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Getting a new cat can be incredibly exciting, but many cat owners are surprised by the prices when they start looking. Of course, all pets can be expensive, but cats don’t have the same reputation for high spending as dogs or horses. Still, cats can be just as expensive as your average dog or ferret.

So why are cats so expensive?

Cats are expensive because they are expensive to raise. Prices increase when cats are more popular or when people are more likely to seek purebred cats from a breeder. Shelters often use cat adoption fees (and all adoption fees) to pay for their other animals, which is a big reason why most adoptions aren’t free. Food, veterinary care and injuries can also increase a cat’s costs.

There’s another reason why cats are expensive, especially in shelters. This is because having an adoption fee helps ensure that the people who adopt the cats can actually afford to care for them.

However, many different things contribute to the cost of cats. So if you want to learn more about why cats cost what they do, you’ve come to the right place.

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Why is having a cat so expensive?

There are many reasons why having a cat can be expensive. It’s not just the cat itself, after all. The cost of buying a cat also includes cat food, a litter box, toys, maybe a cat tree. Or two cat trees. Three?

Regardless of how much equipment and toys you get for your cat, you can expect to spend at least $100 to get your new pet, and probably a whole lot more.

But why are cats so expensive when there are so many cats? There are more cats than there are homes for them, which is why some places have so many problems with feral domestic cats.

The truth is, cats will always cost what people are willing to pay for them. That, combined with their cute looks and popular demand as pets, means cats are likely to always be a bit pricey.

Don’t worry too much about the price, though; our feline friends are worth the cost!

What is the average cost of a cat

The average cost of a cat depends a lot on where you get your cat from. Here is a table breaking down all the different expenses associated with cats:

Item Average annual cost
Adoption fees $50 – $100
Food $120 $500
Medical exams $44 – $55
Vaccination $20 – $37
Letter $200 – $250
Toys $10 – $30
Grooming $30 – $70
Sterilization/Sterilization $250 – $2,000
Carrier $35
Flight $50 – $100
scratching post $30 – $50

This chart is quite the list, and it’s easy to overlook some of these things as you keep buying various items for your cat.

One area I want to focus on is the adoption part. If you’re adopting from a shelter, you’ll likely pay around $100 for kittens and $50-75 for adult cats. Senior cats and “working” cats (cats that aren’t social enough to live in your home, but would be happy to work as a barn or owner cat) generally cost less than kittens or adult cats and may even be free.

If you want to get a cat from a breeder, it will probably be a lot more. The average cost of a cat from a breeder is around $1,000. However, some breeds may cost a little less or a little more on average.

One way to get a cat from a cheaper breeder would be to adopt a Retired Queen (breeding female cat) or a Retired Tom (retired male cat). These cats are usually only a few years old, so they still have a long life ahead of them, but they can cost between half and a quarter of the price of a kitten from the same breeder.

Why are shelter cats so expensive?

Shelter cats are often considered the cheapest alternative to cats from a breeder, but some people are offended or upset when they find out that there is usually a fee to adopt a shelter cat.

The truth is that adoptions have fees primarily to help cover shelter costs. Almost all cats adopted from shelters have received veterinary care, and the shelter repairs many of them before offering them up for adoption.

Even in cases where the shelter doesn’t need to do much to prepare a cat for adoption, they still need food, a clean litter box, toys, and other resources for adoption. help you stay healthy and happy. All of these resources cost money, and adoption fees help shelters pay to keep their animals.

Why are kitten prices so high

Kitten prices are higher than adult cat prices for several reasons. But the main reason is that kittens are cuter than adult cats and tend to be more popular with adoptive families.

This means that breeders and shelters can afford to charge more for kittens than other cats, as there is a demand for kittens even at higher prices.

Kittens also cost more because they are likely to stay longer with their new owners, which means many people are willing to pay more for a kitten than an older cat, especially an older cat.

Why do cat breeders charge so much

The cat breeder market is like any other animal market. The main cause of prices is demand. If cat breeders couldn’t always sell their kittens at current prices, the price would drop.

But many people are willing to pay a thousand dollars or more for a kitten that has good genetics, has been tested for serious diseases, and has been specifically socialized to be a pet.

Of course, not all breeders breed to the same standard, but for high-quality breeders, kittens usually come with enough perks and benefits, not to mention comprehensive health care and quality socialization. , to be worth the price.

Are purebred cats more expensive?

Purebred cats are almost always more expensive than shelter cats or cats with no clear lineage. However, the price difference between a purebred cat and a mongrel cat is not as great as between a purebred dog and a mutt.

In part, some cats are intentionally bred to produce certain traits, but that’s largely because cats aren’t as popular as dogs and because there aren’t as many cat shows, and show cats is less stressful.

This is not to say that purebreds are less valuable or that showing cats is easy. It’s just that the market is very different, which means that purebred dogs aren’t as valuable to other cats as purebred dogs are to other dogs.

Why are repatriation costs so expensive

One of the most important factors behind rehoming costs is the cost to the shelter who has to rehom a cat. They have to pay for the cat’s food and care until they find a new home, and it usually takes longer to rehome an adult cat than to adopt a kitten or younger cat.

Rehoming fees are also usually increased slightly to help encourage people to keep their pets or rehom them themselves if they need to give them away.

Animal shelters want pet owners to take responsibility for their own animals and avoid abandoning them unless they can find a loving home to take them.

Things to consider

There are many ways to help reduce the cost of buying a cat. For one thing, shelters often don’t accommodate adult cats, senior cats, and cats with known disabilities or health issues. Indeed, these cats are still perfectly adoptable pets, but they are generally less desirable than kittens.

You can also watch for free adoption days and other opportunities to avoid shelter adoption fees.

However, if you can’t afford the cost of adopting a cat, it’s important to consider whether you can afford a cat. It’s important to make sure you have money for cat food, veterinary expenses, cat toys, litter, and litter boxes before bringing a cat home.

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