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Has this happened to you? When you enter your house after a long day at work, your cat comes running towards you and drops to the floor. He starts squirming, rolling and somersaulting, but you don’t know why. You immediately ask, why is my cat somersaulting?

Your cat is doing somersaults because he feels safe with you and is happy to see you. Your cat may also feel exceptionally playful in her good mood.

Somersaults, while funny, almost always mean something good when it comes to your cat. You can tell your cat is happy when it begins to somersault. You must be curious as to why your cat is doing this, so keep reading to find out more!

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Why Does My Cat Turn Around When He Sees Me

Your cat turns around when he sees you because he feels safe around you.

It’s something you may have heard before, but showing stomachs is a sign of weakness and vulnerability in many animals, not just cats.

When animals say back or side, they are defenseless. To run or fight, it will take them a few precious seconds to get up.

Those few seconds could be the difference between life and death in the wild.

Your domestic cat does not have to worry about becoming the prey of another animal, but it remains an instinct of your cat.

Your cat showing its belly, it’s like you’re saying, “Hey, I feel safe with you.” I’m not in danger!”

Rolling over and showing its belly may seem like a small gesture to you, but it means a lot to a cat to do it!

Why does my cat do flips

Your cat does flips because he feels playful.

When your cat is relaxed and feeling good, there’s no reason not to feel playful, right?

Rolling over on the floor is just one way your cat can release excited, frantic energy. This is going to be true if your cat was alone all day.

If your cat won’t roll over, they may have what many people call “zoomies.” Your cat may start running around the house at high speed to vent its energy. However, this might not last long.

The next time you see your cat somersaulting when you get home, watch him laugh as he gets some much-needed release.

Why is my cat rolling on the floor like crazy?

Your cat is draining his energy and he may be feeling a little crazy.

As I mentioned before, rolling on the floor could be the equivalent of zoomies for your cat. He gets his energy out (which is especially good if you’re looking to settle in for the night!).

Your cat is also doing something else while it’s rolling around like crazy: it’s scratching!

It’s true. Your cat strokes itself while it rolls, so you don’t even have to.

When my cat starts rolling around like crazy, he also starts rolling over to get both sides. It’s almost as if she doesn’t want to neglect any part of her body.

Why does my cat roll on the floor when he sees me?

Your cat is happy to see you, so he rolls on the floor.

While rolling can mean several things, as we’ve already discussed, your cat might be happy to see you and rubbing their glands.

Cats have glands on their face and cheeks that release pheromones.

You may have heard that you have to scratch a cat’s cheeks to get them to like you when you meet a new cat for the first time.

Well, pheromones continue to work even after your cat gets to know you, so your cat rubs them around to make themselves even happier.

You may think your cat is rolling just to be silly, but now that you know your cat is doing it for a purpose, you might feel even happier to see it crumble!

Why do cats roll forward

Forward rolls could be your cat’s way of getting your attention.

We’ve talked about how your cat rolls and somersaults when relaxed and happy, but they may also be looking for attention.

Now, that may be a personality trait in your cat. Here’s what I mean.

I have a cat that knows certain things that get our attention. When she wants to go out, she scratches the side of the sofa to make my father angry. He will open the door and say to him: “Get out! Just what she wanted.

She does the same with forward rolls. She’ll start turning around if she wants our attention because she knows I find it funny. I can’t stop myself from getting down and petting her or playing with her.

Cats certainly know what works!

Why does my cat roll on the floor and meow?

Meowing is just a natural progression of your cat rolling on the floor and somersaulting in front of you.

We don’t need to repeat that your cat rolls because he’s happy.

Let’s talk about meowing for a minute instead.

Meowing is a good sign and also comes because your cat is so happy to see you. It’s not a bad thing that this is happening.

You might even find that these meows are higher pitched and louder than his usual meows!

It’s how your cat expresses itself and tells you everything it feels.

Riding accompanied by meowing is even better, so don’t think that’s a bad thing!

Why does my kitten somersault

When kittens learn something new, they often do it over and over again.

Yes, your kitten can somersault when she is happy and finally begins to feel relaxed in your presence.

Kittens, however, learn new things every day.

Once they have the ability to roll and perfect their somersault, you can start seeing them doing it all the time.

A litter of kittens may start falling over, playing and wrestling with each other because it’s something they’ve just learned.

Just like babies, kittens are resilient, so don’t worry too much about your kitten or kittens hurting themselves when rolling over.

They might hit their head or hurt themselves, but they’ll get back to it in no time, so don’t feel like you have to watch them like a hawk.

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