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Whenever a black cat crosses your path, there might be several things that cross your mind too. You might be happy to see that cat, or you may think that good luck is coming your way. Regardless of what your reaction is, you should ask: What does a black cat symbolize?

Black cats symbolize Halloween or witchcraft. In other instances, they also symbolize bad luck, good fortune, wealth, and even authority. Black cats may also symbolize prosperity in some cultures.

So in theory, a black cat can mean many things, and it depends on your culture and place of residence. Many myths surround black cats; there is a range of symbolism of black cats, from positive and negative.

Black cats are no different when it comes to myths and symbolism. Everyone has a different feeling about black cats, and some people don’t see anything special about black cats. If you want to learn more about the symbolism surrounding black cats, keep on reading!

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Black Cats And Spritual Meanings, What Are They

A black cat has two different meanings spiritually, depending on what you believe.

Most people believe that black cats spiritually mean evil, bad luck, and misfortune. 

You may not realize how often popular media demonizes black cats, even if it is in a light-hearted way. Black cats get the short end of the stick in both media and everyday life. 

On a more positive note, black cats could mean luck and prosperity. 

This is different from the first meaning, isn’t it?

Black cats don’t have one spiritual meaning. It is crazy to think that black cats can have two meanings that are on opposite ends of the spiritual spectrum.

Since we are talking about spirituality here, it is up to you to decide what you believe. 

Black Cats And The Bible, What Does It Symbolize

Spirituality is one thing, but the Bible also has symbolism in the Bible that Christians and other religious groups believe.

It is believed that nine out of ten households in America own the Bible. That is, therefore, a massive number of people who are going to believe the biblical meaning of cats in the bible. 

Now, there are not many mentions of black cats in the Bible, but if you read closely, black cats are indeed brought up.

The Bible sees the more positive symbolism of black cats. The Bible believes that black cats are a blessing. 

If you read and follow the Bible, you should also believe that black cats are something good in life. Don’t be worried when you see a black cat because something good will be coming your way!

As we will discuss more in this article, not all cultures have the same belief as to the Bible. 

Seeing A Black Cat And The Potential Outcomes

Seeing a black cat can have two different outcomes, depending on what you believe a black cat symbolizes. 

As we just discussed, black cats can symbolize luck and fortune or evilness and bad luck.

Depending on what you believe, the meaning will be different. You will have highly different outcomes based on how you see black cats. 

When you see a black cat, and you believe they bring negativity, you’ll assume that your life will take a turn for the worst. Some people relate black cats to death and witchcraft – which we’ll talk about later. 

On the other hand, the black cat can bring you good luck. It means that your life will have a better fortune than you initially anticipated. 

Unfortunately, that good luck can be short-lived or last your entire life. It’s also based on what you believe.

You might not be superstitious at all. In this case, you won’t understand why seeing a black cat means anything at all. To you, a black cat is just that: a cat! 

7 Black Cat Myths You Didn’t Know About

Sometimes it feels like every culture, place, and person has something to say about black cats. 

To make things less complicated, we’ve compiled some of the most common myths about black cats that you may or may not have heard before.

1. All Black Cats Are Evil And Possessed

One of the most common myths about black cats is that they are evil.

For a long time, black cats have symbolized Halloween and other evil things, like witchcraft and witches.

If you’ve ever seen popular television shows about witches, then you already know that black cats are nearby when a witch is present. Some people refer to these black cats as familiars, companions to witches.

It may sound crazy to you as a 21st-century reader, but people still people this. People often say to keep your black cat inside on Halloween because people can hurt them!

2. Black Cats Are Unhealthy And Not Worthy Adopting

People think that black cats will bring bad luck when they’re adopted, thus making them unhealthy to adopt.

Did you know black cats in shelters are less likely to adopt simply because of the color of their fur?

People believe that black cats are bad luck, so they choose not to adopt them. 

There is nothing to confirm that black cats will bring any worse luck to you than any other colored cat; even so, black cats are more likely to be euthanized than any other color cat in the shelter.

So, if you’re looking for a cat to adopt, think about looking for a black cat. This is, after all, just a myth! 

3. Black Cats Can Change Color

Black cats have fur that can somewhat change color, but don’t think your black cat will turn white!

This myth is more of an exaggeration than something that is completely wrong. 

Black cats can change color because of their undercoat.

For instance, in the winter, you might notice that your black cat looks a little browner in the direct sunlight. His fur is thicker and, since his undercoat is more brown or rust-colored, he looks like a slightly different color. 

This might seem like a cop-out, right? After all, this might only happen in the winter, and you can probably only tell if your cat is lounging in the sun.

Your black cat won’t suddenly appear grey or white one day, but technically speaking, he can change color!

So, do we chalk that one up to a superpower?

4. Black Cats Are Disease Resistant

This one is rooted in some truth, but black cats cannot wholly resist disease.

The ability to resist disease is one myth that scientists are interested in and have researched extensively.

Black cats have a special gene that causes them to have black fur. According to scientists, this gene also helps protect black against some diseases.

Therefore, black cats will often be healthier and live longer than cats that are a different color. 

Black cats might be healthier than other cats, but that doesn’t mean that they can resist diseases.

Cats are living creatures and can get sick or hurt like any other living thing. 

5. Black Cats Bring Good Luck To Those Who Wait

Though some places think black cats are bad luck, you might even find that black cats can bring you good luck!

