Is Blue Buffalo Good For Cats – Here’s Our Unbiased Take –

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Over the decades, various brands of cat food have been tested, and many have been questioned time and time again. One of these brands is Blue Buffalo, a very popular brand producing cat food. But its nutritional value is still being studied, raising multiple doubts, and one of the most common questions that arises every time is: is Blue Buffalo good for cats?

Generally, Blue Buffalo is good for cats and a safe food option. Blue Buffalo has certain pros and cons respectively. It has a slightly higher carbohydrate content than desired in cat food and the addition of thickeners and fillers. It is mostly made with animal-derived ingredients, which may sound like a plus, but in reality, the percentage of plant-based protein boosters is higher.

Below we have discussed in detail all the questions one might have regarding the well known and popular brand Blue Buffalo like does it make cats sick, what are the symptoms of Blue Buffalo allergy, what does wrong with this brand, are Blue Buffalo treats safe for cats, and what slightly better options Blue Buffalo offers in cat food that would be suitable for cats.

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Does Blue Buffalo make cats sick

In most cases, Blue Buffalo will not make cats sick. However, if your cat is allergic to some of the ingredients in Blue Buffalo, he may get sick. as with any other cat food. Some cats may exhibit allergy symptoms after consuming Blue Buffalo cat food. This can indeed make a cat sick, but this is true not only for Blue Buffalo cat food, but also for any food that may not be nutritious or contain something your cat may be allergic to.

Cats allergic to Blue Buffalo may exhibit symptoms such as diarrhea, vomiting, weight loss, lethargy, change in coat appearance, skin inflammation, etc. Besides this allergy, the FDA has also listed Blue Buffalo as one of 16 pet food brands that may increase the risk of Dilated Cardiomyopathy (DCM).

What’s Wrong With Blue Buffalo Cat Food

While most cat foods have advantages, they also have disadvantages. Blue Buffalo cat food contains many plant-based protein boosters and lots of added fillers that provide only an average amount of protein and fat for cats, and it cannot be classified as a cat food. meat cats in the first place. The macronutrient content is good, but not ideal, another downside.

It contains carrageenan as a thickener, and the carbohydrate content is also higher than what is needed in cat food because cats get most of their energy from protein rather than carbohydrates.

Blue Buffalo has also faced several recalls in the past. Some Blue Buffalo products have even reported a higher percentage of lead present in them. Earlier, the FDA also pointed out that Blue Buffalo pet food increases heart disease in cats. However, the brand had never accepted this.

Despite all this, they still have a market because they are inexpensive and cats generally like their taste. But these cases can be concerning.

Are Blue Buffalo treats safe for cats

Blue Buffalo treats are generally safe for cats, but they aren’t the best either. Many people have reported severe kidney and urinary problems in cats after using these cat treats. Veterinarians are also very much at odds with Blue Buffalo treats. These treats have been found to contain toxic levels of lead, and multiple recalls indicate that they may do your cat more harm than good.

Although your furry furry friend will love the taste of these treats, they are not recommended to be the best cat treats even though they are readily available and cheaper.

Which Blue Buffalo Products Would Be Right For Your Cat

Blue Buffalo’s Blue Freedom line, Healthy Gourmet Salmon Pate and Blue Wilderness High Protein dry cat food are some of the Blue Buffalo cat foods that have received positive customer reviews.

Since Blue Buffalo cat products are grain free, the Blue Freedom line could be a good alternative for cat breeds prone to grain allergies. It can also be given to cats sensitive to gluten or with gluten intolerance.

Another product is Blue Wilderness High Protein Dry Cat Food which contains all-natural ingredients and is a single source of animal protein. It is a mild cat food that is very sensitive to a cat’s stomach and can be used for cats with food allergies.

Healthy Gourmet Salmon Pate might also be suitable for certain breeds of cat if that suits them. The price of this product is also quite economical.

Other alternatives could be this brand’s wet food and seafood options with low carbs and added macronutrients.

How to Tell if Your Cat Has Blue Buffalo Allergy Symptoms

Vomiting, rash or rash, diarrhea, loss of appetite and lethargy are some of the early symptoms of Blue Buffalo allergy in cats. Although symptoms vary from feline to feline, as each breed of cat’s body reacts differently to different allergies, some of the most common symptoms that appear early on may be vomiting, diarrhea, lethargy , changes in color or smell of urine.

In the long term, other symptoms such as a change in the appearance of the coat, inflammation and redness of the skin, bald patches, weight loss and changes in appetite may be observed. It is best to take your cat to the vet as soon as possible if you notice any immediate symptoms after consuming Blue Buffalo products.

Diagnosis is difficult and requires your cat’s history and eating habits. Your veterinarian will then suggest a blood test, X-ray, CT imaging, or other test to determine the cause and severity of the underlying problem or disease. He must analyze and assess the general condition of the cat before giving him any medication or advice.

Things to consider

Although Blue Buffalo is a safe food option for most cats, the general opinion is that it is not considered the best choice for your cat, but it can still be given to cats. But if you still want to give it a try, try opting for canned foods that are lower in carbs and higher in moisture and protein.

In a nutshell, Blue Buffalo is not an ideal example of what cat food you should feed your cat. There are other dry and wet food options available in the market that may be better for cats at the same price.

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