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When you think of a Maine Coon cat, the first thing you probably think of is their enormous size. Another aspect of Maine Coon cats is their very obvious ear tufts. These are the wild wispy hairs that stick out from inside their ears. You might be wondering if all Maine Coons have ear tufts or if it’s just yours. This is a unique appearance characteristic for this breed of cat and worth exploring. So why do Maine Coons have ear tufts?

Maine Coons have ear tufts to help keep dirt and debris out of their ears. Ear tufts help prevent infection or irritation. Almost all Maine Coon cats you come into contact with will have ear tufts.

Ear tufts, which are sometimes mistakenly called Lynx tips, aren’t just for show. Even though they are super cute, they serve a purpose for your cat! Let’s talk a bit more about why cats (not just Maine Coons) have ear tufts and what those ear tufts might look like. Remember: like everything else on a cat, it will likely be unique to each cat.

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Why some cats have tufts on their ears

Cat ear tufts aren’t just cute – they serve a purpose too. Cat ear tufts help keep debris out of a cat’s ears.

Having extra fur — called ear tufts or mistakenly called Lynx tips — prevents debris from entering a cat’s ear. The cat’s ears are high and open, so there is a chance that foreign objects can easily get inside. The smaller particles get stuck in the hair before they reach the ear. Any debris can get stuck in the fur rather than entering the ear, possibly causing infection or irritation.

Think about it: humans have hair in their noses and ears too, right? Sure, we hate our hair there and cut it, but it mostly serves the same purpose as a cat’s ear tufts.

Do all Maine Coons have bushy ears?

Yes, all Maine Coons have bushy ears.

Since bushy ears serve an essential function, all Maine Coon cats have bushy ears, but there is no reason to think that every Maine Coon will have the same length of fur on their ears. Some Maine Coons may have long, bushy ears while others have shorter, stubbier fur on the tips of their ears. I have noticed that most Maine Coons have wispy hair that extends beyond each of the edges of their ears.

Although bushy ears are a characteristic of Maine Coon cats, there is no average length of bushy ears. A Maine Coon with short, bushy ears is no less of a Maine Coon cat than one with very long, bushy ear hair.

When do Maine Coons grow ear tufts

If you’ve ever seen a kitten, you know it will mostly look like it does when it’s an adult cat. Well, just smaller. A short-haired kitten won’t suddenly have long, stately hair as it ages. Their fur may get a little longer with age, but there probably won’t be any surprises with your cat. This includes Maine Coons.

Maine Coons will likely have their ear tufts once they grow out as kittens. We are talking about a few weeks here. A newly born Maine Coon kitten may have sparse hair, but within a few weeks you will likely see Maine Coon ear tufts start to grow.

Some Maine Coons may develop longer, fuller ear tufts with age, but they will never magically appear overnight.

What color are Maine Coon ear tufts

For the most part, Maine Coons have white ear tufts, but the colors can potentially be different.

I’ve done some research on the internet, but I don’t know if there are any definitive hours on why Maine Coons cats typically have white ear tufts. It’s not just Maine Coon cats either; most other cat breeds have white ear tufts.

The only time I’ve seen a cat without white ear tufts is when the cat is completely black. My pure black cat is the only one of my cats that doesn’t have white ear tufts, but he’s not a Maine Coon. My Maine Coon cat is mostly different shades of brown, and her ear tufts are not pure white, but they are a very light shade of brown.

It seems that the ear tufts often match the color of the cat.

Do All Maine Coons Have Lynx Tips

Many people assume that all Maine Coons have bushy ears, so all Maine Coon cats also have Lynx spikes on their ears, but this is not the case. Lynx tips are those long pieces of fur that grow from the tips of the ears (hence the names).

When you think of a Maine Coon, you probably think of their long lynx tips on top of their ears. They almost look comical because they are so long.

These long Lynx tips are probably the norm on Maine Coon cats, but Lynx tips are not always the same length on all Maine Coon cats.

I have a Maine Coon cat, but her Lynx advice is not that long. When he was younger his Lynx tips seemed longer, but once he grew into his ears (I’m sure you know what I mean if you’re raising a kitten) the fur on the tip of his ears didn’t seem as long.

You can expect Maine Coons to have Lynx tips, but don’t worry about your Maine Coon being “defective” if he doesn’t have long Lynx tips. That’s part of its charm!

What color are the tips of the Maine Coon Lynx

Unlike ear tufts which are often lighter in color, Lynx tips have varying colors depending on the color of the cat.

Generally speaking, if your Maine Coon cat is darker, their Lynx tips will likely be darker as well. If your cat is lighter—and her ear hair is also fair—your Maine Coon cat will likely have lighter Lynx tips, too.

No matter what color your Maine Coon cat is, the color of her Lynx tips will likely match the color of her fur in some way as well. If you have a Maine Coon cat with very dark hair, you probably won’t have a cat with white Lynx tips.

Differences Between Lynx Tips and Ear Tufts

Lynx ear tufts and spikes aren’t the same thing, surprisingly.

Depending on what you read on the internet and where you might get different answers here. I know I did! However, I have come to the consensus that these pieces of your cat’s fur are not the same.

Ear tufts and Lynx tips are both located on your cat’s ears, but they are in different places. If you look at your cat, especially in the sunlight, Lynx’s spikes are those few bits of fur that grow straight out of her ears.

If you think of that long, wispy fur covering your cat’s ears almost like a shield, you think of ear tufts, also known as ear accessories. Strange, right? These ear tufts serve your cat in different ways, but they are not the same as Lynx tips.

Cat ears are one of the cutest parts of a Maine Coon cat, especially with their wild ear tufts and Lynx tips. Sometimes people have ear tufts and Lynx spikes get confused. Although they are both located on a Maine Coon cat’s ear, they are different things (and often have different common colors)! So take a look at your Maine Coon cat. What kind of ear hair do they have (I bet you never thought you’d be asked a question like that!)?

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