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We’ve all seen a chubby tabby cat at one time or another, but why are some cats thicker than others? So why are tabby cats fat?

Tabby cats are fat due to lack of exercise and a calorie-dense diet. Weight gain in cats is also caused by medical conditions, neutering, and even pregnancy.

Lack of movement and the ability to burn calories play a large role in a cat’s ability to gain unhealthy weight. There are many other reasons why a tabby cat may be fat which we will cover in detail next! Here’s why tabby cats are fat.

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Reasons why your tabby cat is fat

There are six main reasons why cats gain weight. Usually, cats put on extra pounds because they don’t exercise enough and eat too many calories. However, sometimes unexplained weight gain can signify a medical problem requiring veterinary attention. Here are six common reasons why your tabby cat is fat.

Your cat is not getting enough exercise

Perhaps the most common reason tabby cats are fat is that they simply don’t get enough exercise. Many people don’t realize that cats also need plenty of regular exercise to stay in shape. We recommend that you ensure your cat gets around an hour of exercise per day. This is especially true for indoor cats, as they often get less daily exercise than outdoor cats.

Your cat eats too much

Many cats also gain weight from overeating. This is especially true if they don’t exercise regularly either. The amount of food your cat needs each day depends on its weight. Considering that the average weight of most Tabby cats is 8 to 12 pounds, your cat should be fed about 0.7 ounces of dry food or 9 ounces of wet food each day. If you are unsure about how much food your cat should eat, we recommend speaking with your veterinarian about your cat’s diet.

Your cat eats food with too many calories

Sometimes it’s not the amount of food your cat eats that causes them to gain weight, but rather what they eat. A diet that is too dense in calories will easily cause cats to put on a few extra pounds. The average 8-12 pound tabby cat should eat about 260 calories per day. Of course, if you’re unsure about your cat’s diet, you should talk to your veterinarian. Some cats need more or less calories, and some may even need a special diet to maintain their ideal weight.

Neutering and neutering can sometimes lead to weight gain in cats

Although many people claim that their cat gained weight after being spayed or neutered, the surgery itself does not cause this weight gain. Instead, it’s that neutered and neutered cats require fewer daily calories than intact cats. As a result, veterinarians often recommend feeding your cat at specific times instead of grazing them throughout the day.

Your cat could be pregnant

This possible cause of weight gain is reserved for intact cats. However, it can be very possible if you have a cat that hasn’t been spayed, especially if she goes outdoors or has intact male cats around her at home. Some other symptoms of pregnancy in cats besides weight gain include:

● An increase in appetite

● Sleep more often

● Increased affection

● Create a “nest”

● An enlarged abdomen

● Stopping heating cycles

If you think your cat is pregnant, we recommend that you take her to the vet. This way your cat will be able to receive proper care and you will be better prepared for the care of newborn kittens if needed.

Some medical conditions can cause weight gain

In some cases, unexplained weight gain in cats can result from a medical condition such as hypothyroidism or Cushing’s disease. Therefore, if your cat seems to continue to gain weight without a known cause, we recommend that you take him to your veterinarian for evaluation.

Why are orange tabby cats so fat?

Orange tabby cats often get a bad rap because they are larger than other colors of tabby cats. You may have the popular Garfield series to thank for that. Although you can find a decent amount of chubby orange tabby cats, they are technically not statistically heavier than other types of tabby cats. On the contrary, a cat’s weight is due to its eating habits and physical activities and not to the color of its coat or its markings.

Is it normal for my cat to be fat

Some cats are naturally larger and heavier than others. For example, some cats are bigger and taller than other cats. However, it is not healthy for cats to be overweight or obese. If you are unsure whether your cat is fat or not, talking to your veterinarian about this issue can help clear things up.

How can I make my big cat lose weight

Like us humans, the best way to lose weight for most cats is to increase their physical activity and decrease the number of calories they eat each day. Increasing the time you spend playing with your cat will increase the time he spends exercising.

When it comes to reducing the number of calories your cat eats, portion control and feeding your cat set meals can help manage their food intake. For some cats who are controlling their weight, cat food may also help.

Why is my cat fat but not eating much

If your cat is gaining weight for some unknown reason, it’s possible that she has a medical condition that’s causing her weight gain. Medical conditions such as hypothyroidism and Cushing’s disease can lead to seemingly unexplained weight gain in cats. We recommend that you take your cat to the vet if he is gaining weight without overeating.

Things to consider

There are other things you should consider when dealing with tabby cats that are large. These include how much your tabby cat should weigh and when to see a veterinarian about your cat’s weight. Here are a few other things to consider as to why tabby cats are fat.

How much should your tabby cat weigh

On average, most tabby cats should weigh between 8 and 12 pounds. However, some cats will naturally be lighter or heavier than this weight without being overweight. For example, some tabby cats weigh only 5 pounds, while particularly large cats can weigh up to 18 pounds and still be healthy. Of course, if you’re concerned about your cat’s weight, you should talk to your veterinarian.

When to see a vet about your cat’s weight

There are several reasons why some cat owners may need to see a cat about their cat’s weight. If your cat experiences sudden weight gain or loss without a known cause, take him to the vet immediately. Indeed, many medical conditions requiring veterinary care can cause these symptoms in cats. In addition to this, you should take your cat to the vet if he doesn’t seem to be losing weight or if you are concerned about your cat’s weight.

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