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Cats have a funny way of always wanting to help or be in the middle of whatever you do. While this can be an endearing quality, it can be frustrating when you’re trying to work and your cat decides to drop down and sit on your keyboard. So why do cats like keyboards?

Cats love keyboards because they are a warm place to sit close to their owner. Cats have long since discovered that keyboards are a fun place to hang out, because they know that sitting on the keyboard is sure to get their owner’s attention.

Although cats coming to your computer keyboard can be very annoying, its behavior is actually charming!

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Five Reasons Cats Love Keyboards

Here are some key reasons why your cat is obsessed with your computer keyboard, and what you can expect them to do!

Your keyboard is hot

Cats love to sleep in any warm, comfortable place they can find, whether it’s a place on the floor in direct sunlight or above a hot washing machine. Another place they often like is a computer keyboard, as your computer generates heat when it is running and is an excellent heat source for a cat.

Your cat finds your keyboard comfortable

Although it might not seem rational, your cat might find your laptop keyboard comfortable for taking a nap. Cats sleep in all sorts of weird places, from bathroom sinks to little nooks and crannies. The laptop’s keyboard is flat, warm, and compact, and your cat might find it the ultimate nap retreat.

Your cat is trying to get you to stop working

Cats are savvy and will quickly learn that you’re trying to get work done while you’re on your computer. When cats sense you’re working hard, they often want to disrupt that, so you’ll spend more time paying attention to them.

The fastest way to prevent you from working is to block your access to the computer!

Your cat is trying to get more attention

If your cat feels like she hasn’t been getting much attention lately, she may resort to sitting on your keyboard to force you to give her some attention. If you suspect this is the root cause of why your cat is constantly jumping on your computer, you may be able to prevent this behavior from evolving by giving her lots of cuddles before she starts working on your computer.

Your cat is distracted by your computer screen.

Your cat may be fascinated by everything you watch on your computer screen and may jump on the keyboard for a closer look. This is especially likely if you have a screen saver on your computer that moves or jumps across the screen.

Cats may see your computer and think it’s some type of interactive toy and jump up to engage and play. You can damage your laptop screen or keyboard if your cat scratches it, so keep the computer closed or cover it with a screen protector if your cat tends to climb on it.

Why does my cat like my laptop

Your cat likes your laptop because it’s usually perched on a table or high surface that gives her a great vantage point of the room. Cats are quite good at jumping and climbing, and as a result, they like to sit high so they can see more of a room.

This allows them to better survey their territory, which is an ingrained hunting skill for cats. Not only can they understand what’s going on around them, but it allows them to make sure they’re part of the action.

If you can tell your cat likes to sit on your laptop because he likes to be on an elevated surface, buy him a climbing tree or a gym in the jungle. This will encourage them to enjoy their toy instead of interrupting you and walking into your workspace.

Why do cats sit on keyboards

Your cat sits on your keyboard to keep you from being productive. Cats recognize that you’re spending your time on an activity that doesn’t involve them when you’re working on your computer.

They usually sit on the keyboard to get your attention because they know you can’t keep typing while they’re perched on it.

If you notice your cat sitting on your keyboard and seems to be trying to get your attention, note what he is trying to communicate with you.

Your cat may have a pattern of when he does this, and it may signal to you that he’s sitting on your keyboard when he’s hungry at night or at a particular time in the afternoon when he wants someone. plays with him.

If you notice a pattern with when your cat sits on your keyboard, try to get a head start on it and feed it before it has a chance to jump, or schedule hours of play before. to start work for the day.

How do you keep cats away from your keyboard

Keep your cat off your keyboard by keeping your laptop closed when you’re not actively using it. It’s easier to stop your cat from getting on your laptop than to remove your cat once it’s already settled on it.

It may also be helpful to keep the door to your office or the room where you work most often closed to eliminate the temptation for your cat to get up and sit with you.

It may also be helpful to build an area of ​​your bedroom that is a designated spot for your cat to snuggle up and get comfortable while you work on your laptop. If they have a better place to sleep, they may lose interest in sleeping on your laptop all the time.

How do I remove my cat from my laptop

To get your cat away from your laptop, redirect their attention elsewhere. While it’s dangerous to have your cat on your laptop while trying to work, you don’t want to scold your cat too aggressively for sitting there. When your cat is sitting on your laptop, he is trying to be close to you and show you affection.

If you scold a cat while expressing affection, it may begin to form negative associations around it.

Cats can be quite sensitive when they have a strong reaction, so always be sure to act respectfully when redirecting their attention to something else.

A great way to handle this scenario is to recognize your cat and give it a few minutes of petting and affection. If you do this and still won’t move from your laptop, it’s fair to pick them up, put them down, or offer them some other activity as a distraction.

Things to consider

Observe if your cat jumps up and sits on your other possessions as well, or if it’s just your keyboard that he likes. You will probably notice your cat sleeping or rubbing on all kinds of your possessions.

Your cat is behaving this way because they are rubbing their scent on your belongings to mark you as their human. Leaving their scent on objects serves as a message to other animals that may be in the area that you have been claimed and that your home is another cat’s territory.

This is why you may also notice your cat rubbing its face on various objects, as this also transfers its scent to whatever it rubs on. Sometimes cats are attracted to an object simply because it smells like its owner.

Your laptop is probably something you use frequently, and they may notice a strong smell from you on the keyboard in particular. They are attracted to the familiar scent of their owner and will sit on it to get closer to you.

In the end, it’s not always the worst thing when your cat gets up to interrupt what you’re doing on your laptop. Appreciate the furry friend you have in your life and be grateful that they want to spend some quality time together.

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