How to Trim Your Cat Nails

Here are some guidelines on how to trim cat nails. You don t have to cut your cat’s claws down to the nail line, but doing it properly can prevent infections and severe pain. If you decide to clip the nails, first use clippers designed for pets and never use regular clippers on cats. Here’s a quick step-by-step how to trim cat nails.

How to Trim Your Cat Nails

Setting the Mood and Starting with ease.

The process begins by preparing your cat with yourself. Get comfortable in a chair with a cup of water and a towel to protect you from the floor and cat. You will need to have steady hands not to hurt your cat or cut his nails. Make sure the area you want to trim is clean, dry, and well-trimmed. Start trimming by cutting the end of the nail as deep as possible.

Find a good comb and trim one nail at a time. This will make it easier. Do not rush this. Once you have finished trimming one nail, hold your claws close together and gently push them toward one another. Stop bleeding and reward with a few treats.

Make friendship with the paw.

Most cats do not like when someone touches their paw or cut down their nails. To make the process easier, let kitty get familiar with you. Start rubbing their paw lightly in between your fingers with a few intervals. 

If your cat does not like having his nails trimmed, you can try using cat nail clippers. These work a bit differently than regular nail clippers. The blades are smaller and will cut close to the skin. It s not advisable to trim the nails when your cat is unclipped. It can cause bleeding and pain.

Trim Step By Step

Trim down one toe at a time. Make sure you use slow, gentle squeezes. After the cat has a good grip with the nail clippers, gently squeeze the cat’s toes back until the nail is very close to being blunt. This will cause bleeding, but this is very common with cats.

Trim the nails of outdoor cats. Most outdoor cats do not like having their feet held under a boot. Therefore they will naturally claw at the boot in an attempt to free themselves. Old cats, especially stray cats, tend to claw at things when they are scared or are trying to get away from something. Therefore, an excellent tip to remember is to squeeze the cat’s paws back to avoid bleeding gently.

Give a complete bath after trimming. 

Once the nails have been trimmed, the cat’s foot should be wiped clean with a towel. This helps keep the area clean and healthy. The final trimming step is to use pet shampoo and a nail clipper tool to create a natural claw pattern. The finished product should look very nice! If your cat’s nails need a little conditioning after being trimmed, you can file them down with a kitten’s tooth.

Things you should know

How to trim cat nails should start with a clean spot. Make sure to do this step before bathing or giving food or water to your cat, as these items can damage the skin and cause bleeding. If you are washing your cat, make sure you rinse off any soap residue or cleanser. Do not use human shampoo on your cat unless you are sure it is safe.

A nail clipper is a necessary item if you plan on doing a quick trim. If you don’t have one, don’t borrow one from a friend. It’s better to buy one from a local pet store. You can also buy a clipper with a quick-cut feature. A quick cut allows for uniform cutting, even of the longest nails.

When you have finished, check to see if your pet still feels sore. This is especially important if you are cutting the nails very close to the skin. If so, then you may want to take them to the vet to have them cleaned up. In many cases, this can be done by a simple bath and medication. If you keep the area clean and free of bleeding, then your pet will heal much faster.


How to hold a cat to trim nails?

While trimming, you should hold them with soft hands and be loving. Don’t get harsh, or they will get angry and won’t allow you to touch anymore. 

How much to trim cat nails?

It is better to trim only the light part of the nail because if seen closely, veins are visible, and the area is known as quick, cut just below from that point.

How to trim overgrown cat nails?

The overgrowth can turn the nails and pierce in the paws, so gut them after every two weeks. The overgrown nails may be tricky so that you might need a guillotine-type clipper for easy and smooth nail trimming.  

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