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We’ve all seen the videos before. Someone throws a cucumber on the ground next to the cat, and the cat appears to jump up in the air and run away. But you must be wondering after watching all those cucumber videos: Why are cats afraid of cucumbers?

Cats are afraid of cucumbers because the shape of a cucumber resembles a snake. Cats unfamiliar with cucumbers will be terrified of them. Placing a cucumber behind your cat can also trigger your cat.

Most humans would never mistake a cucumber for a snake, but your cat’s instincts think so. Cats big and small seem to think cucumbers are predatory, among other reasons. To learn more about this strange reaction, keep reading!

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Reasons why cats are afraid of cucumbers

There doesn’t seem to be a list of reasons why your cat might be afraid of a cucumber, but you’d be surprised!

Your cat has never seen a cucumber

Cats will sometimes be afraid of things they have never seen before, even if that object is a vegetable. Your cat’s first reaction to seeing the cucumber is to be scared, which you might think is a strange reaction.

Your cat didn’t expect to see the cucumber

Many cats startle easily, so if you startle your cat by throwing a cucumber on the floor behind it, your cat may not have expected to see the cucumber and got scared because of it.

Your cat doesn’t know what a cucumber is

If a cat has never seen a cucumber before, your cat may be afraid of this new object. Your cat can slowly approach the cucumber and give it a few sniffles to figure out what it is.

The cucumber might look like a snake

This will come back later, but your cat may think the cucumber looks like a snake. Some snakes are green, and the slight bends in the cucumber’s shape may trick your cat into thinking it’s a very chubby snake.

Your cat is just capricious

If your cat is skittish, you probably wouldn’t be surprised to see that your cat is afraid of a cucumber. It’s a boring reason, but they may even be afraid of their own shadow!

Is it true that cats are afraid of cucumbers

Some cats are indeed afraid of cucumbers, but technically cats are not afraid of the vegetable.

We’ve all seen the videos where a cat jumps up in the air when it turns around and sees a cucumber. If you’ve never scared your cat with a cucumber, it may seem like an overreaction.

Cats are afraid of cucumbers because cucumbers are shaped like snakes. Sure, most humans would laugh at the idea of ​​someone thinking a cucumber is a snake, but a cat’s instinct kicks in when it sees a cucumber and assumes it’s a snake.

Once a cat realizes the cucumber isn’t a snake, he probably won’t be afraid of it.

What happens when you put a cucumber in front of a cat

If you put a cucumber in front of a cat, your cat will probably have no reaction.

If your cat is already staring at you when you put down a cucumber, you probably won’t see any funny reaction from your cat. Your cat will come forward and sniff the cucumber, but otherwise won’t react.

Cucumber does not interest your cat.

What happens if you put a cucumber next to a cat

If you put a cucumber next to your cat, you still might not get a reaction from your cat unless your cat doesn’t see it.

Just like putting a cucumber in front of your cat, your cat probably won’t react to the cucumber next to it. If your cat sees you approaching, he’ll likely turn to you and watch what you’re doing.

What happens if you put a cucumber behind a cat

Putting a cucumber behind your cat is most likely to scare your cat.

Your cat probably won’t see you putting the cucumber behind him. When he turns around, he will see the cucumber and will probably jump up! It may run the other way, try to attack the cucumber, or approach it slowly.

Since your cat wasn’t expecting to see the cucumber behind it, this is most likely to scare your cat.

Is it bad to scare your cat with a cucumber

Yes, it’s wrong to scare your cat with a cucumber.

While it can be a lot of fun to see your cat’s reaction when he’s scared of a cucumber, it’s not good to keep scaring him.

Your cat may be discouraged from coming around you or certain parts of the house, such as a kitchen. Your cat will come to expect that it is always afraid of something and may start hiding more often than before.

You should never encourage a cat to hide further, especially if it is already afraid of a lot of things in your home.

Why is it bad to scare cats with cucumbers

It would help if you never try to scare your cat because it stresses them out.

Scaring your cat means you are adding unnecessary stress to your cat’s life. Scaring your cat once may not affect it at all, but if you continue to scare it, you will begin to notice changes in your cat. Stress can cause your cat to eat less, hide more, and even lose weight.

Constantly scaring your cat can also be considered animal abuse, something no one ever wants to do.

Are big cats afraid of cucumbers

Big cats can also be afraid of cucumbers.

Whether the cat is a domestic pet or a cougar in the wild or in a zoo, cats all have the same instincts. Big cats that are housed in a zoo or live in the wild are more likely to act on their instincts, but they have them nonetheless.

These instincts mean that big cats can also be afraid of cucumbers if they see them. They may not be as scared as a small house cat, but there is always a chance of seeing a big cat started by a cucumber.

Why are cats afraid of cucumbers and bananas

Cats are afraid of cucumbers and bananas because of their snake-like shape.

Since we already talked about how cats are afraid of bananas because of their shape, let’s also talk about bananas.

Bananas have fewer curves than a cucumber, but a banana can also scare your cat if he’s not expecting to see it. Most bananas, however, don’t have the same markings as a cucumber, so your cat may be less likely to think the banana has the scales of a snake.

What vegetable are cats afraid of?

Besides cucumbers, there are a few other vegetables that cats are afraid of.

If you’re trying to keep your cat from being afraid of vegetables, you don’t have to worry too much. If you want to avoid this, you can avoid vegetables with a shape similar to cucumbers. Some of these vegetables include:

  • Aubergine
  • Courgette
  • To crush
  • Beans
  • Bananas

Things to consider

This article spends a lot of time talking about how cucumbers look like snakes to cats, but let’s dig a little deeper into how a cucumber can specifically be mistaken for a snake.

Color and markings

Cats are colorblind, but a cucumber has similar markings to snakes, especially green ones. The first type of snake that comes to mind is garden snakes.

Garden snakes are harmless, but they are similar in color to cucumbers. You may have mistaken a cucumber for a snake (or vice versa) if you are growing cucumbers.


If a snake had the same circumference as a cucumber, it would be a big snake! I would probably run the other way too! Cucumbers have bends similar to those of a snake as it glides through the earth. Bends and curves can give your cat the image of a snake.


This one is a bit coarse, but the texture might also confuse your cat. Like a snake, raw cucumbers are cold to the touch. Snakes are quite cold too, as they are cold blooded.

If you picked your cucumber after a rainy day, your cucumber may also be a bit slimy and covered in dirt. If you’ve ever picked up a snake as a kid, then you know that snakes can be quite cold, slimy, and covered in mud too.

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