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It can be difficult to interpret all the sounds your cat makes, especially the growls. There is a whole range of tones and inflections that cats use, and they all convey different emotions. Sometimes these sounds can be soft, and sometimes they can indicate that your cat is unhappy. So why do cats grow?

Cats growl when they feel angry or scared. The growl indicates that your cat is upset about something going on in its environment. Distress, pain, can make cats growl, however this is not always a sign of aggression.

While growling is a concern at first, it doesn’t always mean your cat is unhappy. Most of the time it’s your cat communicating something to you, and sometimes it’s a happy thing. Read on to learn more about why cats growl and what you can do about it.

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Reasons why cats growl

There are five main reasons a cat will growl, let’s dive into each one below.

Your cat is trying to communicate

All forms of cat vocalization are a way for them to communicate with their owners through non-verbal messages. Cats that are happy usually express it by purring, and cats that aren’t happy may growl or hiss to show you their displeasure with a situation.

Your cat feels threatened

A low-pitched growl is a sound cats often make when they sense they have been cornered or threatened by another person or animal. Often, you’ll also see them arch their backs and strike a defensive pose while making this sound.

Your cat does not feel safe

Cats also growl when around unfamiliar people or animals. Growling is a way for them to present a tough appearance, when they may really feel insecure or shy.

Growling is a way for cats to mask their insecurities in front of others. They are especially likely to do this if an unfamiliar person makes a sudden move to approach them.

Your cat keeps its food

Cats can be quite territorial animals, especially when it comes to guarding their food bowl. If your cat thinks you’re trying to take his food away or if you get too close to his face while he’s eating, you might hear him growl.

It can be a scary time, and it’s best to train your cat not to be territorial around food to prevent anyone from getting hurt during meals.

Your cat protects you

Sometimes cats may growl to warn other animals that they are ready to attack if necessary. If you have a loyal and affectionate cat, it might act possessively if another person or animal tries to harm its owner. Cats are quite loyal and may growl to let them know they will protect you at all costs.

Is it normal for cats to growl

Yes, it is normal for your cat to growl occasionally when feeling angry or scared. Hopefully, this isn’t a sound you hear from your cat very often, as it may indicate that your cat has been triggered by something in their environment.

Cats can exhibit their most aggressive behaviors when they are in a high mood, so do your best to defuse the situation if you see your cat feeling this way.

What does a cat growl sound like

When a cat starts to growl, it usually sounds like a low growl or hiss. You can usually tell when your cat is upset about something because her growl will take on an angry tone. Typically, a growing cat will have a sound similar to the sound a dog makes when growling.

In addition to growling, cats may also shake their tale angrily or curl their lips and expose their teeth while growing.

What does a low growl of a cat mean

If your cat lets out a low growl, he’s letting you know that he needs you to keep your distance and get away from what you’re doing. When your cat makes this noise, it’s probably after an incident that upset him.

It could be anything from another animal trying to lick them or getting too close to your cat getting upset because he’s had enough of you petting him. Cats are most likely to kick or slap someone when they are in this type of mood as a defensive reaction.

Why does my cat growl like a dog

Your cat may growl like a dog because they are guarding their territory or territory like a dog would. Often animals make a growling noise when new people or animals are invited into their space. If a cat is upset or unsure of the other animal, it will often growl to alert everyone.

Why does my cat growl when I pet it

If your cat grows when you go to pet it, that’s a direct sign that it’s not interested in being petted or receiving attention right now. Some cats are very particular about when they want to receive affection and may growl when they don’t want it.

Also, a cat may grow while you pet it if it doesn’t like where you pet it. Sometimes cats are very sensitive and don’t like having their tails or paws touched.

Why does my cat growl all the time?

If your cat is growing frequently and doesn’t seem to be motivated by a specific scenario, you may want to take your cat to the vet for a full checkup.

Sometimes growling or any change in your cat’s vocalization may indicate that she is in pain. If they grow while eating, it could indicate that their teeth are causing them physical pain. Observe in which scenarios they do it most often to identify what hurts them.

Why do cats growl at night

Cats may growl at night because they are frightened or alert you to something they see while sleeping. It depends on your cat’s personality, but some cats are pretty easily spooked by just about anything!

Cats can’t see in complete darkness, but they have very advanced night vision that’s far better than a human’s. Thanks to this, cats can notice something moving in their field of vision at night and growl as they see it as a potential threat.

Why do cats growl at strangers

A cat may growl at a stranger simply because the person is unfamiliar and your cat doesn’t recognize their face or scent.

This is a great reason to try socializing your cat while it’s young, as you can train your cat to be approachable and friendly with new people. This is an essential skill for cats because there may come a time when someone new needs to feed your cat or watch it while you’re out of town, and you don’t want your cat to act out. hostile manner.

Why do cats growl at kittens

When your cat grows up with a new kitten that you brought into your family, it acts territorial over its home. Generally, cats take a while to warm up to other cats, especially when introducing the new cat to your home environment.

Cats are often more solitary animals and they like to be in control. A new kitten presents an outside threat, so to prevent either animal from becoming hostile, try to introduce them to each other slowly.

Why do cats growl while eating

A cat will growl while eating if it thinks someone is about to take its food. Cats see their food as a resource that they must protect and guard at all costs, and their natural reaction is to growl at anyone who tries to come between them and their food.

It is recommended that you avoid picking up your cat’s food or disturbing it while it is eating, as this is a very sensitive time for it. If your cat has ever lived in the wild or was the runt of the litter, they may be used to having to fight for their food and act territorially to ensure they get their meal. .

other considerations

You always want to give a growing cat plenty of space until they settle in and feel more comfortable again. If you feel like your cat is constantly irritable, assess whether anything has drastically changed in his home environment.

Cats are very routine animals and don’t like big changes in their schedule. If you suddenly start feeding them at a different time of day or move house, they may start to grow and act.

They can also do this if you suddenly bring home another cat or dog. If your cat was used to being the only animal in the house, he might be upset about sharing his owner with someone else. Acknowledging why your cat is upset is the best way to resolve their unhappy feelings!

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