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The distinct personalities of the Siamese cat are either loved or hated. They are talkative, intrusive, curious and love to get your affection. If you like the distinct personality of a traditional Siamese but dislike the breed’s aggressiveness, then the Lynx Point Siamese gives you the best of both worlds. So what is a Lynx Point Siamese cat?

The Lynx Point Siamese is a mix of traditional Siamese and tabby cats. They are also known as Tabby Points or Colorpoint shorthairs. This breed is a relaxed and subdued version of a typical Siamese cat. He is a low maintenance cat with a friendly personality. The tortoiseshell appearance is considered rare for this breed.

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History of Lynx Point Siamese Cats

The Lynx Point Siamese is a man-made race which started in the 1940s or 1950s. The Seal Point Siamese was bred with an American Shorthair, and thus the breed was born. However, it didn’t gain popularity until the 1960s.

Meanwhile, someone introduced Siamese on the Cat Fancy Board of Trustees (GCCF) in London, England. The GCCF quickly recognized it as a subset of the Siamese.

Naming the cat can be confusing as they are known as lynx point, tabby point or color points. They are really used interchangeably. The name given depends on the location. Some of these names are simply a way of categorizing the different colors and patterns of Siamese. Similar to a car manufacturer with different models to choose from.

What does a Lynx Point Siamese look like

The Lynx Point has a very similar body to a traditional Siamese. They have a medium size, sturdy frames, but a thin image. They can weigh between 6 and 12 pounds. Males tend to be larger than females, like several other breeds. This cat is delicate, with small oval paws and a thin frame and tail; however, they are muscular underneath. This makes them a surprisingly athletic breed.

Although there are not many distinct attributes in the body, the Lynx Point has several Color options, and their model is very different. They can come in apricot, cinnamon, red, caramel, seal, blue, lilac, and chocolate. Lynx Point Siamese also have distinct colored rings that extend from their cheeks, legs, and down to their tail. As the cat ages, the various dark circles darken.

Of all the color and coat patterns, the tortoiseshell pattern is considered the rarest. As a result, any Lynx Point Siamese cat with this pattern will be quite expensive to own. With a bit of luck, you might meet one at an adoption center.

Another important distinction is that these kittens have an “M” on their foreheads, due to their stripes. Finally, the color of their stripes will most likely also be defined around their ears.

Lynx Point Siamese Cat Personality

Siamese cats have a very distinct personality. They are affectionate, curious cats who always seek to get involved with their human.

These cats are curious creatures and love to make a mess when you’re not around. It’s not uncommon for Siamese owners to be forced to guard their homes against cats as if they had a toddler running around. Siamese cats are also people-oriented cats.

If you’re a cat lover, you know how weird this trait can be! They like to be involved in all aspects of your life, no matter what. These cats are talkative and will tell you all about their day, their opinions, and their thoughts. Some people find it charming and others find it just plain boring. You love it or you hate it, but there’s no denying the Siamese’s distinct personality.

When we talk about the Lynx Point Siamese, we imagine very similar qualities. However, it is a more watered down or moderate version of the traditional Siamese.

They are still engaging, talkative and inquisitive cats, but they are not as distinct or in your face as a Siamese cat. You may also not have to childproof your home. They are a great version of the Siamese for people who think traditional Siamese cats are boring.

Lynx Point Siamese vs. Regular Siamese

There are not too many differences between the Lynx Point Siamese and a traditional Siamese cat. Their bodies are relatively similar, with the biggest distinction coming from the pattern of each cat. Siamese cats have only seal point coloration, with color in the legs, tail tips, face, and other extremities. There is a high contrast between their pattern and the rest of their body.

The most noticeable difference is in personality. siamese cats are known to be talkative cats; extremely vocal and sometimes annoying. They are determined to communicate with their humans through constant meowing or body language. In some cases, this can be seen as arrogant. Lynx points are the laid-back brother of the Siamese. They still appreciate attention but are much less pushy about it.

Do Lynx Point Siamese Cat Shed

The Lynx Point cat is a short-haired cat, so it may not shed as much as other cats. The shorter hair also makes grooming these cats easier. This makes it less likely that cat irritants, such as fur and dander, will float through the air.

That being said, no cat is completely hypoallergenic. When most people think of cat allergies, they think of sneezing and watery eyes, however, this is due to irritants like those mentioned above. This can be reduced by short-haired cats or frequent cleaning. A true cat allergy comes from a protein found in a cat’s salvia, oils, and urine. This causes skin rashes, trouble breathing, watery eyes, and in some cases, hives.

In short, a Lynx Point Siamese is a good cat if you find cat irritants to bother you. They don’t shed as much as other cats and are easier to groom. However, a true allergy comes from something you can’t control, and all cats would be best avoided.

Average Lifespan of a Lynx Point Siamese Cat

The general rule is that a purebred cat does not live as long as a mixed breed cat. However, there are exceptions. The purebred Siamese cat is one such exception. Now, that’s even better news for the Lynx Point because they’re technically a mixed breed. These cats have great Siamese genes, and their mixed status also helps fight off different genetic diseases that might have been present otherwise.

A Lynx Point Siamese cat can live between 15 and 20 years. It’s longer than most other cats. On top of that, it’s not uncommon to see cats that live over 20 years when given the proper care.

How much does a Lynx Point Siamese cost

If you are interested in a Lynx Point Siamese, there are several breeders out there once you do a quick Google search. For a kitten that is fully vaccinated and microchipped, there is a $500 rehoming/adoption fee. For a kitten whose medical needs are not yet met, they are around $200 to $300.

When looking for a breeder, it is recommended to find one who pays close attention to the medical needs of the kitten. Always find a breeder who treats animals well and keeps them happy and safe.

Final Thoughts

Lynx Point Siamese cats are a moderate version of purebred Siamese. These cats are equally affectionate and curious, but not like in your face about it. They come in a variety of colors to choose from, including the traditional contrasting Siamese colors. If you have allergies, they are also a good choice because they don’t shed as much as other cats. Less waste means less irritants in the air. These are great cats to satisfy any cat lover.

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