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One of the hardest things about being a cat owner is letting your cat walk beside you without picking it up and snuggling it up! It’s even more rewarding when you hear your cat meow when you pick it up, though you might still be wondering why does my cat meow when I pick it up?

Your cat meows when you pick it up to get its attention and feel safe. In some cases, it can also mean that your cat does not want to be disturbed.

Since we’re not cat-speaking, it’s hard to know exactly why our cats do anything, including meowing when handled. If you’ve ever owned a cat, you know that your cat has a personality that is learned over time; If you haven’t learned your cat’s personality yet, keep reading to learn more about this interesting habit!

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Reasons Your Cat Makes Noise When Picked Up

Noises from your cat can occur for a variety of reasons. Here are six of the most common reasons your cat makes noise when you pick it up.

1. your cat is happy

Your cat’s noises are often a good sign!

Your cat may make noise when you pick it up just because it might be happy.

Most cats love attention and individualized attention.

Knowing that you are going to pick him up and give him some love could be enough to make him extremely happy!

2. You squeezed your cat too tight

Cats will make noise if you hold them too tightly.

I’ll be the first to admit that I’m guilty of holding my cat too tight sometimes.

If you squeeze your cat too tight, he will definitely let you know by making noise. You will need to realize that your grip could be borderline deadly.

I know I know. Your cat is just too cute and fluffy not to rush it!

3. Your cat wants your attention

Noises get your attention, so if your cat makes noise when you pick it up, they may want to get your attention.

Your cat does not always know that all your attention is already on him.

When you pick it up, it may start making noise to get your attention, even though you’re already focused on it.

Give your cat a quick kiss or a tight hug if you lift him up to let him know he has your attention!

4. Your cat didn’t expect to be picked up

You may have caught your cat off guard by lifting it, causing it to make noise.

Sometimes you can inadvertently startle your cat when you pick it up, especially if you’re coming from behind.

Your cat might think you’re passing through and aren’t going to touch it when you catch it.

Your cat will squeal if this is the case, but if he likes to be held, it can be a pleasant surprise for your cat.

5. Your cat didn’t want to be picked up

Your cat is making noise because it didn’t want to be picked up.

Some cats don’t like to be held, even if their owner likes to hold them.

If your cat is one of those cats that doesn’t like to be handled, he may make noise when you pick him up.

You will probably notice that your cat is not happy; the noise it makes may sound like a growl, growl, or hiss.

6. Your cat is vocal

Some cats are more vocal than others.

The noises your cat makes when you hug her may be because she enjoys talking to you without any real meaning.

We always want to know the deeper meaning behind why our cats do certain things, but sometimes the real reason is boring and mundane! That doesn’t mean he’s any less cute, though.

Why does my cat meow when I touch it?

Your cat meows when you touch it because it’s happy and doesn’t want you to stop.

With some cats, you could pet them all day, and that still won’t be enough. With each pet, your cat might start meowing, seeming as happy as the last time.

Your cat meowing is a good sign that you are doing something right, so you should keep doing it!

In addition to showing you that he is happy, your cat may also meow to get your attention.

You might have your eyes on your cat, but he might be worried that your contact will be punctual and you’ll walk away when you’re done.

Making a noise like a meow is like saying, “Hey, mom, I still want your attention!”

Why does my cat meow when I wake it up?

You startle your cat when you suddenly wake him up.

If someone wakes you up while you’re sleeping soundly, you’ll probably make noise too! Your cat is no different.

Your cat isn’t expecting to be woken up by you, so of course he’s going to make noise when you wake him up.

Cats often make noises out of surprise, which is exactly what your cat does.

However, your cat’s noise usually won’t be a meow or purr; it’s a sound that almost falls between the two – but I can tell you that it can certainly sound like an exclamation of surprise!

Even if you’re angry that you’ve been woken up, your cat will usually be able to go back to sleep as soon as he sees it’s you.

Why does my kitten cry when I pick it up

Kittens aren’t used to being handled, so your kitten cries when you pick her up.

Kittens are not born knowing that they will be manipulated in their lives. Their mother grabs them by the scruff of the neck, but that doesn’t mean they’re lifted high in the hair.

Even the height of being lifted on the knees is very different for kittens, and every experience is new for kittens.

When you start handling your kitten more often, chances are she’ll cry when you pick her up, at least the first few times.

In order to combat this, make sure to take it slowly and deliberately each time.

Don’t lift your kitten too high at first; Get her used to being held and lifted.

Over time, your kitten should become less vocal when picked up.

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