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Not every cat owner knows they’re signing up to drool when they adopt or buy their first cat. Slime isn’t just for dogs! But before you assume something is wrong with your cat, first ask yourself: why does my cat drool when I pet it?

Your cat drools when you pet it because it’s happy and relaxed. Drooling is your cat’s positive reaction to everything you do and is a sign of a happy cat!

Drooling may be an ominous sight for you at first, but it’s something that shows your cat is happy. If you don’t understand why drooling is a sign of happiness and affection, stick with me until the end of this article to learn more!

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Is it normal for a cat to drool while purring?

It is normal for your cat to drool while purring.

Drooling is a good thing – and purring too! It’s no surprise that these two feline reactions can occur together.

There are few things that indicate a happy cat better than drooling and purring, although they don’t always occur simultaneously.

You’ll probably notice your cat start purring first. Some cats start purring immediately when they like something, but others take a while to start purring.

Either way, purring is a sign that you’re doing something right.

As your cat becomes more comfortable and relaxed, she will most likely start drooling as well.

Why does my cat fall over when he purrs

Purring isn’t the culprit of your cat’s drooling; he drools because he is happy.

Since purring and drooling often go together, you might think that purring means your cat is going to start drooling.

The purring and drooling are just a coincidence.

You don’t need to assume that your cat’s purring is causing a reaction that causes her to drool.

Of course, you may also find your cat drooling when it’s not purring.

Some cats don’t purr often to show their happiness, but that doesn’t mean they don’t appreciate what’s going on.

Why does my cat drool when he rubs against me?

Your cat likes to rub against you.

Some cats like it when you start the cuddling session, but other cats like to be the ones who decide when they want to be affectionate.

If your cat likes to tell you when he’s ready to be petted, you may notice that he’s quick to show his happiness towards you. And that could mean drooling!

There are cats that like to be responsible for what happens to them, and if you know your cat’s personality, you will know whether he likes it or not.

You might, however, be a cat owner who doesn’t care what your cat likes and will try to cuddle it whenever you want!

Even if your cat doesn’t like it, he may eventually start drooling too!

Why is my cat drooling all of a sudden

Sudden drooling could be a sign of dental problems in cats.

Drooling is pretty gross for most people, so almost everyone will notice when their cat suddenly starts drooling.

I didn’t know it for a very long time, but drooling can happen in cats when they have a problem with their teeth.

Several dental problems can cause drooling, including:

  • A worsening infection
  • A cavity
  • A broken tooth
  • A lost tooth

One of my cats had a broken tooth, and when we took her to the vet, our vet immediately knew there was something wrong with her teeth. The broken tooth was getting infected, which is why she started drooling.

After a quick round of antibiotics, she was like new – and drool-free!

Why is my cat drooling thick saliva

Saliva is usually watery, but if your cat’s saliva is thick or tinged with blood, it could be a good indication that something is wrong.

As we discussed before, drooling could mean an oral problem. As I also noted, it can be difficult to tell if this is the reason your cat is drooling.

Here’s another example of what to look for if your cat is drooling: thick saliva.

Thicker saliva could be an indication that something is wrong with your cat, but of course you will also need to know what your cat’s usual drool looks like.

You should also check for discoloration. By this I mean colored saliva. Most saliva is clear, but if your cat’s saliva is cloudy or looks more like mucus, you should also seek medical attention for your cat.

Should I be worried if my cat drools

You don’t have to worry if your cat drools most of the time.

Almost every time your cat drools, it will be for a positive reason. You shouldn’t worry every time your cat drools.

If your cat is drooling and also has a negative personality change, that’s when you should ask yourself if something is wrong.

A happy, healthy cat is not going to drool. If your once social and energetic cat is suddenly lethargic and hiding for most of the day, drooling could be a sign of a health issue.

It may seem like the non-answer to a seemingly simple question, but that’s why I always say you know your cat best. You need to find out if there are any changes in his behavior, attitude or eating habits.

Sometimes you don’t know if something is wrong; in this case, I suggest you play it safe and consult your veterinarian.

Is cat drool harmful to humans

In most cases, cat drool is not harmful to humans unless you are allergic to cats.

If you get drooled by a cat, chances are nothing will happen. You will get wet and possibly smell the last thing your cat ate, which can be fishy.

If not, you can easily wipe off the drool and get on with your day.

Those who are allergic to cats may not have it easy if they drool over them.

If you or someone you know is allergic to cats, a reaction may occur when cat drool is involved.

For most people, they will be itchy or have hives. Others may experience itchy and watery eyes, but people rarely have extreme reactions to cat drool unless they are very allergic to cats.

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