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If there’s one thing you can’t stop, it’s sneezing. Every time you sneeze at home, you realize your cat is coming running towards you. Or maybe your cat is attacking, which is quite out of the ordinary. Your cat might even meow expectantly. So why do cats meow when you sneeze?

Cats meow when you sneeze because they are reacting to the noise they just heard. Most sneezes are sudden and loud, which can startle cats. A cat’s reaction can range from attacking to making noise in response.

Not all cats react the same way to sneezing, so you can see everything from meowing to attacking. Other cats may run away from the room after sneezing. If your cat isn’t in the room, he may rush as you call in response to a sneeze. There’s no specific explanation as to why cats react the way they do to sneezing, so let’s discuss some of the ways your cat may react and what that might mean.

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Why does my cat react when I sneeze

Your cat reacts to your sneeze because it’s a sudden loud sound that can startle him and cause him to react. However, their reaction may differ depending on the cat. Your cat can do anything from running away to attacking you.

Sneezes are loud so other people can hear them, but then think about what your cat needs to hear. Cats’ ears are sensitive to sound, so a loud noise like a sneeze will startle them. Also, the sound is sudden. You know a sneeze is coming, but your cat doesn’t.

When you think of your sneeze this way, it’s no surprise that your sneeze prompts your cat to take action. However, this action will likely depend on your cat’s personality, so be sure to stay on your toes!

Why does my cat attack me when I sneeze

When you sneeze, your cat may think you are prey.

If you’re not human, chances are you don’t know what a sneeze feels like. Imagine what your cat might think upon hearing your sneeze! Your cat might not know what sound you were making and might attack you.

Your attacking cat can be playful or a bit more aggressive, depending on your cat’s personality. If your cat is good at hunting, the attack may be a bit more violent than a cat just trying to have fun.

Why does my cat giggle when I sneeze

Your cat may make a cackling noise after sneezing because she is reacting to the noise you just made.

Humans can make strange noises, just like cats. When you sneeze, your cat may giggle in response. There’s no definitive answer as to why cats do this, but we can brainstorm a bit.

One of the best explanations for your cat’s cackling after sneezing is that it’s trying to imitate the noise you just made. Cats can sneeze too, of course, but they can’t do it on demand, so they make a sound that sounds like the one you just made.

The next time you sneeze around your cat, who sneers back, see how close he is to making the noise you just made.

Why does my cat run away when I sneeze

Your cat runs away from you when you sneeze because you started your cat.

Alright, let’s imagine that. You take a peaceful siesta under the afternoon sun. You have finally found the ideal comfortable position. The house is quiet and you are completely relaxed. And then – “ah-choo!” You would probably go for a run too.

Your cat running away from the room you sneezed in is a common reaction when you are startled by the sudden loud noise your cat was not expecting. Your cat didn’t know what the noise was or wasn’t expecting it, especially if he was sleeping soundly. But do not worry. I’m sure your cat will be back before you even stop sniffling.

Why does my cat chirp when I sneeze

Your cat may think you’re prey when you sneeze.

If you notice your cat chirping when you sneeze, he may think the noise you’re making is coming from prey he’s stalking. I mean, let’s think about it for a second. When your cat looks outside, he may start to chirp at the birds or squirrels he sees. It’s the same when you sneeze.

Your cat knows you’re neither a bird nor a squirrel, but if he’s an indoor cat, he might not know what these wild animals look like. To your cat, your sneeze might sound like one of those animals he’s staring out the window.

Your cat may not know exactly what type of animal is making the noise he just heard, but his instincts tell him that he should chirp.

Why Does My Cat Come To Me When I Sneeze

Your cat comes to you when you sneeze because he thinks you’re hurt.

Your cat may not know exactly what a sneeze is or does to humans, but he may think you’re hurt when he hears you sneeze. Therefore, your cat will rush into the room you are in. Your cat might not stay long and just comes to see if you’re okay. Since your cat cares about you, he wants to make sure you’re okay. There is a bond between you and your cat, so even a sneeze could be worrying for your cat.

Now if only everyone could be so courteous when you sneeze!

10 Reasons Cats Hate Sneezing

Of all the noises you might make around your cat, sneezing is definitely one of his least favorite sounds. Cats hate to sneeze.

If you’ve ever sneezed in front of a cat, you know they can react in strange ways or in a multitude of different ways. Let’s round up 10 of the top reasons cats hate to sneeze.

  1. The sound of a sneeze gets them started.
  2. Your cat thinks you are hurt.
  3. Your cat thinks you might be an animal he would hunt.
  4. He wakes them up from a cat nap.
  5. Your cat doesn’t know what a sneeze sounds like.
  6. Your cat doesn’t know where the sneeze is coming from.
  7. Your sneeze is loud.
  8. You caught your cat sneezing.
  9. Your cat didn’t know you could make such a sound.
  10. Your cat might be able to tell that your heart stopped momentarily with your sneeze.

Even though cats always seem to react to sneezing, that doesn’t mean they like it. As you can see, cats have many reasons to hate sneezing!

The age-old question of why your cat reacts to your sneeze in different ways is one that doesn’t have a definitive answer. Since all cats react differently, it’s hard to know exactly what your cat is thinking after sneezing. One thing is certain, however: at least your cat will always know when you’re not feeling well!

Final Thoughts

As you can see, cats are very responsive creatures. Sudden noises, especially something as loud as a sneeze, are enough to provoke a reaction. The meowing we talked about is mostly due to fear, but sometimes your cat is annoyed. Either way, try to limit sneezing around your cats if you can. This will help keep you both happy!

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