This is one example of how a myth isn’t necessarily bad, but it still isn’t true.

If you’re in Russia or Japan, keep your eye out for a black cat. You’ll have good luck in life!

Russians and the Japanese, among other cultures, don’t see black cats as something negative. Conversely, you want to keep your eyes open for a black cat who crosses your path.

According to these cultures, a witch isn’t nearby, but good luck is right around the corner for you.

6. Black Cats Can Help Your Love Life

A black cat can help your love life and get you married in some cultures! 

If you’re looking for love in Japan, then you should own a black cat as a single person. As superstition would have it, you can expect many people to want to date you. 

Again, this goes to show you that everything about black cats isn’t bad. 

Myths aren’t always bad or negative, but they are untrue even though so many people believe them. 

As a single person looking for luck and a new friend, you might want to consider adopting a black cat. It might end well for you, and even if you’re still single, you’ll at least have a new furry friend!

7. Black Cats Bring Bad Luck

Some people think that black cats bring bad luck.

This is one of the most popular myths behind black cats; many think that they bring bad luck. 

Now, bad luck does not have to be devastating, but it can make your daily life more difficult.

Most people think that the bad luck comes when a black cat crosses your path, whether it is across the sidewalk in front of you or on the road while you are driving. 

This myth causes people to avoid black cats at all costs!

Cat-Sith, A Look At Celtic Mythology And Black Cats

Celtic mythology sees black cats in a negative light. 

There are about 20,000,000 Celtic people in the world, which means that Celtic mythology is alive and well.

That also means that the belief that black cats are evil is also alive and well in the world, even if it is harmful to black cats.

According to Celtic mythology, black cats are evil being because they take the spirits of the deceased before God can take them. 

In Gaelic, black cats are referred to as “cat sith.” This is a combination of two Gaelic words: “cait” and “sith.” Cait means cat, and sith means something close to what English calls a fairy. This shows that cats walk the line of being a worldly and otherworldly beings. 

If this doesn’t make much sense to you, you can think about it like this: Black cats intercept souls before they are able to go to Heaven. 

For those who are deeply religious, that is terrifying. Religious people live their lives in a way that they hope will get them to Heaven, yet black cats stop them on their journey in the afterlife. 

What Does It Mean When A Black Cat Visits You

A black cat’s visit means to bring good luck.

In most of this article, we’ve talked about what it means when a black cat crosses your path.

Now, what does it mean when you have a visit from a black cat? This is a much more intentional act, isn’t it? 

When a black cat visits you, it’s supposed to signal that good luck is coming your way. This is especially true if a black cat enters your home.

It’s also good luck if a black cat visits you while you are having bad luck because it’s a sign that your luck is about to turn around. 

When you’re having a bout of bad luck in life, you should anticipate a visit from a black cat! 

Should I Fear A Black Cat

You should not fear a black cat.

If you want my opinion, I do not think that you should fear a black cat simply because its fur is black.

Other than the superstitious beliefs you may hold toward black cats, black cats do not hold a larger threat than cats of any other color. 

Whether the black cat is yours or a stray, the black cat is not something that you should be afraid of. 

If you do fear black cats – for whatever that reason may be – you do not need to worry too much about seeing a black cat randomly. 

All black cats are not very common. 

About 1 in 22 cats are entirely black. Now, if you can’t do that math (don’t worry, I couldn’t either!), that is almost 5% of cats. That means you’re not going to see many black cats. 

Why Are There More Black Cats In Shelters

Shelters have high numbers of black cats because of people’s spiritual beliefs.

There aren’t many black cats in the world, but if you walk into a shelter, you may not know that black cats aren’t all that common. 

Shelters have a large number of black cats since people don’t want to adopt them for fear that they will bring their households bad luck.

Almost 1 in 3 cats in shelters are black. Most statistics place the number at 33%. That is a massive number.

If a shelter has 30 cats waiting to be adopted, 10 of those cats are statistically likely to be black. 

In that instance, you might think more than 1 in 22 cats are black because there is such a high concentration.

While you might not believe black cats are bad luck, there are many people that do, which means that black cats are overlooked in shelters. It is a sad truth that cat lovers need to face. 

Even though there are many black cats at shelters, about 30% of those cats do end up getting adopted. Still, that is a very low number of cats. Anything under 100% is too low for a cat owner and lover! 

Final Thoughts

We spent a lot of time covering myths and different cultures’ beliefs about black cats.

You could have a different superstition as someone from Russia, the United Kingdom, Japan, and even the United States. Very few of these beliefs are established in any way, so it’s easy to say that they’re all superstitions and myths. 

While we can spend all day telling you why you should or shouldn’t believe things about black cats, it’s going to be up to you to decide what you believe.

Simply believing a positive or negative myth won’t hurt any black cats at the end of the day. Sure, you might have some judgment, but that will be about it. I don’t think you’ll hurt a stray black cat’s feelings if you walk on the side of the street when you see one. 

As a final note, I will say that none of your beliefs should result in the injury of a cat – regardless of the color of the cat’s fur. 

Myths and superstitions can be fun to believe, but you should never act upon them and hurt a black cat simply because he has black fur. The color of your cat’s fur won’t make him any more lucky or unlucky than any other cat.

If anything, it’s your cat’s personality that should scare you. 

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