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Is your cat hiding in the basement – ​​maybe a little too much? Is this his favorite space most of the time? Some cats are just attracted to this space in the house, but it’s certainly strange (even for a cat!). So why do cats love basements?

Cats like basements because they can hide there. The solitude, darkness and privacy of basements for cats that may not be available in other parts of the house.

Simply put, cats to like Small secluded spaces to curl up in. And basements provide them with that perfect hiding place, especially since your basement is probably one of the least visited places in your home. In a basement, Kitty is much less likely to be disturbed by essential daily tasks, such as long, quiet naps. Let’s see if it’s really acceptable to keep them there.

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Is it okay to keep a cat in the basement

Depending on the type of basement in your home, keeping your cat in the basement should suffice.

If your basement is finished, climate controlled, and has at least one or two sunny spots, you can keep your furry feline friend there. especially if you want to keep the rest of your home free of scratches, fur, and dander (or maybe other pets that aren’t as cat-friendly).

However, is your basement used for storage? Is it just the kind of “holiday decorations and little used gardening tools” kind of place? Bottom line: If your basement is cold, damp, moldy, and dirty, it’s best not to leave your cat there.

That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t let her explore and hide whenever she wants; With all the nooks and crannies, she probably appreciates the space for solitary naps (and hey, she might even help you solve a rodent problem!). But if it is too present, it can be too cold, too hot or too musty.

Just like humans, cats need a comfortable, sunny, temperate place to nest every now and then – and a place with lots of love, too!

Why does my cat go to the basement and meow

There are various reasons why your cat may come down to the basement to meow; one of the main reasons is attention!

Why does she need attention, though? It all depends on a lot of factors.

Is your feline friend getting old? She might go down to the basement and suddenly become disoriented from the darkness; or, she might completely forget where she is.

Alternatively, is your cat spayed or neutered? Otherwise, it could easily be a mating call.

Or, hey – the basement is a lonely place; maybe she wants some company while hanging out at her favorite spot!

Next time you hear him meow in the basement, go check it out. Maybe she’s meowing because of something (she has a rodent problem you don’t know about?).

Also, if it’s a recent development, keep an eye on his health and other habits. She might be trying to get your attention because of a recent illness or injury. And she has no other way to tell you.

Why does my cat stay in the basement

If your cat stays in the basement all the time, he might like the quiet companionship of the space.

Do you have lots of people and/or pets in your home, or just lots of activity going on throughout the day? If you have a mostly introverted feline, he may have found the basement to be the perfect respite from the chaos; it’s peaceful, it’s dark and he has free rein to explore and rest wherever he pleases.

However, it could be a sign that he is upset about something in your home environment. Is there another cat in the house that he doesn’t get along with? Or is there someone he doesn’t particularly bond with?

Or – staying in the basement can be a sign of illness; often cats try to find solitude and respite when they are not feeling well and stay there until they feel better.

Let’s say it’s a relatively recent development with no apparent reason why it might be worth taking it to the vet, just in case.

Why does my cat sleep in the basement

Your cat may go down to the basement to sleep because he finds it a quiet, comfortable place to rest his little head.

Have you ever noticed him taking a cat nap under furniture, hiding in a closet shelf or anywhere else small, cozy and still? Cats prefer peaceful places for their naps, and your basement might be just the ticket for some relaxing Z’s.

Set him up with a comfy cat bed, so he has a warm place to nap if you feel like it!

Just be aware: especially if it’s a new habit and/or if it’s getting harder to get it out of the basement, it can be a sign of illness or distress.

Can I put a litter box in the basement?

If your basement is cold, damp, and unfinished, don’t put your cat’s litter in it.

Just like you wouldn’t want to have to make the cold, inhospitable trip to the basement every time you need to use the bathroom – neither will your cat!

However, if your basement is finished and it’s just another part of the house, this is a great place for a litter box!

Is it cruel to keep my cat in the basement

Depending on the condition of your basement, it can be cruel to keep your cat there.

If your basement is the standard unfinished, cold, concrete space filled with storage and cobwebs, don’t keep your cat there. It’s cold, it’s hostile, and it’s just not a good place for an animal. Also, if your basement has mold, it could have many health effects (and keep in mind that mold could be there even without your knowledge!).

However, if your basement is finished and another branch of the house – for example, if you would do hanging out there for hours at a time – there’s no harm in keeping your cat there. Just make sure it’s warm and hospitable, and most importantly, make sure she continues to get plenty of attention.

How to get a cat out of the basement

Some cats love spending time in basements, but you may want or need to get them outside. The best way to lure your kitten out of hiding is through kindness, coercion, and food.

Many cats are motivated by food; try luring him upstairs with cat treats, wet food, or even canned tuna. Toys or catnip can also work.

It may take some time, but above all, be patient! Especially if he’s a new cat, he may need some time to get used to you.

Final Thoughts

Even for cats outside the basement: have you ever seen your feline hiding in an enclosed space in the house? Under the bed, for example, in the closet, under a table or any other surprising, comfortable, dark and quiet place (I once found mine hidden in a paper bag…!).

Sometimes, though, basement-loving felines are shy, temperamental types that prefer to be alone — almost, well, all the time. Especially if you own a rescue cat, they may be more prone to shyness and fear of other people and pets.

If you have a basement lover on your hands, you might be wondering: is it okay to keep your cat in the basement? It certainly is, but make sure your cat is comfortable and has everything it needs, like food, water, and attention.

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