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Cats are fascinating creatures, full of witty and playful quirks. I noticed more than anything with my cat that he likes to run away from me whenever I come near him. At first I thought maybe it was playful, but sometimes my cat looks scared. So that made me wonder, why is my cat running away from me?

Cats run away from you when you invade their space. Cats also run away from you when they are anxious, nervous or frightened. Sometimes running can be playful, but in most cases that means your cat is bothered by your presence.

In this article, we’ll share some ideas on why cats run away from you and what you can do as a pet owner to help keep them calm and comfortable. We’ll talk about territorial aspects and how to respect your cat’s space.

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Reasons your cat is running away from you

Cats run away from you for a variety of reasons, but below are the most common reasons we’ve seen our cat do.

Your cat is shy

Some cats are a little more shy than others. They can be easily scared, usually by cat owners, they know that. Some cats may run into a dark room when suddenly approached by their owner or other people.

It’s usually not because the cat is afraid of the owner, but it may just feel uncomfortable and want to walk away from that situation and calm down again.

When you approach your cat slowly, you will help the situation resolve more easily and prevent your cat from developing fear around people who should have no reason to fear them.

It’s their normal instinct

Cats have the instinct to run away from danger. If you’ve ever seen a cat jump or sprint away from something, it’s not running away from you! They try to avoid being hurt.

Even if a cat knows you well, it may still associate your presence with danger. To make this stop, you’ll want to show your cat that you mean it no harm. Approach him calmly, perhaps with a toy or treat, and he’ll start to expect this kind of calm interaction with you all the time.

Your cat doesn’t know you

Unfortunately, when cats see unfamiliar people who seem to want to harm them, they may also run away. This includes you, especially if your cat is new to your home and hasn’t quite figured out who you are or your scent.

If you’re not already familiar with this typical cat behavior, it may seem odd or worry you. But really, it’s quite common for cats to run away when they see people they don’t know well approaching them.

That’s why the way to help your four-legged friend understand that not everyone who comes near is mean is to let him get used to your presence before making any sudden moves.

Your cat has a health problem

Sometimes cats run away because something else is going on with their health. It can be as simple as a urinary tract infection or digestive issues. Sometimes they may even have a cold and don’t want to be bothered.

It is not always easy to recognize this; However, if your cat is used to you and the running behavior begins, it’s usually a sign that it’s something deeper than just your presence.

Cats that are scared and run every time you greet them should be taken to the vet as soon as possible to check their physical health and behavior.

Your cat is afraid of you

Believe it or not, your cat might be afraid of you.

If the cat has been excited or frightened by something, it may be afraid it will happen again and try to get away from it (even if that means running to another room).

You can help him by talking softly to him and stroking him gently while sitting on the floor or approaching him from behind. It may take a few tries before he’s no longer scared, but don’t give up!

Even when your cat is running away from you, remember that there are many other reasons why cats may behave this way, and not all of them mean your cat is scared or upset with you.

Why does my cat run away from me when I try to pet it?

There are several reasons why your cat may run away from you when you try to pet him.

One reason is that she may be afraid of your hand being near her face. A second reason could be that your cat is not yet used to you and the motions of petting it.

If these are the reasons, you need to increase the time you spend with your cat and show him more love. When your cat sees a hand near his face, he may mistake it for a predator trying to attack or eat him.

This can cause your cat to have an automatic fear response when they see both hands near their head.

Why is my cat suddenly running away from me

Your cat might suddenly run away from you because you upset him. Chances are you made a sudden move that he didn’t like.

Maybe you yelled at your cat and he’s mad at you. Sudden changes are almost always linked to a series of incidents, so you will need to think long and hard about what you may have triggered in your cat.

How to Get a Cat to Stop Running Away From You

You can gradually change your cat’s behavior by changing the way you interact with him and offering him rewards to reinforce his calm. Follow these steps:

Start by gently touching your cat, then talk to it softly as you pet it. Ideally, this should be done in the morning before any other activity.

Encourage your cat to follow you as you move slowly through the house and reward it with treats.

Start walking towards your cat, then change direction once she’s close enough that you can reach out and gently touch her side or back.

Once your cat is comfortable being touched gently, try more physical contact. Pet her head, ears and back before offering a treat as a reward.

Other ways to build trust with your cat

A cat that has been around you since a young age might be comfortable with your presence. However, many cats are not raised around people, so they will run and hide when they see you when they get older. To help a frightened cat feel more comfortable with you, there are several ways to help her.

  1. Keep your visits short and quiet: You can call the cat to you or place an object nearby that smells like you, and the cat can examine it without having to approach you.
  2. Don’t punish the cat if it runs away from you. You can scare it further by chasing it or yelling at it to come back, because every time the cat sees you, it will remember how it felt when you ran after it.
  3. If the cat won’t come to you for petting, try gently stroking its fur when it’s sleeping or lightly stroking its head when eating its food. Most cats like to be stroked under the chin because it makes them feel good.
  4. Avoid petting a cat on the side, back, paws and tail as this may startle it. Pat your cat in these sensitive areas only if your cat seems comfortable with the attention there. If the cat wrinkles its nose or pulls away from you in these areas, you are exerting too much pressure.

If these techniques do not work, please ask your veterinarian for additional advice on how to help calm an anxious cat.

other considerations

Cats have an instinctive fear that anything that moves unpredictably is a predator. When people suddenly approach them and touch them everywhere, they may interpret this as being chased by a predator.

It’s not uncommon for the sudden movement of someone approaching to trigger this fear response, so keep in mind how you’re approaching your cat when making contact.

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