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If you’re like me, you notice almost instantly that your cat can’t walk properly. A number of things can go through your mind knowing that your cat may be injured. As any cat owner might ask, you might wonder why can’t my cat walk properly?

Your cat may not be able to walk properly due to an injury. If your cat is gradually weakening, it could also be a sign that your cat is about to die.

With four legs, you might think your cat is twice as likely to hurt their paws. Still, it can be difficult to know why your cat is hurt, especially if you haven’t noticed that he can’t walk immediately. Keep reading to find out more!

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Why my cat suddenly can’t walk

Your cat may be injured.

With all the jumps that cats make, it should come as no surprise that your cat might injure itself at some point and be unable to walk.

Just because your cat suddenly can’t walk doesn’t mean the injury is serious or long-lasting.

You might understand if you’ve ever done something like stub your toe or hurt your ankle. You might not be able to walk for a few hours or a day, but you’ll be back in no time.

Your cat might be the same way.

Some cats will limp on three legs while others decide not to walk at all.

Why is my cat suddenly having trouble walking

Heart disease can be linked to your cat’s problems or inability to walk.

It’s one thing I wouldn’t link, but the difficulty in walking could be due to heart disease.

I experienced this myself. My mother’s cat, a kitten less than a year old, suddenly had trouble walking. He would be fine for a minute and then collapse to the ground. He didn’t want to get up and looked like he was trying to catch his breath.

Our vet referred us to a cardiologist who diagnosed the cat with congestive heart failure. It wasn’t a death sentence, but it did mean he would have a tough road ahead of him.

You know your cat best, so if you notice your cat acting differently or not acting like other cats, you should let your vet know about the symptoms.

I’m not saying it will always be congestive heart failure, but there is a chance, and it’s something you’re going to want to know about as soon as possible.

Why is my cat wobbly all of a sudden

You might be surprised to hear this, but it could be due to an ear infection.

Cats can have trouble walking and look almost wobbly when they have an ear infection. They may also walk with their heads tilted and shake their heads.

Ear infections are never fun for anyone, but they can affect your cat’s walk in ways you wouldn’t otherwise expect.

The ear infection itself won’t change the way your cat walks, but when their ears hurt, they can’t keep their balance and may seem unsteady.

If you suspect your cat is suffering from an ear infection, you should contact your veterinarian as soon as possible.

What Causes Weak Hind Legs in Cats?

Your cat’s hind leg weakness may be due to a blood clot.

While it’s hard to know exactly what could be causing your cat’s hind leg weakness, you should consider the possibility that it’s a blood clot.

These specific blood clots are called saddle thrombi, so this is also a specific type of blood clot well known to veterinarians.

As with a blood clot anywhere in the body, blood is blocked from going to the specific part of the body. In this case, the blood cannot flow to your cat’s hind leg(s).

It’s not something you should self-diagnose. If there’s any reason you suspect a blood clot, you need to work quickly with your veterinarian to get your cat checked out quickly. Faster care means your cat will have the best chance of recovery.

Why is my cat weak and not walking

If your cat is weak and not walking, it may be due to a more serious injury, also called trauma.

When your cat’s inability to walk comes along, you should start worrying about what happened to your cat.

This weakness usually means that your cat has a serious injury.

Since none of us know exactly what our cats are doing at all times, you might suspect that your cat has fallen from a high place. In this case, I mean a surface higher than a counter or even a fence.

A traumatic injury could occur if your cat fell from a height like a wall. For example, maybe your cat was walking along the rafters and fell.

Although none of us want to think about it, your cat could also have been hit by a car. Your cat may also be covered in blood or have other external injuries if hit by a car.

Along with an injury to your cat’s paws, it could also be part of a head trauma your cat has suffered as well.

Why is my cat stiff and not moving

Unfortunately, this means that your cat is dying or has already died.

No cat owner wants to think about the day when it will finally be time to say goodbye to our best furry friends. For most of us, however, it will take several years after adoption or purchase.

Yet the end is never something easy to think about, even knowing that your cat has lived a long and happy life.

If you notice that your cat is stiff and not moving but still breathing, it is about to die. At this point, there’s not much you can do other than make sure he’s happy and comfortable.

It would help if you did not leave your cat alone at this stage.

Worse still, if your cat is stiff, not moving or breathing, it means it’s already passed away, but I probably didn’t need to confirm that.

While you may take a little time to say goodbye to your cat, you need to take care of her body as soon as possible.

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