How To Stop a Cat from Going Under the Bed – Helpful Tips –

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It’s a scene we all know. You receive a package and the delivery man rings the doorbell. Your cats scatter around the house as if their lives depend on it. Your cat just ran under the bed, no doubt. And his impossible to get him out for the rest of the day. This must stop! Keeping cats from getting under the bed is a tricky but solvable problem. Here’s how to stop a cat from getting under the bed.

The best way to prevent your cat from getting under the bed is to block its path. Using an under bed blocker, scat mat, books or boxes helps. Reducing anxiety and fearful situations can help your cat feel safe and prevent them from going under the bed.

Unfortunately, there is no one simple solution for a cat that likes to hide under the bed. It’s not like you can sit your cat down and tell him why he shouldn’t go under the bed. And once they’re under the bed, sometimes it feels like nothing will get them out (especially when they’re in the center of your king-sized bed and they can’t reach it!). Let’s talk about some tips to prevent a cat from going under the bed or the potential dangers that could arise for a cat going under the bed.

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How do I stop my cat from going under my bed?

It’s a good idea to prevent your cat from going under the bed, which is often easily done by redirecting its attention.

Chances are, if your cat is scared, you won’t be able to catch it unless you want to get its claws snipping you. Once they’re under the bed, it’s nearly impossible to get them out unless they want to get out.

Here are some tips to prevent your cat from getting under the bed:

  • Create a space in your home where your cat can also feel safe.
  • Add storage under your bed so there’s less room for your cat.
  • Remove things around the house that could cause anxiety, especially if you know your cat is afraid of them.
  • Buy a bed frame that has no space underneath.
  • Buy a product designed to block the area under the bed.

Why is my cat hiding under the bed

Your cat is probably hiding under the bed because he’s afraid of something that happened.

Sure, sometimes your cat is just exploring and crawling under your bed, but if you notice your cat has been gone for a few hours straight, it’s probably because something scared him.

The space under your bed is like a safe place for your cat. It’s dark, which makes your cat feel hidden. Sometimes it’s so dark under your bed that you can’t even tell if they’re even under there! Your cat feels safe when hidden, which means he may have time to gather his courage.

The fear that pushed your cat under the bed will more often than not be short-lived, but keep in mind that your cat ran under there because it thinks it’s the safest place to him.

Should I let my cat hide under the bed

You should not let your cat hide under your bed.

If your cat occasionally comes out of the living room when the doorbell rings and hides under the bed, it’s probably not a big deal. If you notice your cat spending a lot of time under there, you might want to start preventing your cat from staying under there. You don’t want your cat to get too shy, after all.

Even if there isn’t much under your bed, there are still things that can pose a risk to your cat:

  • Metal bed legs could scratch your cat and cut her skin
  • Depending on the type of bed you have, your cat may tear the mattress or box spring.
  • If your bed isn’t high off the ground, your cat can squeeze under it and not come out.
  • If your cat comes out, it may be covered in dust or, worse, spiders.

How long will a new cat hide under the bed

How long a new cat will hide under the bed depends on its personality and temperament, but you can expect a new cat to hide under the bed anywhere from a few days to two or three weeks.

So you picked out a beautiful new cat and brought him home. And he immediately left. After searching your house, you spot glowing yellow eyes under your bed, just out of reach. How long will he stay down there?

A new cat may hide under the bed for a day or two and explore your home at night or during the day when no one is home. Once comfortable, it will become part of the family. Shy cats, especially those that have been in a shelter for a long time, may stay under the bed for a week or two.

No matter how long your cat hides, don’t give up! Remember: you probably wouldn’t like it either if you suddenly found yourself in a new environment with strangers!

Where can I let my cat hide instead

If you think your cat might need a space to escape, there are other options in your home for your cat.

  • If your cat sometimes prefers to hide, open a closet door that you know is safe. They can sneak in.
  • Buy a cat house that your cat can bump into.
  • Use a cage with a blanket thrown over it to create a sense of security.
  • If you don’t want your cat to be so scared that he’ll hide, consider medication to calm his anxiety. Talk to your veterinarian.

The bed is not the only option for your cat. You may need to get a little creative with new hiding places. Cats like places that are very familiar to them. Try to make sure the items are there that have their scent (and yours too). Hiding treats in the same area can help them associate that place with calm and comfort.

What to do if my cat won’t get out from under the bed

If your cat is creeping under the bed, it may seem impossible to get him out, but there are a few things you can try to coax your cat into it.

Naturally, your cat will probably crawl up to a space under the bed that you can’t reach from any angle. If you can’t break your cat’s habit of going under the bed, here are some ways to get him out if he’s already under it:

  • Use a broom or something with a long handle. Don’t hit your cat; wave it near them. It can cause them to miss.
  • Open a can of cat food or shake out their favorite treat bag. Their stomach could be less scared.
  • Shake a cat toy. They can come and play if they hear a toy they like.

If your cat is terrified of something, it may be better to wait for it to come out on its own rather than waste your time.

No one wants their cat – new or old – hiding under the bed. You want your cat to be part of the family right from the start, and hiding is no way to live. Even if your cat seems to prefer being under the bed, remember that she’s probably scared. Work slowly with your cat and soon he’ll be running the house (and maybe you’ll want him to stay under the bed)!

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