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Capture it; you are lying in your bed. The sun is peeking through the curtains and notice your cat curled up next to you. Instead of just lying peacefully, your cat is pawing your face. Now, maybe it’s because he or she is hungry. But there are also plenty of other reasons why your fluffy friend might do it. So, have you ever wondered; Why is my cat slapping my face?

The reasons why your cat punches you in the face can vary. Cat paws such as your face are a way to show affection, claim ownership, or mark their territory. Above all, it is an adorable sign of affection from your cat.

When a cat slaps you in the face, it’s for once, the one that doesn’t involve him using his claws on your skin! It’s actually a good thing when this happens, and all cat lovers should look forward to confirming the true bond you have with your pet. Let’s take a look at seven reasons why your cat may be scratching your face.

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1. Your cat uses its paws to scent you.

Cats have scent glands in their paws. When your cat places her paw on your face or kneads your face, that’s her way of passing some of her scent on to you. When other cats come into contact with you, they will know that you belong to them. It can be seen as very similar behavior when a cat is scratching something.

This is another type of territory marking behavior. Accept this gesture for what a sweet sign of affection it is and be thankful that your cat doesn’t use its claws on your face the same way it uses your sofa (speaking from personal experience on this one ). Your cat wants everyone to know you belong to them. If you didn’t already know this, you now know that this is your cat’s way of telling you, “I belong to you, human.

2. Your cat wants you to wake up.

As sweet and endearing as it seems our furry friends want to give us love shots, it’s not always the tender sign we think it is. It could just be our cat’s way of saying it’s time to get up and feed me. Or even if it’s not mealtime, your cat might be bored and want you to wake up and spend time with him.

I wish my cat would resort to this technique instead of howling in my ear or putting her butt in my face or draping her huge Persian tail over my nose. A tender pat on the face would be much nicer and much less shocking to wake up to too. Anyone who is woken up by light paw pats on the face is in luck! There are plenty of other ways for a cat to get your attention, which aren’t nearly as pleasing.

3. Your cat trusts you and snuggles up to you.

If your cat likes to rest its paws on your face when sleeping, that’s a big deal. Cats are most vulnerable when sleeping. If he cuddles up to you in his sleep and touches your face with his feet, that’s a huge sign of trust.

The same applies if your cat is sleeping and stretching its paws to reach your face. That’s a big deal, and it means your cat feels completely comfortable and safe with you. Your cat knows you won’t do anything to endanger it while it sleeps. This is very high praise.

4. Your cat forms a bubble of personal space.

So your cat has lay down next to you and he looks so cute that you can’t help but give him kisses or nose puffs. After a few kisses, your cat puts its paws on your face and leaves them there while keeping a watchful eye on you. As much as your feline loves and appreciates your kisses, he may be fed up with them.

Placing their paws on your face is a way for them to draw you away from them. Your cat doesn’t hit or scratch you because he knows what you’re doing is a gesture of love. But like any wayward cat, they fill up on your love, and then they’re done.

Face paws are a way for them to create personal space between themselves and their owner. Try not to take it personally and know that with a cat, he will change his mind about your kisses in no time. They just needed a break for a while.

5. Your face felt like a comfortable place to rest your feet.

Although we want to assign a soft motive to our cat’s behavior, or just a very feline reason for their behavior, that may not always be the case.

It could honestly be that your cat stretched, landed on your face and stayed there. Think about how many times you stretched and stayed in that position because you felt good or because you were too lazy to move. Cats can be the same way. For once, our feline friends may be doing something without a second thought.

6. Your cat might return the favor by petting it.

Cats like to rub their heads, scratch their chins, rub their ears and many other ways to show them love and affection. It shouldn’t be surprising that they want to return the favor. So, in essence, when they touch your face, they “caress” you back.

It’s endearing when you think about it. It’s nice to know that they love and recognize the affection we show them. And they appreciate it so much; they want to reciprocate the only way they know how.

7. Your cat is testing you.

It may surprise some people, but cats don’t automatically trust their humans. We have to earn their trust. In my personal experience, I have found this to be easier with kittens than with adult cats. When I have a cat that I’ve had since the beginning of their life, they pick me up and accept me pretty quickly. It’s almost like having a child. You have been such a big part of their life for so long; they don’t know anything but you.

Older cats are a completely different entity. They established habits and formed personalities. And if you adopted them from a shelter or shelter, you might not know their full background.

The cat might come from an awful home environment and not trust humans as much. It is our job to work to earn their trust. Placing their paws on your face without using claws first can be a way to test you. If your cat can keep its paws there and you don’t try to do anything to it, it may start to accept you. Make sure you pass the test!


Cats have a bad reputation for being aloof and showing no emotion. The thing is, they show emotion; they do it quite differently. Touching your face with his paw is a way to show his affection. However, like a cat, it can mean a host of other things. It can range from expressing boredom to hunger, or it can have no reason at all. Whatever his intentions, enjoy these moments with your cat. All of these can be great opportunities to bond with your furry family member!

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