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You know that scene: you get into bed and snuggle into the perfect position. Then, your cat comes to settle between your legs. Your cat seems to like sleeping between your legs, but it can be an uncomfortable ordeal for you. Every time your cat comes to bed, you wonder why my cat sleeps between my legs?

Your cat sleeps between your legs in order to be closer to you, to have enough space to sleep and to stay warm. Fear, separation anxiety, and feelings of security are also reasons why cats sleep between your legs. It can be difficult to find a new place for your cat to sleep when he chooses to sleep between your legs.

Your cat’s reasoning for sleeping between your legs might be hard to pinpoint. Also, there may be several reasons why your cat chooses this place over all on the bed. Even so, we can discuss some of the explanations behind your cat’s new favorite sleeping position. Keep reading to find out more!

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Reasons why your cat sleeps between your legs

When a cat sleeps between your legs, it can be one of the best bonding experiences ever. At the same time, it can also be extremely annoying if you have a rather hyperactive cat. Cats do have a reason for exhibiting this though, and with minimal behavior you can usually pinpoint the cause fairly quickly.

Here’s a comprehensive list of why cats sleep between your legs and what you can expect.

Your cat wants to be near you

It may sound simple, but your cat wants to be near you, so it sleeps between your legs.

Your cat can sleep on your chest to be close to you, but there are a lot of people who don’t like this position. So your cat grabs real estate in the next best place: between your legs.

It can be frustrating for your cat to sleep between your legs if you like to move around while you sleep. Even so, remember that your cat wants to be as close to you as possible.

Your cat likes to be warm

One of the warmest places for your cat to sleep is between your legs.

When your cat sleeps between your legs, he is nestled in warmth. Both of your paws give off heat, which will keep your cat toasty warm.

As long as you’re not someone who takes the covers off in the middle of the night, your cat will also benefit from extra warmth from the covers on your bed.

Your cat is cold, especially in winter or in the air conditioning

We just mentioned that your cat likes to be warm, so you can see your cat moving when it’s cold!

Your legs give off a lot of heat, so the area between your thighs will be one of the hottest places!

It makes sense for your cat to be cold in the winter. You can wait to turn on your heater until it’s cool enough to shiver at night. Your cat will never be a fan of this one.

What people don’t always think about is that your cat can get cold in the summer too. Most people have air conditioning, and you might be someone who likes to keep your room cool in the summer.

Air conditioning makes your cat as cold as winter.

I know I know. It must seem like your cat is never happy when it comes to temperature!

Your cat protects you

When your cat is close to you and sleeps between your legs, your cat is protecting you.

Although your cat is not as big as your dog, your cat still wants to protect you whenever it can.

Your cat may get between your legs and suddenly jump up to attack anyone who might threaten you.

However, this can cause problems if you have a cat with protection issues. Your cat may try to attack another cat, dog or child if they approach you when your cat is settled in for the night.

The blanket that covers you is soft

Your cat may be looking for more space between your legs.

Let’s face it: if your cat had to choose between snuggling up to you or a nice soft blanket, your cat will choose the blanket every time.

Your cat might sleep between your legs, as this is the easiest way to get the most surface area of ​​coverage.

Having your cat between your legs might not be the most comfortable position, but your cat doesn’t care.

If your cat is on top of you because of a soft blanket, you will feel your cat knead the blanket throughout the night until he falls asleep.

Your cat feels most secure between your legs

Sleeping between your legs could be a way for your cat to start feeling safe.

One of the safest places for your cat is between your legs, especially at night while you sleep.

A particularly shy cat might want to be near you. Your cat might sleep next to you or on your chest, but your cat sleeping between your legs is like sleeping in a warm nest.

It’s time for your cat to bond with you

If you have more than one cat, then your cat’s night might be their time to bond with you.

The space between your legs could be a special place for your cat where he feels most connected to you.

There may be no particular reason for this, or it may be because your cat is the only one who likes to sleep in the bed with you. Your other cats may not like sleeping in the bed or may be sleeping somewhere else on the bed.

