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Cats are among the most majestic creatures when sitting. They look so calm and collected, especially when they simultaneously wrap their tails around themselves.

But it is common for people to be surprised by the size of felines when they stand up. Sitting hides much of your cat’s height and length and makes it harder to see its true size.

So what is the average size of a sitting cat?

The average sitting height for all domestic cats are about 9.5 inches tall. However, your cat may be smaller or larger than this, depending on their breed and gender. Some breeds are taller than others and show it when sitting. Female cats are typically 1-2 inches smaller than male cats of the same breed.

So there is a lot of variation between house cats, but the average is a good approximation if you don’t know your cat’s measurements.

Of course, if you need to know your cat’s measurements to estimate their current weight or determine how much food they need per day, we’ve got you covered. We’ll talk about cat measurements, their relative sizes for different types of breeds, and everything you need to know about your cat’s size.

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What are the measurements of a cat

The most critical measurements of your cat are usually the height, length, and chest and belly measurement. These measurements will be a little different for each cat, but most cats are a foot tall or less, about two feet long including tail length, and about 10-14 inches in diameter.

Small cats should be on the small side of the measurement around, but large breeds should also get proportionately larger.

Of course, you will need to measure your cat if you want an accurate size measurement. A soft tape measure is usually the best tool; the biggest trick is to get your cat to stand still!

The other important measurement for your cat is usually only necessary if you want to fit it into a harness. This measurement is a diagonal circle from the back of their shoulders to the front of their chest.

Usually cats are a little narrower in this measurement than their chest/tummy circumference. Still, it’s one of the most critical measurements for harnesses, as it helps ensure they have enough room to breathe, move, and jump.

How to measure a cat’s height

There are two different measurements of your cat’s size that you can use. Some people measure their cat’s height at shoulder level; others measure from the top of their head to the floor. However, the thing with these two measures is that your cat might not want to cooperate.

Measuring their height at the shoulder is usually easier and more accurate than measuring from the top of the head.

To measure your cat’s height at the shoulder, the easiest option is usually to hold it below its chest and with just a little lift to keep it from squirming. The goal is to hold them well enough to get an accurate measurement without lifting them high enough to increase their height measurement.

How tall are cats on the shoulder

The average height of cats is around 10 inches at the shoulder, but they can reach around 15 inches in height at the shoulder for larger breeds. Smaller cats may be as little as 6 inches at the shoulder, especially if they are both a small breed and a female.

However, your cat’s height at the withers shouldn’t have a significant impact on their health, other than it tells you a bit about how much food they need per day. However, their weight will always be the most important measurement for food intake.

How tall is an average sized cat

A medium-sized cat will be about average when it comes to the size of domestic cats. This means they will likely be about 10 inches tall at the shoulder, and probably 9-10 inches across their chest, and about a foot long from their head to the start of their tail.

How big is a large domestic cat

A large domestic cat is a larger than average cat, so anything over 10 inches at the shoulder and ten inches or more around. The range is quite wide when it comes to large domestic cats. Anything from 10.5 inches tall to almost two feet tall for the taller breeds.

What size onesie fits a cat

It might seem a bit strange to put your cat in a onesie, but it’s a great solution to many problems.

For example, if your cat is due for gastric surgery for some reason, putting them in overalls while they recover can help protect the incision and prevent infection and irritation.

Onesies are also a great alternative to cat sweaters and other more expensive clothing designed for cats. They can be good options if you need to keep your cat warm, if you know he has a sore you want to keep under control, if you want to give him some extra warmth after a lion clip.

Most cats fit in a 0-3 month onesie, but some will need a slightly larger size or will only fit the largest onesie in this category.

Things to consider

Your cat’s size may not be as important as you think, or not in the way you think, but it does mean a few key things in terms of how you take care of it.

For example, small cats need less food than large cats, and it is easier for them to become overweight if you overfeed them. But large cats need to control their weight even more tightly than most small ones because their higher healthy weight already puts more strain on their joints.

Letting a large cat become overweight can make it harder to move, especially jumping and playing.

You may also have trouble getting a good measurement from your cats. As cats are very flexible and generally don’t like to stand still.

Even careful measurements can give you different results every time. It’s a good idea to take two or three different measurements and compare them to see the most accurate measurement.

Remember, no matter how big your chat is, your bond is the most important thing. Some people think that a larger or smaller cat would be better, but in reality it is difficult to predict the size of an adult cat from its own kitten. So it is better to accept your cat’s size.

Plus, your cat’s size and personality aren’t all that related, and personality is always more important in a cat!

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