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Cat owners are usually curious about all aspects and behaviors of their cats. Each feline has unique characteristics, qualities and peculiarities. If you’ve noticed your four-legged friend right in the eye, you may have also wondered, at least once: which cats have round pupils?

Some breeds like Pallas, Russian Blue, Sphynx, Exotic Shorthair, British Shorthair, Persian and Scottish Fold are some of the cat breeds with large round pupils. Pupils are round and provide better daytime vision, in low light conditions they can dilate to provide the perfect vision needed for hunting and walking.

Here we have discussed similar questions regarding the pupils of cats, some breeds that have round pupils, if it is normal, what it means, why cats have vertical slits for the pupils and many more.

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5 breeds of cats with round pupils

Every cat has gorgeous eyes, and cat lovers already know how beautiful their eyes look when they’re happy or excited. Therefore, any cat owner can stare straight into their cat’s eyes for hours. While most cats have vertically slit eyes, some even have distinct, round pupils, which makes them even cuter. Five such breeds with round pupils are discussed below.


Pallas’ cats have round pupils and even round, flat ears on both sides of their heads. These are the two most distinctive characteristics of the Pallas cat. Their fur matches their surroundings, creating a camouflage effect that helps them protect themselves from predators.

They are generally small, hairy with a dense coat, and are ambush hunters. They are not very friendly and like to live alone.


Persian cats have flat faces with huge round eyes. They are prone to eye problems like tear duct abnormality due to their small flat face. Their eyes can be blue, green, bluish green, bright copper, or dark blue.

Their faces need to be cleaned daily as they have underdeveloped tear ducts leading to frequent drainage from the eyes. They love to be held or cuddled. Persians are generally calm, composed and easy-going.

Russian Blue

A Russian Blue breed cat typically has a triangle-shaped face with round, wide eyes. Generally, all Russian Blue cats have emerald green eyes once they are fully grown, but they are born with blue eyes. They have a double coat which makes them look bigger, but they shed very little, making them perfect for cat lovers with cat allergies.

These cats are very positively affectionate, well-behaved, quiet, calm, shy at first, intelligent, and they also like to be clean.

Exotic Shorthair

These cats are similar in many ways to the Persian breed, but as their name suggests, they have shorter hair. therefore, they require little maintenance. Exotic Shorthair cats have the same facial features as Persian cats, with large, round eyes and flat faces. Their eye color can be blue-green, copper or blue. They are more energetic than the Persians.

A common health problem that these cats face is related to the respiratory system, such as nasal congestion.

Scottish fold

Scottish Fold cats are known for their very round eyes and equally round ears, which makes them super adorable. Their eyes are particularly round, shiny, clear and can be of several colors such as green, blue, copper or gold. The color of the eye generally depends on the coat. This rare cat breed loves the company of other pets and family members.

They are not very verbal, loyal and genetically lazy. They usually have inherited health issues related to heart, bone, or other illnesses.

Is it normal for cats to have round pupils?

Some breeds are born with round pupils, so it is natural for cats to have round pupils. Other than that, if your feline suddenly had dilated pupils, it could be due to some reasons.

Domestic cats usually have vertically slit eyes, but sometimes their eyes can also become round and huge all of a sudden. Cats have made up pupils when they are very excited and happy. They also have round, compound pupils when they are about to pounce on someone or something.

Cat’s eyes are sensitive to light and the amount of light also affects the shape of the cat’s pupils. The vertical slit may become narrower when the amount of light suddenly increases, such as when opening the curtains in the morning. On the contrary, cats being nocturnal, it is normal for them to have dilated pupils at night. This happens so they can see better in low light conditions.

Studies have shown that the shape of cats’ pupils indicates what kind of predators they are. Cats with round pupils generally hunt their prey, while those with vertical pupils are active day and night as ambush predators.

Why do cats have vertical slits for the pupils

Cats are nocturnal and studies have proven that vertical slits help estimate the distance to prey when cats ambush their prey at night. Domestic cats usually have vertical slits for the pupils. These vertical slits are useful in the dark as they use any amount of light available at night for hunting purposes.

Vertical slit pupils can close and open very quickly. In addition, they can also expand when needed; For example, at night you may notice that your cat has large, dilated and fuller pupils to see better.

These vertical slits can narrow to a large extent to manage the amount of light entering the cat’s eye. During the day, you may have noticed that your feline’s pupils are very narrow because their eyes are sensitive to light and their narrowing reduces the amount of light that enters the pupil.

What does it mean when a cat has round pupils

Having dilated or round eyes alludes to a cat’s emotions and mood. Some cats are born with round, wide pupils, while most cats have vertical eye slits. When the latter’s pupils dilate or round, it can indicate happiness, excitement or fear.

When your feline is about to pounce on your lap, your shoulder, or whatever, you’ll notice that its pupils have dilated, reflecting excitement. This usually happens during recess. Your cat has made up round pupils when he’s hiding behind something or maybe when he’s scared.

Dilated and wide-open eyes also signal happiness and confidence. If your furry friend rubs their head against your cheek or sits on your lap, their pupils usually dilate, which reflects trust and affection.

Additionally, students can also allude to a negative cause. Certain health conditions like hypertension, kidney disease, or hyperthyroidism can also cause dilated pupils. If you notice that your cat’s pupils are different or permanently dilated, it’s a good idea to consult the veterinarian as soon as possible.

Things to consider

Some cat species naturally have round pupils. The shape of a cat’s pupils and the position of the eyelids are related to a cat’s emotions, hunting style and light. They can narrow their pupil and even dilate them in particular situations.

Your cat may narrow its eye slits when it feels happy or relaxed. If they have small eye slits when you’re around, that’s a sign of security and satisfaction. Dilatation of its pupils for a short time is normal, but if you notice a sudden change in the cat’s pupils or even just one eye, get to your vet immediately as this can be a sign of serious health issues like trauma. , an infection or even cancer.

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