There’s more room between your legs than next to you

Sharing a bed with your partner could mean there’s more room for your cat between your legs than on the bed next to you.

Since there may not be a lot of space on the bed with you, the space between your legs may not be your cat’s first choice either. If it’s between sleeping on the floor or sleeping between your legs, your cat may be picking your legs.

To prevent your cat from sleeping between your legs, you will need to find a new space for your cat. For example, you can try folding a soft blanket at the foot of the bed. Your cat may prefer a soft blanket with more room.

My mother has a sleeping cat between her paws. I feel like the cat doesn’t like it, but another cat is already sleeping on top of his pillow and another at the foot of the bed. Not many options in this bed, even though it is a queen!

Your cat is possessive

Believe it or not, cats are extremely possessive. It’s pretty easy to report a possessive cat too. This is the type of cat that follows you everywhere, whether in the bathroom, in the kitchen, etc. Bedtime is no different. If you leave the door open and get into bed, chances are they will follow you.

Be careful when trying to remove a possessive cat from your bed. Chances are they don’t like having this separation from you. They might get upset and take action. Likewise, when you put them somewhere else to sleep, they may end up howling all night.

The best thing you can do is ignore your cat when it does this. The more you ignore them and don’t give them the attention they want, the better they’ll accept that the bed isn’t the place for them while you sleep. Especially if they try to sleep between your legs.

Your cat feels sick

Cats aren’t the best at communicating when they’re not feeling well. Many times this implies that they are lethargic, or perhaps not eating or drinking. However, another indication that your cat may not be feeling well is when it sleeps between your legs.

Cats are known to want to bond with their owners when they’re not feeling their best. Sleeping between your legs already brings that sense of security. If this is not a behavior they usually exhibit, it could be an indication that they are really not feeling well.

While your cat sleeps between your legs, observe its behavior. Are they moving slowly? Is their body warmer or cooler than usual? Also, listen if your cat is sneezing and check their water and food bowls.

Again, a sick cat is one of the hardest things to figure out, but the fact that he’s sleeping with you is his way of saying he needs to feel comforted.

Your cat likes your smell

When you’ve established a great relationship with your cat, it probably means he likes your scent. Probably the only place where they can find most of your scent is in the bedroom. Even better, they can find this scent on your legs while sleeping in your bed with you.

Cats tend to want to roam in this area, especially the toes, because that’s where your body odor is strongest. So for them, it adds a bit of comfort and security, and they just appreciate that closeness to you. This is completely normal behavior and an example of a healthy relationship with your cat.

What does it mean when your cat sleeps between your legs

When your cat sleeps between your legs, it means you are the one your cat prefers to sleep with.

Cat owners often joke about who your cat loves the most. Sometimes it’s an obvious choice for your cat, but it’s not always clear who your cat likes the most.

If you don’t know who your cat’s favorite human is, see who your cat sleeps with most often.

The person your cat chooses to sleep with at night is probably the favorite human in the house.

When your cat sleeps, he is defenseless and cannot protect himself. Sure, there are few dangers in the average household, but your cat’s instincts can’t be stifled just because your cat is having a good life.

Your cat will sleep with you and between your legs because they trust you the most and choose you as their favorite human.

The cat may create an awkward sleeping position for you, but you should be flattered to be the chosen one!

Why does my cat sleep on my legs at night

Your cat sleeps on your legs at night because he can’t fit in the space between your legs.

The second best sleeping position for your cat is on your legs if your cat cannot fit between your legs at night.

It might be impossible for your cat to sleep between your legs if you are someone who toss and turn at night. Your cat will end up uncomfortable in the sheets if you constantly change positions.

Therefore, your cat will decide to sleep on your paws (and on the sheets!) for protection. After all, nobody likes to be tangled in the blankets.

In some ways, it’s nice to have your cat sleep on top of your legs rather than between them for the simple reason that you can change positions.

If your cat sleeps between your legs, there are only two positions: on his stomach or on his back.

As someone who likes to move at night, I would probably prefer my cat to sleep on my legs rather than between them!

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