An American Shorthair is an excellent choice if you are looking for a white cat.

Most American Shorthairs have black or gray markings, but completely white American Shorthairs can be found.

The American Shorthair is a different type of breed with a strong, muscular body that is sturdier than other cats.

Despite this cat’s varying body shapes, you’ll also find that American Shorthairs are friendly and calm.

Devon Rex

The Devon Rex is a breed that you can find all white.

A Devon Rex is a unique looking cat with large ears.

Your Devon Rex will likely be intelligent and friendly, depending on the breed’s characteristics.

They have a lot of energy, so if you’re looking for a cat that loves to play, you’re in for a blast!

What is the rarest color of a cat

The rarest color of a cat is albino.

When asked a question like this, you might start thinking about how many black, brown, or white cats you’ve seen in your life. Have you seen more orange cats than spotted cats in your life, or are you just imagining that?

If you chose one of the normal colors, you are wrong.

The rarest color of a cat is albino.

When you look at an albino cat, the cat will be white, but it’s not your ordinary white cat.

Albino cats have pink skin, which makes their melanin-free fur almost pink.

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