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Cats are notorious lickers: whether it’s frequent bathing, grooming, or licking their clean food bowl, they make good use of their tongues. Even after witnessing all of this, it can be surprising to see your cat licking something like a window. So why do cats lick windows?

Cats lick the windows to taste the condensation on the glass. They also lick salt, insects, dirt, and other objects that may be attached to the window. Cats also interact with things they see outside the window and may lick them in response.

Licking windows is pretty normal for cats, but there’s a meaning behind it. We will explore this in the rest of this article!

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Five Reasons Cats Lick Windows

It’s true that a cat licks windows for just about any reason, but there’s always an explanation!

Cats love everything

Sometimes it’s just beyond human logic to try to figure out why cats do certain things.

We know that cats enjoy licking activity and may be intrigued by the window on particularly hot or cold days, as the temperature is different from other materials in your home.

Sometimes cats can become compulsive with their habits and they may start licking things as an activity when they are bored.

If you think this is an anxiety or boredom tick for your cat, move it away from windows and redirect its attention to something else in your home.

Your cat smiles something

Whether someone accidentally spilled a coffee and splashed it on the window, or your cat likes the smell of window cleaner, cats lick windows if they like what they smell .

This scenario can potentially be dangerous for a cat if they are licking chemicals or coating a harmful substance from the window.

Suppose you notice your cat frequently licking windows or other inanimate surfaces in your home. In this case, you may want to invest in natural cleaning products to ensure your cat doesn’t ingest harmful chemicals while licking something around the house.

There are condensation droplets on the window

Licking condensation from a window is usually the most likely scenario when you see your cat vigorously licking your window pane. It’s not necessarily a window-only habit. Cats love fresh water and will go to great lengths to enjoy it.

Your cat explores

We all have our awkward days where we do stupid things. Cats certainly have a lot too! It’s hard without getting into their head why they feel compelled to lick windows, but sometimes when your cat is feeling playful they will lick things in their environment because licking is one of the main ways they orients itself in an environment.

They lick the salt from the windows

This scenario is only likely if you live near a body of salt water, such as an ocean. If you live near a saltwater source, a very thin layer of salty precipitation can sometimes coat your windows, especially on rainy or humid days. Your cat can taste the salt, and he takes the opportunity to lick it off.

If you don’t live near a body of salt water, that’s unlikely to be the reason your cat is licking your window. Also, not all cats will appreciate the taste of salt. They can do it once and then realize they don’t like it.

Is it normal for cats to lick windows?

It’s normal for cats to lick windows when they do so to lick up tiny droplets of condensation. Cats love the taste of soft water and will drink water wherever they can find it.

Whether it’s on your window, straight out of a dripping faucet, or a toilet left open, if there’s fresh water in a house, your cat is probably not far away.

This can ultimately be a frustrating problem for pet owners if you notice your cat doing this frequently because you don’t want them licking up anything gross and picking up germs and bacteria. Be sure to keep your toilet seats down and close your blinds when you notice your cat licking up too much water.

Why does my cat like the mosquito net?

Your cat is licking the mosquito net because at some point he tasted or smelled something good on the mosquito net. Whether it’s water, food droplets, or the smell of a particular cleaning product, cats may be attracted to the screen because they’re still picking up the scent.

If you notice your cat doing this, clean the window screen with a non-toxic product and your cat should stop. If you keep catching them licking the window screen in the same spot, it may be prudent to assess whether your cat has an anxiety disorder that manifests itself through licking.

It’s more common than it seems, as cats tend to react when they feel stressed. Although this is not a very serious health issue, you should still have your cat evaluated if you suspect she has an anxiety disorder.

The vet will prescribe medications or suggest lifestyle changes to ease their stress in the future.

Why is my cat licking condensation from the window

Your cat is licking the fog from the windows because he is thirsty. While there are easier ways to get a water source, if cats notice condensation on windows while feeling a little parched, they may reach down and lap it up with their tongue.

Windows can have condensation if they are near an air conditioner or if your home’s insulation is inadequate. Keep your windows dry and clean by wiping them down with a clean microfiber cloth, and your cat should stop licking them as often.

How to stop a cat from licking windows

If you want to prevent your cat from licking the windows, keep the blinds closed so your cat can’t see the condensation or make sure the window stays dry. The problem isn’t that cats like to lick windows – they like to drink and play with water!

If you catch your cat frequently licking water off the windows, you’ve probably also noticed your cat trying to drink water from your bathtub or from a glass of water you left in the kitchen. Cats will turn anything into play, and they’ll find it more fun to drink water from anywhere that isn’t their water bowl.

Things to consider

Cats are mischievous animals, and owning a cat means accepting their various quirks and personality traits. They can keep doing weird things that you don’t understand, and that’s okay as long as their weird personality quirks aren’t harmful to you or your cat.

If you have a cat that suddenly loves to lick everything, it may have developed the disease, Pica. It’s a disorder where cats suddenly become prone to licking or sucking on odd objects.

There are many reasons why your cat may develop Pica, ranging from gastrointestinal issues to kidney disease to mental disorders. Cats develop Pica to help them deal with tension or stressful situations. Licking, chewing, or sucking on objects can release endorphins for cats, allowing them to relieve stress.

Any activity that releases endorphins is thought to help release pain-relieving hormones. It helps cats regulate their emotions and also acts as a coping mechanism when dealing with stress.

However, there are healthier ways for your cat to do this. If your cat likes to chew, offer her a rope chew toy for licking and biting instead.

If you’re concerned your cat has a licking problem, consult your veterinarian. The good news is that they can outgrow or overcome the anxiety disorders that cause them to lick obsessively. Be sure to change the water in his water bowl several times a day to prevent him from licking the windows and getting his water elsewhere.

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