How to Trim Cat Fur

When you own a cat, you must know how to trim cat hair properly so that you will not hurt the feline creature. Cats do not like having their paws held on, mainly if they are used to being free to roam around in the wild. If you are learning how to trim cat fur, you will want to take some time and consider all of your options before making any decisions.

How to Trim Cat Fur

How to safely trim long hair cats is a question I am sure most cat owners have wondered about at some point in time. If you own a cat and have had it for quite a while, you know how sensitive this particular hair can be. When trimmed too short, it’s just scratchy; when trimmed too long, it’s matted. Knowing how to trim your cat’s long hair safely and efficiently will ensure years of loving, carefree playfulness.

Steps to safely trim your cat fur

There are a few steps involved in safely cutting long hair. Follow the below steps. 

Step 1

It is always better to start grooming your cats when they are young to get familiar with the objects and equipment. You have to teach them to stay calm throughout the process, If they resist too much, you can visit the nearest vet, and a simple tranquilizer could help safely trim them.

Step 2

If the cat is not comfortable with the trimmer, you can use the scissor. Trimmer can be used in the upward section and scissors on those areas where trimmer cannot reach smoothly. Start removing the hairs from the ear section; remove the long hairs. Now move toward the back section to maintain hygiene remove long hairs from the anus and legs. If the cat is near giving birth to babies, remove hairs from her nipples to feed easily. If you find matted over the skin, do not use a trimmer; instead, use a scissor because you will be left with mess only after using the trimmer. 

Step 3

It is vital to keep the cat calm throughout. Start trimming from head section to tail. Try to switch the trimmer on and off simultaneously, so the cat gets familiar with the noise. If still they get frightened by the noise, you can use tranquilized for safely trimming because the hesitation can harm both the cat and you.

Step 4

To prevent the mess over the floor, lay down the kitty on the towel, so the hairs only fall on that; at first, start cutting from the top and then gradually cut from the lower section. Be careful with the thick hairs because sometimes thick hairs and skin are hard to judge, and they may cause harm under the legs, so to avoid any damage, trim carefully.

Step 5

Be careful when trimming from back to head direction; cat lovers prefer to keep hairs on the head, but if you are willing to remove the hairs, trim the longest hairs grown over there. Comb the hairs frequently during trimming so the cutting remains balanced. 

How to trim long hair cats begins before the cat is born, usually at six months; however, trimming can start earlier if desired. Once the cat has been born, it’s time to take it to the groomers. They will use clippers that have a side that is useful for trimming out long hair on cats. At this time, they will usually clip the excess hair and then apply ear cleaning sprays to reduce the smell.

Learning requires practice. It takes patience and commitment to learn how to trim and shape the cat’s hair to create a salon-like atmosphere where you can trim and style their hair as needed. Long hair will need more attention than short hair, so make sure you have adequate time available. Don’t forget to pay attention to your hygiene; clippers aren’t made for the sole purpose of trimming hair.

The right way is to trim the excess hair from around the face and ears. This is especially important if your cat has long hair in these areas. You should make sure that you do not trim too much hair because you could hurt the cat. It would help if you used a wide-toothed comb to trim the hair to the desired level. Once this has been done, you will need to allow the cat hair to dry for a few minutes and then use a new brush to brush your cat again.


How to trim cat hairs at home?

If you have all the tools at home, you can easily trim your cat fur at home. Brush the cat’s hair first, hold their face close to your belly; start trimming from head to tail side. If your cat has angry, you may need someone’s help to keep and cut.

How to trim cat hairs with a scissor?

It’s better not to cut the cat fur with the scissor because it takes time and requires experience. Use the sharp scissor and round edges so it won’t hurt the cat. You can use a multiple-sized comb for different lengths of hair. 

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