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A cat that burns its whiskers is always an unfortunate and painful experience for both the cat and its owner. Many cat owners often feel confused about this ugly experience. So what do you do if your cat burns its whiskers?

Immerse the burned area in cold water or press a damp cloth against the painful area and pour cold water intermittently over it. Apply a cold compress because if the whiskers are burned, the cat’s face will also be burned.

This article will look at what happens if cats burn their whiskers. We will also provide the necessary tips for caring for cats that have lost their whiskers. Finally, we provide answers to frequently asked questions about cat whiskers.

Before all that, let’s discuss the five functions of cats whiskers.

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Functions of Cat’s Whiskers

Whiskers are part of the normal anatomy of cats. You will hardly see a cat without whiskers. Besides making your feline cute, whiskers serve other purposes.

The following highlights five different functions of a cat’s whiskers:

sensory tool

Looking at a cat’s whiskers, you’ll be forgiven for thinking that whiskers are just hair.

Whiskers are sensory tools for cats. They understand their environment better with. Also they are known as vibrissae.

The hair follicles of mustaches are filled with lots of nerves. At the end of the whiskers, you will find an organ called the proprioceptor.

The proprioceptor makes them very sensitive to any form of vibration.

Natural integrated ribbon

If you are observant enough, you will have noticed that your feline measures the size of an opening through the use of its head.

Cat’s whiskers work like a natural built-in strip. They immediately realize if a space is big enough for them to pass.

Once a cat’s head can fit in a tight space, that means their whole body will fit through.

Visual aids

The close vision of cats is not the best. They have difficulty seeing objects closer than 30 cm. That’s where their mustaches come in!

Cats touch very close objects with their whiskers to determine their position, size and texture.

You might also be surprised at your feline’s ability to navigate its way through relative darkness. Mustaches are responsible!

They move around without hitting anything using their whiskers.

Emotional barometer

You can peek into your cat’s emotional state by simply looking at the position of their whiskers.

If the whiskers are stiff and pulled around their face, it means your feline is feeling threatened about something.

If the whiskers are relaxed, it just means your cat is happy. If the whiskers are pointing forward, your feline is curious about something.


Whiskers provide excellent protection for cats. When dust or a speck falls on a whisker under the eye, the cat reacts by shaking its head to remove the speck of dust.

The cat’s reaction above protects the eye from potential injury. The whiskers react when touched by the smallest particle.

If a feline approaches a narrow space between two chairs in the living room, the whiskers will help it determine if it can fit through the passage.

What happens if a cat burns its whiskers

When a cat burns its whiskers, sensory balance and coordination are impaired. Cats use whiskers to locate themselves.

Imagine a blind human walking around without a stick; how easy does that sound? Whiskers are like this stick; they use them to avoid obstacles.

The good thing is that whiskers grow back on their own. When your cat burns his whiskers, never try to cut the curly part of the whiskers.

You hurt your feline all the more the more you cut off his whiskers. The more you prune, the more your feline loses its balance and coordination.

Your cat’s face will also likely be affected if your cat burns its whiskers, so leave the whiskers alone and be careful of the face.

Does it hurt a cat if its whiskers get burned

Oh! Yeah! A cat hurts itself if it burns its whiskers in the fire. The whiskers are not only affected, but areas of the face are affected as well.

If you’ve ever been involved in a fire, you might sympathize with a cat if it burns its whiskers in the fire.

If a cat loses its whiskers in the fire, it immediately becomes disoriented. A cat’s whiskers play an essential role in maintaining balance and coordination.

The psychological pain a cat feels without its whiskers is greater than the physical pain. Cats are presbyopic; they cannot see nearby objects.

With the whiskers gone, your beloved feline may start bumping into objects during the day and night.

Never attempt to trim your cat’s whiskers if they are burned or damaged.

How long does it take for cat whiskers to grow back

Whiskers regrow between 6 weeks and three months. In addition to burning themselves in the fire, cats regularly shed their whiskers.

On average, an older cat’s whiskers take longer to grow back than a young cat’s.

It is also not uncommon for a sick cat to regrow its whiskers until it is cured. Different circumstances affect how quickly animals regrow their whiskers.

The three main factors that affect how quickly cats regrow their whiskers include:

● Diet

● Breed

● Health issues

Provide your feline with nutritious food as it recovers from the loss of its whiskers. This would speed up the recovery rate.

A cat’s whiskers will always grow back, provided the follicles under the skin are not damaged. Once damaged, there is no hope of it growing back.

If your feline has burnt or damaged whiskers, keep them indoors, especially at night. It has no sensors to warn it against predators.

Can Cats Recover Damaged Whiskers

Yes! A cat will recover from damaged whiskers, especially if it lives indoors. Cats are known to shed their whiskers periodically. When they lose their whiskers, they grow back.

An outdoor cat is unlikely to recover from damaged whiskers due to their inability to protect themselves.

Outdoor cats are exposed to many dangers. Without the whiskers, they are vulnerable to attacks from predators.

If the follicles of the whiskers are burned or damaged during trauma, the whiskers will not grow back.

Kittens recover from damaged whiskers faster than adult cats. To speed up the rate of recovery, feed your feline healthy foods.

Can a cat walk without whiskers

A cat can walk without whiskers, but research has shown that cats without whiskers have trouble walking straight.

Whiskers are essential to the existence of a cat. They feel lost without them. A cat without whiskers would easily get stuck in different parts of the house.

Imagine walking around with your eyes closed; what would you think of that? Sad and frustrated, I guess! The same applies to cats.

If you have a cat without a whisker, try to keep an eye on it in case it gets stuck or gets into trouble.

How long do cat burns take to heal

Superficial burns in cats usually heal in 3 to 4 days with minimal care. Second degree burns will take a few weeks to heal.

A third degree burn is the worst type of burn a cat can sustain. This results in a loss of sensation in the affected part. It leaves permanent scars. It takes about 3 to 4 months to heal on average.

Cats experience loss of fluids with a third degree burn. This is often treated by replacing lost fluid with electrolytes.

This type of burn often requires surgery such as skin grafting. If the burns are infected, your vet will order tests and then prescribe antibiotics.

What can I put on my cat’s burn

You can apply aloe vera to the burnt areas. Aloe vera has soothing and healing properties. Do not apply any form of ointment; it can probably make things worse.

If it’s a second-degree burn, don’t try to manage it yourself. Your cat must be seen by a veterinarian.

Before taking your cat to the vet, put some sort of damp cloth over the burned areas to give your feline some comfort before seeing the vet.

Many things around the house can accidentally burn your feline; strives to follow as many precautions as possible to protect your cat from lasting harm.

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