How to Trim Cat Claws

To start, you need to take your cat out to his yard or indoor area and give him lots of praise. Instead of talking about how much you hate having to clean his paws, let him see how good he looks with his beautiful nails. Once they get the idea, they will likely start to ask you for some help. Rather than try to smother him or force him to do what you want, use your gentle, loving touch to guide him in the right direction.

How to Trim Cat Claws

Your cat might not like to trim its claws, but we know that it is necessary to keep them up to mark. At first, they hesitate with the process, but with time, they age used to it. You must start the process as the animals are young. Some cats might love the process, but most avoid trimming their claws.

So what you can do to make your cat love claws trim.

There is a specific technique most professional follows to impede cat in lap, follow the below process,

  • How the clipper in your right hand
  • The cat’s neck must be decked into your forearms
  • Make sure cat must be hind-end on your lap

Types of Nail Trimmers

You can find carious cats nail trimmers available online,

  • Guillotine type
  • Scissors cut
  • Normal human nail clipper

The scissors-type clipper is hard to use as they require more force to cut down nails. The scissor pin is long, so it is used under such conditions that toenails are big enough, and they turn under the toe.

The Guillotine is just like a human standard nail clipper and is easy to use even under hard nails to make the process easier.

How to use Nail Clipper

Most of the clippers have a long handle to grip easily, and you can hold them easily in your hand; when the handles are pressed, the blades overlap over one another, and the nail is quickly cut down.

The cat’s claws are retractable; push your thumb on the toe to completely unveil the complete claw.

No matter what color the cat is, its claws are mostly colored light, and you can easily see blood vessels and nerves passing through the quick; the quick is the base of the nail. The best practice is to cut down from 2 millimeters from the brief.

Things to notice before Cats Nail Trim

  1. Take certain measures first
  2. The claw may bleed, and the cat may feel pain if trimmed from the quick section
  3. Cut down the nail from the downside
  4. Avoid cutting from parallel section; there are chances that the nail may crush
  5. Always use sharp and new trimmers as they make the process easy and smooth
  6. If needed, grind with the filer after trimming

The perfect use of Guillotine type nail clipper

There are specific measures you should take before using a guillotine cat nail trimmer

  1. The blade of the trimmer should be facing upward
  2. Keep the screws toward the cat
  3. Don’t cut the long piece at once; move from top to bottom
  4. Bring trimmer close to nail and slowly punch the clipper.

Good to Know

Each foot of the cat has a nail on the inner side known as dewclaw. If they are not trimmed on time, they may grow into a circle due to scratching the surface. The overgrowth could result in the nail being raised under the foot and causing pain while roaming.

If you need to know how to trim a cat’s claws properly, you can also seek professional help from a veterinary technician. They have experience in the proper trimming and care of pets. Many cats do not like being handled. Even if they do not like it, they recognize that being touched is better than not being touched at all. Your vet will have valuable insight into why this behavior exists and how to correct it.


How to trim angry cat claws?

It is important to identify for what factor your cat is angry at? Because sometimes, the noise of the trimmer may be the reason; if it is, you can use another tool. 

How to trim cat claws alone?

It might be difficult for you for the first time because it is difficult to handle the cat and trim simultaneously. Bring your forearm down the neck of the cat and hold the claw with that hand. Hold the trimmer in your right hand if you are right-handed and start from top to bottom trimming.

How often to trim cat claws?

The professionals recommended that to trim after ten days to two weeks.

How to trim cat claws without clippers?

You can use a standard clipper of human for your cat and filer to trim claws, but it is recommended to use the clipper for safely trim all the time.

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